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original post: here

1. [+661, -5]
Yoongi-yah!!! Happy birthday~ Thank you for being born ^^

2. [+607, -6]
Our Min Suga is receiving love from all around the globe! Yoongi-yah~ Happy birthday♡  Your existence is my happiness^^ I'll keep supporting you for all my life!^^

3. [+564, -5]
Our sugar yeah~~~~~~~~~ Happy birthday!!

4. [+533, -5]
Our lovely Yoongi oppa, thank you for existing, thank you for overcoming the hardships and let's stay healthy and work hard preparing for the comeback!♥!

5. [+517, -5]
Yoongi-yah happy birthday!!! Thank you for being born♥

6. [+57, -1]
I can't get over Suga's charms, his heart is so pretty for always thinking of the fans, he's cute and he's good at making song..ㅋㅋ Not as BTS Suga, but Min Yoongi nim, Happy birthday!!

7. [+57, -1]
The whole world is sending happy birthdays to BTS members as soon as their birthdays comeㅋㅋㅋ  Suga happy birthday♡


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The whole world loves Min Yoongi, because while Min Yoongi deserves the world, the world doesn't deserve him. :emo:

Honestly still couldn't get over that thing where he donated beef to 39 orphanages in the name of ARMY. Just imagine how happy all those kids were I'm S O F T

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2 hours ago, Cypher• said:

i support the idea of making it a national holiday :jhope7:

Uhm, yess please?

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