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I'm not exactly sure what happiness is But J-hope gives it to me.

"I'm You're hope, I'm Your'e Angel, I am J-Hope."

And he means a lot to me and its not his looks or fame its his personality. I honestly don't want anything else in this world than to go to a BTS concert and meet them J-hope escpessially. He makes me happy being the little ball of sunshine he is i just want to hug him and talk to him (No worries im learning Korean for my boyo) Like i don't know how to exspress it (another thing i dont know how to exspress feelings in anyway) Could be an obession. No, im not like that i dont that. It all might simply be....





But there is a problem...





(Philophobia = Fear of being in love or falling in love)


Because it doesn't seem to matter but i always get hurt in the end and no one seems to care about it 

Jhope means the world to me i just want my one wish to come true.

Sorry about the rant 

Love ya dudes~




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this post gives off a weird energy that i can't quite put my finger on, but i love it, it feels genuine.

anyway here's an image


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