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The Armory™ Information Thread (Read FAQ!)

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The Armory™ Information Thread

The Armory™ (located HERE) is Bangtan Base's very own (virtual!) shop. At The Armory™ you can purchase a variety of items to help enhance your experience here on Bangtan Base! All items in The Armory™ can be bought using Bombs, which is our virtual currency system on the site. Please read the FAQ for details on the items available.

What are bombs and how do I earn them?  Check out The Bomb™ thread HERE for all the information you'll need on Bombs.

There is one item not available to purchase from the Armory: special awards. In order to purchase a special award, please go to THIS thread and request the award you want after you have sent the appropriate amount of bombs to the bangtan base account. Special awards cost 2, 500 bombs.


Q: How do I buy an item?

A: Go to the shop and locate the item you want to buy. Click "Buy" on the item. After you've purchased your item go to the My Items tab under The Armory tab at the top of the website. You'll see the item(s) you've purchased. Click on "Redeem" to use them. If you've purchased anything from the "Special Items" category, a notification will be given to staff and a PM will be started to fulfill the request for the item(s) you bought.

Q: What is a pinned thread?

A: A pinned thread is a thread that is pinned to the top of a forum section. See image below: 


Q: What is a member title change?

A: The standard member titles, underneath your username, are Newbie Fan/Casual Fan/Fan/etc. With a member title change you can customize what the title says. See the image down below for an example.

Q: What is a "stamp"?

A: A stamp is a username color + custom user group name + banner. For example, any of the staff members. So you'll get to choose a username color, user group title, and a user group image for a period of time. Images can either be gifs or static images, but they must still follow forum rules. The dimensions allowed for stamps are 160 x 60 pixels (or smaller).  

Here you can see where each of these is located:


Q: What is are "special awards"?

A: Special awards are new awards that can only be obtained by buying them from the Armory or winning them in a game or event. The full list of all special awards can be found here.

Q: What is a "unique award"?

A: A unique award is an custom award of your choosing that you have solely to yourself. You can take a look at the Uniques category in the awards list to see examples of unique awards. Each award listed belongs to a single person and cannot be requested by anyone else on the forum. Any image is allowed to be used as a unique as long as it follows forum rules. However, no gif images are allowed for unique awards. Gif awards are a staff-only perk, sorry. 

Q: What is a "medal"?

A: Medals are items that go beneath awards. You can view all the medals HERE. See the image below for an example.



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35 minutes ago, BIKKA said:

This is awesome! Bomb's sounds really cool.  :jin4:



15 minutes ago, Ihavepopcorn said:

I can take some of that weight off js  :suga6:


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Sig extension and elite ARMY group are so expensive 


This'll take me years, i repeat , YEARS!

So, be ready to never ever get right of me in here 


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4 minutes ago, CookieMaster said:

can I just say that I love that it's called the Armory sounds so badass haha

It's the perfect name for it too because ARMY.


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2 hours ago, KookieMochi said:

There will come a day when members by the dozen are dubbed Elite ARMY, and I will shed a tear at bearing witness to it :')

But once that happens, the title wont hold the same significance anymore...

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