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*bones creaking* I'm not dead! Ironic, considering I legitimately almost died last week. Ha. It's 2019 and we've got some updates and recruitment news. Here we go with the updates first:

tumblr_inline_p7ggehKzy41qgy16y_540.png Profile Videos! - There's now an item in the shop you can buy to allow you to add videos to your profile. So if you want that meme vid of JK strutting to Partition on your page, you can have it for measly 500 bombs! Check out the item under the "General Items" category.

tumblr_inline_p7ggeii8Ig1qgy16y_540.png Referral System! - We had a referral system in place a long time ago but there were some problems with the application so we had to disable it but it's back up and running and should work fine now! Invite your friends to join BBase and earn 1,000 bombs for every person who registers and posts 5 times anywhere on the forum. Be sure that they input your username into the referrer field or use your referral link (located in settings --> referral) when registering otherwise they won't be counted towards your total and you won't get the bombs.

tumblr_inline_p7ggehKzy41qgy16y_540.png Tagging Groups! - There's now an option to tag specific groups vs only individual members. So, for example, if you have a question for a staff team you can just tag the whole team (i.e. @Awards) using the drop down box on the text editor page versus tagging each individual member.  However, non-staff members are expressly forbidden from tagging non-staff groups like Members, ARMY,  A.R.M.Y., etc. for any reasonThe purpose for this application was to allow for staff to send a notification to all members at once and I decided to let members take advantage of the perks of it too but if I see any hints of abuse of this app I won't hesitate take away members' privileges to use it.  ψ(`Д´)ψ

tumblr_inline_p7ggeii8Ig1qgy16y_540.png Photocards! - They're making their way into the shop. They may also change shape a few times as we play around with them to see what works best with them since most aren't a normal square shape like the rest of our items so please bear with us. And like I mentioned last time, if you have relatively HQ pictures of any photocards please send them our way. There's A LOT of them out there. 

And now on to recruitments:

tumblr_inline_p7ggehKzy41qgy16y_540.png Moderators! - We're hiring at least one new moderator to our team, but we may take more depending on the applicants. Moderators are responsible for enforcing the forum rules and guidelines. More details can be found in this thread. If you think you're up for the job, please apply HERE.

tumblr_inline_p7ggeii8Ig1qgy16y_540.png Tech Squad! - In case you haven't noticed that giant blue banner staring you in the face, Tech Squad is hiring! We're looking for users with coding knowledge who can help out on the technical side of the forum. Apply for this position HERE.

tumblr_inline_p7ggehKzy41qgy16y_540.png KOR-ENG Translators - We always need members for this team. If you can, help plz. Apply HERE.

Last but not least...


@ARMY @Members @Donors

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Thanks for these updates! These are great. As a fellow moderator if you have any questions about being one let me know if you want to apply.

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i love the sound of the new items! thank you for the updates & hope you're okay! 

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Glad to see you're alright, PD-nim. I'll try and visit the forum more often! I hope you can recruit some great staff members :)


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