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Smeraldo Flower Blog Update

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My sincerest apologies if someone has already posted about this :)

All of the blog posts on flowersmeraldo.com have been removed as of September 3, with the exception of one notice: 


“Temporary shutdown of everything.

Due to personal reasons, the opening of the flower shop and managing this blog will be postponed temporarily.

I send my thanks and apology to everyone who have supported this.”  source


interesting choice. what do you think this means? 

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i guess we're going to wait until 2018 to know what happened with the shop :why: i swear at this point BigHit is not making concepts but entire movies.

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I really hope this shop is conected with the comeback, and that in the end they explain everything like hyyh era, mini dramas, the smeraldo flower, bc it's driving me nuts O.o

Also, if the fans interactions with the shop end up being part of the concept/album it will be really great, I'm looking foward to it :wave:

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Welp, so the Smeraldo naver blog seems to be back up? https://blog.naver.com/testesso

AAAAND there's several new 2018 articles- several in August and then:

15 hours ago [Thank you for visiting Flower Smeraldo] - link


Aug 24, 2018. [The tenth story] <Flower Smeraldo> The opening has come a day. - link


The other website is still "down" though. But yoooo did anyone notice this? Also, is there a thread thats posting consistent translations of smeraldo blog posts?

Edited by sungel

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