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So I'm just a normal BTS fan. I wait until BTS finally kisses European soil. And until then, I'm just having fun in my A.R.M.Yworld.
My last fun has turned into a video. Now I want to give Army a laugh, try to spread it and maybe even send a message to have fun in life.
To stand and to live for what you like.
With the video I express my struggle with BTS, but also that of so many others.
Maybe you also have some struggle, or a crazy story, then let it out! Togehter  we can laugh. The best thing about A.R.M.Y is ... TOGETHER IS ONE!
We like the same and should suport each other, make us laugh and enjoy what we like.
Post my video, share or like it, comment on or even write ideas on what else to do for funny stuff.
#LoveYourLife #BeWhatYouLike #A.R.M.YNation


BTS in Europe?! The struggle is real!(Enjoy and love this Video ♥)

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