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appreciation Smol Yoongi™

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I was going to make a small spam in the suga thread, but this became way too long. Not sure if anyone's already created this thread, but look Genius Agust D Suga Min Yoongi can be kinda Smol™ sometimes. What are your favorite moments?

For example...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiuC7B_l13k - iconic istg

https://twitter.com/jmxyg/status/1085171384878170112 - also funny lol


Dycl_gUUcAAYWPa.jpg Dycl_jEUUAApyvd.jpg


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iuBiAH9FLk - more iconic

Especially compared to certain giants

From BTS New Yang Nam Show Ep. 1:

From official facebook:
bts-suga-and-rm.jpg  df1dfba666cb54f712f0750fde5691e1.jpg


What are your favorite moments of Smol Yoongi™? Let's share~

*For those new to internet slang, Smol or smol basically means looking pretty damned cute & small.

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i love smol Yoongi (i think he's smaller than Jimin lol) 





@LUTD_RMSUGA (coundn't find their twitter so i guess they closed)


@bsg_suga (again guess they closed their fansite)




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such a little munchkin  I love him


hana-yoongi-month-cares-uga-the-army-bom images-9.jpgd66ca8ceeda2203a1b6db6bc0875c0b0d3815a9b660c1f609ec72aad31b266441cd4a9f835c7461d0e7699ccecd05b73b466439d0970b51b.png


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didn't see it said share so I had to add them^-^

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Why does jimin look the same height as RM and suga is half a head shorter than everyone xDDDDD
(hair is misleading, so the way to tell- eyeball the level of their chins & shoulders)

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