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Chinese BTS fans set record by putting up Jungkook's ad on Tokyo subway

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Article: BTS Chinese fans put up personal ad in Tokyo subway for Jungkook in time for Japanese dome tour

Source: Segye Ilbo via Naver | Original Article by NETIZEN BUZZ


1. [+1,007, -19] According to the Japanese fans, the Japanese subway system never permits personal ads to be installed... really grateful to the Chinese fans for making it happen ^^ Chinese fans are so supportive of Jungkook~~

2. [+747, -22] It's really touching how in love with Jungkook the Chinese fans are. Usually, personal ads like this are banned on the Japanese subway but the Chinese fans made it happen. His popularity in China is unrivaled.

3. [+682, -17] Jungkook is the first Korean idol on record to have his poster put up in the JR subway. Although the subway doesn't allow personal ads, the Chinese fans worked hard to make it happen.

4. [+392, -15] Wow, amazing of the Chinese fans~~

5. [+117, -4] The Chinese fans are giving Jungkook the best support possible because they see what a good, talented person he is and how loving he is towards his fans. Thank you to the fans.

6. [+101, -4] Chinese fans are amazing... how did they make this happen? So grateful to them for loving Jungkook

7. [+99, -4] So thankful to the Chinese fans for not only putting up Jungkook's birthday ad but in time for their Japanese concert as well, the first in the world

8. [+79, -4] I remember fans successfully put up a birthday ad at the LA Staples Center for Jungkook's birthday last time. Now he's the first to go up in the Tokyo JR subway. I know it's been tough with thaad and all but I'm so touched with how supportive the Chinese fans have been for Jungkook.


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The fans who put up their faces on subway ads, city bus ads, or anywhere around the city are so amazing. I've never seen it happening here, can't imagine how it'll be.

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