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%+ Warning- This article includes suicide and things that are not suitable for kids. Viewer discretion is advised. If you have any thoughts about suicide, then please call a suicide hotline or talk to friends, family, or a therapist about it. Enjoy.+%

RM is the first problem that Jin has had to fix. He is also related to Tae’s problems as well. This is known from the fact that, both of them have the same phone booth seen. In the WINGS trailer for reflection, RM is seen running to the phone booth trying to answer that phone. Tae is trying to call him. They made a promise that if either one of them was in trouble, they would call each other. About RM’s childhood. He was always very poor so he had many jobs. That led him to where he would work. At a gas station filling tanks for people. One day, Jin saw RM but did nothing about it. Little did he know, RM would be getting into a fight with someone leading him to have warning. RM would have to be in jail because he could not afford to pay the warning. So he’s stuck in jail. Now, time had rewind itself. Jin fixed his problem and soon Joonie would help him too. Not really understanding it but he just helped the members out of his kind heart. Now the chills. So, I never did watch the WINGS trailer for reflection but when I did I noticed something familiar. The scene of RM looking at a mirror was the exact same place from the WINGS trailer. And the person in the mirror was in the same clothing and hairstyle. They both were Joonie. I don’t know what it means yet but the lyrics from reflection are quite sad ;(. Anyways, sorry for my lack of knowledge again.. Anyways , if you have read all my theories so far, then thank you. I purple you


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