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Agust D

[#2018BTSFESTA] BTS Festa Day 10 - 小確幸 List 'Small but Definite Happiness List'

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For their 10th day of festa, BTS shared a list of their small but happy simple moments in life. They also read through video uploaded on BANGTANTV.

Facebook link for the album











Jin (trans by @bts_trans)

Suga (trans by @bts_trans)

J-Hope (trans by @bts_trans)

RM (trans by @bts_trans)

Jimin (trans by @bts_trans)

V (trans by @bts_trans)

Jungkook (trans by @bts_trans)



Personally, I really liked this idea, sometimes when we're too worried and busy we miss these small moments of pure happiness from our everyday lives:uhno:

I'd said my small happiness list is probably:

1. Eating delicious food I've been craving

2. Playing with my dogs

3. My mom's smile

4. When I go out to eat with my friends

5. Cloudy days

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For me the time that I'm still allowed to be alive is a happiness. Idk if it's big or small but it makes me happy everyday xDD

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that was definitely a good idea, with all the good and big things happening in the boys life for more than a year

is good to focus on the little thing that make you happy. 

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