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photos [FESTA 2019] FAMILY PORTRAIT #3

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Tae - DNA
Jungkook - Go Go
Jin - MIC Drop








Jimin - Fake Love
Yoongi - Airplane pt 2
Namjoon - Anpanman
Hoseok - IDOL
















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They really gave me IDOL Hoseok, i have never been so blessed in my life.

 Fake Love Jimin with pink hair i'ts great, and AstroJoon ;-----; so cuuuuute.

basically i love it all, THANKS YOU FESTA.

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These are so perfect!!

Thank you Bighit for giving us Airplane pt. 2 Yoongi and Idol Hobi. And Tae's black hair with DNA clothing is so beautiful. And Jin in a headband!!

Omg these are just beautiful.

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