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The General Jin Discussion Thread

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@Whalien wait what the hell w h y wodu ld you hur t me tkuie k thi s hel lo o i'm alrea dy emo  i do n ' t ne ed  d thi  s sssSS

hi it's currently very late but i was feeling really emo about jin soo i typed up a huge essay and @monimoni told me to share it here so i guess that's what i'm doing.i've been dead for ages but i started feeling really emo about jin and i have so many emotions i almost started crying bc of how much i love him so i'm just gonna. essay for a lil kthnx. my thoughts are all over the place so feel free to skip over 


there's a lot of things i can say about jin and why i love him. it's really hard to pinpoint exactly why.
i love everything about him. the strong way he carries himself, the gentleness he holds in his smile, the affection he shares to the other members and ARMY, his selflessness to give everything he has, no matter the outcome. he is my happiness, and i can only pray that we are his as well.

he's a visual and granted he truly shakes people's heart that way, but he's also so so so much more than a pretty face. hell, if i only appreciated him for his looks i never would have stanned him. it took me a while to really appreciate him. i genuinely regret that. i think for a lot of people too, it's hard to see him past his visual and vocals due to the fact that he's just. not as well promoted so i can't blame people. it just hurts a lot to see him be so underrated i guess. (that seo taiji banner thing is still.....like a stab in my heart honestly)

he's honestly so talented as well. he's worked so hard so that people can respect and admire him. he's really had to work so that he could keep up with the other members. i want him to be appreciated. to know he's appreciated. he's given up a lot so that he could be where he is. (i'm not saying the other members haven't--everyone had to make their own sacrifices). if i had to work from ground up on singing and dancing despite being a major in acting, i'd honestly die, especially considering how grueling the trainee life is. i want him to actually use that major though, i want to see him act. i want to see him in a drama and get larger parts in their little skits. (seriously what was house of army, where was his lines?? he was literally just a prop. used to look pretty. i'm. just a little sad.) 

i want him to shine more. variety king, worldwide handsome, guy third from the left i don't care i just want to see him be bright. i want him to feel like he belongs in bts. he IS talented. he DOES deserve every bit of admiration and respect he's earned. i want people to love him too. i don't necessarily mean stan, i just. want them to look at him and think about how amazing he is. he's a bright, positive man. he's strong and pushes himself to be better, but also knows his limits. he's so very patient. he has been for so long. he sits in the background most of the time and pushes the other members to their heights. but i want him to be a little greedy and take a little bit of the spotlight for himself. i'm really happy that he's grown and he's being louder. i'm so happy that he's trying to make himself seen. i love everything he gives. the flying kisses, stupid jokes and puns, the endless supply of hearts, even his cute windshield wiper laugh and extra reactions. 

sometimes i wish i could actually tell him how much i love him. i really genuinely love him so much with all my heart (my friends are probably sick of how much i cry about him at this point but--). i want him to know that he is loved, and i'm sure he hears it a lot, but it's still important. it's still important that he doesn't forget. not with how often he shares his heart with us. he gives us a lot, and i just. want to give a fraction back. i want him to keep smiling, because honestly just seeing him happy brightens my day. he is my heart. he gives me happiness.

please don't take any of this the wrong way by the way. i just really love and admire jin. and i was having a lot of these thoughts and :')) word vomit ew. i love all the members and i don't want it to seem like i'm upset that the other members are more popular, or that they didn't work hard either. i just want to express how jin deserves at the very least admiration. :')) thanks if you actually read this gross essay about my undying love for my son. you deserve some cute gifs for making it because he is the most precious being in my life and i want to cherish and protect him and that bright smile

tumblr_oqrt74Yadb1w16695o3_400.gif tumblr_oqrt74Yadb1w16695o4_400.gif


people don't appreciate his lips enough too and god d a m n he has the cutest smile i have ever seen what the f uck his lips are so pink and round and the little corners i'm crying forever what a beautiful cute man i love him so much i lov eji n so much wi th all m y so ul




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Opps.. haven't been on here since may :unimpressedmoni:

These haven't been posted 





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