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appreciation Throwback party(^<>^) *****

when should it be?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. idk???

    • this Friday at 9 or 10pm??(CST)
    • or this Saturday at 9 or 10 pm?(CST)

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oh yes discord is really nice as well, we could make a gc there if it's okay with the forum rules... I think it's fine haha

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@JoyD do you know how to download the app? you can use discord on your pc as well

I could make a channel just for this throwback party, if you guys want



edit: there's another way we can do this, pls check your DMs :ladybugtae:

Edited by MC_

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Here's a whole BUNCH of throwbacks that i'm seeing resurface on twitter TT_TT

  • ^Oh wow and I finally discovered the origins of that weird Jimin bathtub picture... (And since then Bighit has been stuffing jimin in bathtub after bathtub lol)
  • ^One of the earliest "airport" pics lol. 
  • ^Namjoon bb... why you tweet this on jin's birthday
  • ^I legitimately wonder who tweeted that (probably RM? but that typo lol). Look at how they promoted back then lol
  • ^And omg their old dorm... talk about glow up. now they're buying thousand dollar apartments
  • ^RIP Jjangu... by the way, has it occurred to anyone that Mickey & Holly are getting kinda old now? :(
  • ^I wanna know who the hell tweeted this & who this is a pic of. (Some replies seem to say its rm by suga but not sure)
  • I literally have no words. No words. Its always entertaining seeing BTS replying to themselves with weirdass shit like that

To look up their old tweets, search this into twitter "from:BTS_twt since:[insert full date] until:[insert full date]"

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