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      Jin Birthday Project Reminder!   11/20/2017

      The deadline to participate in our Jin birthday project, Fly: 1000 Kisses For Jin, is on 24th November. Make sure to send in your entries soon! Thread in Forum Events.

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event Reflections Phase 2 : The Livejournal - A Project for Kim Namjoon

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Whether you were a part of the original reflections project or not!

Join us for Phase Two: The Livejournal

Start your year-long journey to Namjoon’s next Birthday!

Submissions are open and posts will start going up the 1st of November!

Share it with all ARMY!




[submit here]





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19 hours ago, BubbleSeraph said:

I'm so excited for this! I had one of these moments this morning and should have documented it...eeep

Oh sad for the missed moment but there will be much more! Looking forward to seeing you submit some! ^^

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