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update The Armory

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The Armory has moved! We now have a marketplace application to automate things instead of manually having to handle all the items and purchases. This specific application is hopefully temporary while we continue to wait for the developer of our Points app to make his own shop. Please be aware, however, that there are two Armory items that are not located in this new location: special awards and non-custom medals. To purchase a special awards, go to the Awards Request Thread and to purchase a medal, go to the new Medals Request Thread.

 The new Armory is located on the navigation panel towards the top of the site. Click on The Armory tab and then select "Members Shop." Alternatively, you can reach the shop by going to this url address: https://bangtanbase.com/shop/ On the right-hand side you'll see the list of item categories. Once you make a purchase you will need to redeem your item before it goes into effect. You can find all of your items in the "My Items" page. This is located under the same Armory tab up top or you can go to https://bangtanbase.com/myitems

Currently, the function to send items to another user is not working correctly so if you want to buy something for someone else you should send them the bombs to buy it. Which leads me to my next point: there's now a third way to donate bombs. At the bottom of every user's post in a thread there's an option to "Donate Points" next to the quote button. Using this way to donate bombs will send a notification of the donation to the receiver so you may want to use this method from now on in order for the person on the receiving end to be aware they've been given bombs.

And now for details on the various categories in the shop:

General Items: These are general items like changing your username or member title.
The Casino: This category includes items to gamble with bombs. 
Special Items: These are the stamps, signature extensions, and custom medals. Unlike the two above categories you won't automatically have what you purchased when you redeem the item. There's still a bit of manual work that goes into these. Once you redeem one of these items a notification will be sent to me and I will create a PM with you to get the details of the item. The only exception is signature extension. Once I receive the notification that you purchased this item I'll give you the extension without contacting you via PM.

If you have any questions, please leave them down below. 

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i like this new method 

and i see that now there are a couple of games,that's fun. :sjjang:

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