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recruiting Events Team!

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Hello! It's time to announce a new staff team: the Events Team! The Events team will host forum games and events. Today starts our first recruitment for the team. Newcomers will join existing members @monimoni and @KookieMochi. If you're interested in joining read through the rest of the list of responsibilities and apply now! Graphics skills would be useful to have, but is by no means required to apply.


1. Create, plan, and host forum games (ex: Pictionary, Guess the MV, Mafia)
2. Create, plan, and host forum events (ex: Valentan's Day, Bangtanmas)
3. Collaborate with other events team members on projects
4. Collaborate with graphics team to create game/event OP graphics.


Deadline is March 10th at 11:59pm CST

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Good luck to everyone~ Even if you don't think you can do all of the mentioned responsibilities, if you think you've got something to offer then we'll go from there. Always ask questions if you need anything, too!

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