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news translation [Huffpost Korea] Everything the Bulletproof Boy Scouts said on The Ellen Show

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Huffington Post Korea | Author: Kim Tae Woo

>> Original Article <<


The Bulletproof Boy Scouts band appeared on the NBC 'Ellen Show' for the first time as a K-pop idol group.

Ellen DeGeneres introduced the Bulletproof Boy Scouts band as "the most famous K-pop boy group in the world" on the morning of the 26th (local time - Huffpost Korea). Those who introduced the stage of 'MIC Drop' immediately received the fans' cheers, unlike the usual singers of 'The Ellen Show.'

The members appealed to the American viewers with the charm of the Bulletproof Boys in just a short 10 minutes. Below are the main remarks of the Bulletproof Boys from the Ellen Show.

1. English ability of RM


Ellen DeGeneres first asked RM, who could communicate without an interpreter, how he learned English. "My English teacher was the American sitcom 'Friends', and it was a trend for Korean parents to let their children see 'Friends' when I was younger." "I felt like a 'victim' at the time, but now I'm the lucky one." Due to RM's love of 'Friends', DeGeneres also presented the boys with a DVD set.

2. Lyrics


The fact that makes the Bangtan Boys differ from other idol groups is that they write words about themselves, mental health, and other issues. Suggested by DeGeneres, Suga said, "I think it is similar in Korea and in the US, no matter the language. I am so grateful that you feel sympathetic to our lyrics. We all feel pain, sorrow, and happiness. Music seems to make us one."

3. Fan Club


There were also questions about fan clubs and dating. DeGeneres said, "Have you ever hooked up with a fan?" RM replied, "I am doing it right now." DeGeneres said, "You know what I'm talking about, have you ever hooked up with (dated) a fan?" Then Taehyung (V) said, "Not...not...NO" he struck a sword.

On the other hand, the Bulletproof Boys who made their debut in America at the American Music Awards participated in the recording of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and 'Late Show',  which will be aired following 'The Ellen Show'.

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Why I didn't ever see this until now?? Omg

I think it's a big honour to be on such a show and speak English. Namjoon has so many talents! I love hearing him speak English so well!

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