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Hi there Bangtanbase community and BTS A.R.M.Y.

I'm a computer engineer myself, last year before graduation currently, and I'm a big fan of BTS aswell. I've been doing coding for some years but my main hobby is to code games. I developed some games in my previous years of university, and now I've decided to enter the Google Play arena.

Just published my first app, It's a pop quiz kind of an app about BTS, I'd be so thankful if you guys tried it out and maybe gave me some feedback about it. I'm looking forward to add more questions and keep the game updated. It's only on Google Play currently, but I'm looking forward to publish these games I'll be developing to App Store aswell in the future.

I hope this isn't the wrong place to post it, i know that this isn't a forum game but couldn't find anywhere more suitable to post. Sorry if otherwise.



App Link to Google Play Store

Have FUN!



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Ok so I donwloaded it and played it!
Questions are great but is it normal that after 15 questions, one goes back to the start? I thought it would be like trying to answer all questions without failing but after 15 questions, there is an ad and it stops the progression. It's actually kind of frustrating, in my opinion xD

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First off, the best of luck to your current and future game endeavours! It's not easy coding one let alone maintaining it, so I wish you the best in that regard.

This got a little long so I've put it in spoilers, oops.


So I downloaded and played for a bit! A little thing I want to ask, though- is there a particular reason you chose to use their Chinese name instead? Maybe it fit better, or Korean or even Japanese didn't work for some reason; I'm just curious to know, honestly.

Gameplay itself is simple, so no real instructions are needed. There's no timer, as most of these quizzes have, so if one were so inclined they could very well search the answer up in the meanwhile, but it's meant to be a casual quiz so I really doubt players would actually bother with that. To each their own.

Rivelta's already mentioned how the quiz ends at 15 questions so I won't go into that, but perhaps an endless mode really could be considered later on when more questions are added?

A thing I find interesting is how you're not told if an answer you get is correct or wrong. Most questions at the moment are relatively easy even for a casual fan, but there are some only people who follow them somewhat closely would know, like events that happened in very recent RUN episodes or pets and the like, and perhaps therein lies the challenge, learning about these along the way on your own and changing your answers accordingly?

Which brings me to my next point- the points at the end of each quiz don't reset. If you close and reopen the app the points are back to zero, but for each consecutive game you play without doing so the points just accumulate, and I'm not sure if this is intended or not, especially considering how the number of points you get per correct answer (or perhaps even how many get deducted per incorrect answer) isn't specified, so you can't even deduct points to figure out just how many you even got wrong. I'd fiddle with it more to figure out numbers, but I don't have time for that today xD 

Essentially, the points are therefore meaningless past the first game unless you manually close and reopen the app again. It's not a big deal, but it's a little tedious. Perhaps if you implemented a different ranking or scoring system? Past a certain point, the rank stays at "You're a true BTS fan. Welcome to the A.R.M.Y." and won't go up any further, so unless you're taking the quiz just to see if you know certain things or some other particular reason, getting a higher score isn't really incentive. Of course, seeing as you mention adding new questions in the future, I'm hoping some of that repetitiveness is remedied.

Outside of that, the UI is a bit... small? On the main screen, the logo takes up more than half the space, while the BEGIN and EXIT buttons are rather tiny. Not too big a deal, it might just make it more finnicky for some players. The four choice buttons on the proper quiz itself are laid out in a way that there's a gaping hole in the middle which seems a little odd, but I personally find it fine in terms of finger/thumb positioning since it's all in landscape. The answers and their positions on the buttons stay the same, however. I don't have a clue about coding, but is there any way this could be randomized?

Some of the questions themselves are worded a bit awkwardly (which I don't blame you for, grammar and English is hard and I struggle to articulate even on my best days), but the meaning is clear so it's not so bad. Some questions might need a bit of tweaking though. For example, there's a lot of discussion about the difference between Main and Lead dancers (though since Jimin isn't included in the answers, you can't really get it wrong), and some questions referring to Taehyung and Jin's 'Alien' and 'mother' status respectively are a point of contention within fandom, especially since the members themselves have expressed that they didn't like being labelled as such. On that note, maybe switch out 'alias' for 'nickname'?

Also, 'Bulletproof Boy Scouts' was never an official translation or 'expansion' of their name, though once again, it's not hard to understand what the question is trying to ask so getting it wrong is pretty hard. 

Lastly, the art you're using in the background. A little credit to the artist would be much appreciated, especially since I looked some up and while most of them (if not all of them) are from renkarts who allows usage of their work, their only condition is with credit, which I don't see anywhere at all in the game.

You've done a commendable job already though, and I've no doubt that the game will only get better the more you work on it, so I'm rooting for you!

It's 7 in the morning I apologize if none of this makes sense, I'll try fiddling with the game a bit more sometime later haha.

Edited by KookieMochi

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