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mv Winter Bear by V

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Produced by Hiss noise, ADORA

(Hiss noise, V, RM, ADORA)


String Arrangement – Pdogg

Guitar – YOUNG

Mellotron – Pdogg

Synthesizer – Hiss noise

Bass – nobody

Violin – 주소영

Cello – Ji Park

Background Vocal – Marcus McCoan

Vocal Arrangement – Pdogg

Digital Editing – Hiss noise

Recording Engineers – Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce

                    김초롱 @ Big Hit Studio

Mix Engineer – 박진세 @ Big Hit Studio

Mastering Engineer – Yang Ga @ Big Hit Studio


Photo by Vante




She looks like a blue parrot

Would you come fly to me

I want some

Good day, good day, good day

Good day, good day

Looks like a winter bear

You sleep so happily

I wish you a

Good night, good night, good night

Good night, good night


Imagine your face

Say hello to me

Then all the bad days

They’re nothing to me

With you


Winter bear


Sleep like a winter bear

Sleep like a winter bear

출처: https://btsblog.ibighit.com/394 [BANGTAN BLOG]


Edited by Maphisto40

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omg  i'm so busy ;--; i just found out it was an MV i thought it was just in  soundcloud :Koya:

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If they ever do end up going solo... hopefully many many years down the road, I would love to hear more stuff like this from V. His voice suits it so so well..... like velvet... :)

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