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article [FOX SPORTS] EPL x Spotify: Top six mashup

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Fox Sports Asia decides to step behind the DJ deck and assigns the top six EPL football teams their own musical anthem.

It is only seven games into the new EPL season, so it is way too early to be making title predictions at the moment.

Nevertheless, that isn’t going to stop us from giving our two cent assessment on how we think the top dogs have been performing so far.

Since we know how proud English clubs are of their anthems, we raided the top six trending songs off the Spotify charts and assign the most appropriate musical report card.

Without further ado, yo DJ, spin that wheel…

Manchester United

Anthem-of-choice: DNA by BTS


It might be odd going with the K-pop love song DNA as United’s season anthem. Especially when they ruthlessly put four goals past four domestic opponents.




Maybe then, DNA is the best choice of song since manager Jose Mourinho has finally found his team DNA (see what we did there). He finally landed his experienced forward, Romelu Lukaku as well as midfield dynamo Nemanja Matic – both of whom have played their parts in the Red Devils’ romp to second in the EPL table.



Just as BTS underwent an identity change this year, so have United. And we bet you that Mourinho will not hesitate to sing “Our meeting is like a mathematical formula… You’re the source of my dream… At first sight, I could recognise you… That it’s you that I was looking all over for” to his latest key recruits.

Read full article here.

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48 minutes ago, sevenprinces said:

I thought you were writing a parody article for a moment. Awesome that they're actually mentioned. :armyryan:

hahahahah i thought i was reading a satire article or something too... i had to read it 3 times before i understand what it was.. LOL i understand your feeling perfectly..


imagine my confusions, i thought i was reading a sports news about football then suddenly they talk about BTS?  :suga3:

Edited by BiniJungkook

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