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[Album Discussion] 2 Cool 4 Skool

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So we're starting a series of album discussions for BTS and first up is their debut record 2 Cool 4 Skool!

1. Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool
2. We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2
3. Skit: Circle Room Talk
4. No More Dream
5. Interlude
6. I Like It
7. Outro: Circle Room Cypher
8. Skit: On The Start Line
9. Path

What are your thoughts on each song and on the overall album? Do you find it to be a cohesive album? Which tracks are your favorite or least favorite? What do you think of the lyrical content and the production value? 

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no more dream is a fucking timeless bop, i have to listen to it EVERYDAY!!! honestly this was a solid debut mini and i find myself going back to replay this album a lot more than some other bangtan albums.

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As the album marks their beginning, it has a certain value in every A.R.M.Y's heart. "No More Dream" tells us exactly what BTS wants to reach through their music: social awareness and conveying unspoken things, which they didn't forget until today.


(Yeah, that was it. My brain split itself in half for this.)


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I know you'd like a discussion but I'd just like to add on an emotional level that I like it is one of my favorite kpop love songs, and whenever I hear it and I'm in the right mood for it I will not be able to whipe the smile of my face :v1:


Also, I used to think No More Dream tacky af but then I saw the dance version of the mv and that changed my mind. I'm also a sucker for that Hobi look with that mask. So punk. Rawr. 

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I was all prepped for discussion but I'm not really a music theory kid so I didn't really want to say much in case others were all pure analysis :") 

I just wanted to chip in and say that Path is one of my absolute favourites to go back to from time to time. It's really soothing to me? And what it represents lyrically marks the beginning of a lot of nostalgia trip tbh. Skit: On The Start Line as well makes me think a lot. Namjoon has that effect in most things he does, really.

Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool kind of amuses me every time it comes up, ha. That it set up their whole Youth concept from the very beginning ('Teenagers in their 10s and 20s' indeed) was something I never really realized until later down the road, but then again I also just took it as their album concept so ;; Stripping music and sound away, it's interesting to see how their message has evolved from beginning to now. In a way, it hasn't really, because you can bet at least one if not most or all of their tracks are something to do with society and values past love and romance, but I know of people who don't look past their title tracks and see otherwise. Also, I thought the visuals in the trailer where this was used were cool. Still do tbh. I'm a simple girl who gets distracted by visuals, yup.

WaBpt.2 oh boy. Back when I'd cringe whenever Jin's parts came up because of how nasally they came out (he's come such a long way and I honestly don't mind it now that I've heard the song like a hell of a lot of times). May 'ireumeun (international playboy) Jungkook' never die. May NUTTIN' written on an actual music video never be forgotten in the attempt to be hardcore. All jokes aside, a true iconic BTS song I can literally pick out from a mash of them. And believe me, I've tried.

Skit: Circle Room Talk lmao these boys and their actual skits. It's school again, but it's one of those first instances you hear about things like Tae and his saxophone, Namjoon and Yoongi and their rap history- hell, back then, I don't think Hoseok was even going to be a main rapper the way things were going. Dance was and always will be his and Jimin's first loves I suppose. Jin's answer was actually pretty normal all things considered. He'd make a great husband, just saying. Jungkook, ever still a child. No More Dream lyrically probably resonated with all of them on a very personal level as well. Compared to all the rest of their skits, I don't particularly care for this one as much, but it's a fun one nonetheless.

No More Dream, an actual bop. Looking back at the MV always brightens up my day because of how hard they used to try and make themselves look all cool and edgy, especially now that they could arguably just stand there and give people heart attacks without doing anything at all. Their debut and the song itself came out at a time when I sorely needed the whole 'live your dream and your life the way you want' message, which sort of planted the seed for my eventual no-return ARMY journey down the line. (I would've said I was a casual listener considering I had other groups I was stanning at the time, like BEAST or INFINITE. It wasn't until N.O that I was completely and utterly sold. Concept Trailer, man.) Choreography-wise I still rate it as one of my favourites, if only for nostalgic reasons. 

Interlude is an interlude. Whew, glad we got that out of the way.

I Like It. I happen to really like I Like It haha, I didn't really listen to it all that much back when the album first came out, but these days I'd listen to it on a whim and I wouldn't skip it if it ever came up on my playlist. Hobi's verse (and since I don't know if we'll get to the Japanese tracks, his verse in I Like It pt.2 as well) is absolutely probably one of my top favourites. The choreo for it is really cute too. Again, I could watch the wave for Hoseok's verse over and over- I just really like it okay. Anyway, it's another one of those chill songs. Lyrically though lmao, the pretty melody isn't really indicative of how bitter the lyrics actually are. The first time I read the translated lyrics I couldn't help but laugh, it goes from being really vindictive with RM and then by the time it gets to the final verse I just feel full pity for the guy. Cohesion-wise it's not really anything to do with the rest of the album, but 2/3 verses contain the first instances of swearing we've all gotten used to by now from rap-line, something I was just very amused enough to point out.

Outro: Circle Room Cypher is just a lot of fun, that's what it is. Meme-worthy and the callback from that one short-lived rap battle from BIL era. Bless Jin and Jimin for trying. Smol rapper!Kook tries his best too but tbh that was totally rehearsed at least once over haha. Like I said, it's fun times all around where they basically make fun Jimin each other at the end.

Overall, it's a decent debut album. If this sort of thing came out later down the road of their career I don't really know what I would've thought of it, but I'm an old ARMY soul and I have a lot of feelings so this one remains up there forever in my Bangtan Album rankings and probably nothing will bring it down :")

the hell did I write so much for I just wanted to say Path was really great and you should all listen to it at least once oh my god

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Ajkabsdkjavbjdkv this album is so good, We are bulletproof pt.2, I like it and Road/Path are some of my all time favourite tracks from them. Even the Interlude is amazing as well as the hidden skit ( Skit: On the start line). No more dream will also remain iconic and unbothered despite the flack she might catch :sipstea:

I just love this album and it were one of the first I bought in physical form (along with Dark & Wild, another legendary queen).

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