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190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post



OP: This kind of deep meaning

+ Ah this is crazy :A lot of crying: Ah I love you really😭😭😭😭😭 My biases comment :More crying sounds: I just checked while walking just now and I almost fell 😭😭😭😭😭😭I love you so much What should I do

Jin: Sometimes, there are explanations that come out that not even the original writer knows about.

T/N: All 3 illustrations are related to Jin/RJ
* 진 ~ Jins name in korean (flip your phone to your left and it looks like the middle characters which also look like RJ)
* The middle characters look like RJ (Flip your phone to the right and you will see '진')
* RJ ~ Jins BT21 character that is an alpaca that wears a coat because he is cold (😂😂 so cute) 💜

(Jin and RJ are constantly intertwined 😲)


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190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post






OP: Joonie oppa happy birthday on September 12~!! Today is the 11th but Happy birthday in advance!!! Thank you for always letting us hear good rap and music!!!

Jin: So now he is at the age when he starts hearing 생신

Jin: People born after 92' are prohibited from laughing

T/N: 생신~ The formal counterpart of "생일" [birthday]. Its usually said or heard amongst elders. So if you encounter someone much much older than you, like a grandfather or grandmother, you must say 생신 [saeng-sheen] instead of 생일 [saeng-eel] to be respectful.

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190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post



OP: I'm sorry....9..2....9......2 They're numbers close to the year I entered school..... I'll just cry for a minute....

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I'm happy but...I'm happy but...I'm happy that Seokjin made a comment but..No no...(Don't call me) a noona yet....It's a secret that I'm the class of 99' Noona will work hard and come back in October with the body of a 30 year old. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Words in picture: How dare I be wavered by a child

Jin: How are you? ** Jin used an expression from the Joseon dynasty **


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190911 <BTS Weverse> Jin's comment on ARMYs post



OP: Heyyy guys! Good morning or a good night kakakak Here in Brazil it's 5:45 a.m and I just wanna sleep but I have to go to the university. 

I notice that Jin is online. Everyone trying to be noticed JIN WE MISS YOU

Jin: I miss you too **Written using hangeul** [Ah-ee mi-seu yoo too]

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190912 <BTS Weverse> Namjoon's birthday post 


Dear Army, 

On a rainy late summer, are you guys doing well? To be honest, I don’t remember birthdays before the age of 20. Looking back, it was a bit special, not too plain. After learning through that experience, I realized that my birthday isn’t a day ‘I’ should be congratulated, but more of a day to be thankful to our parents who put us (in this world). On a clear September 12, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of words for the 7th year already. Shakespear once said, “We are made well-known by our beloved friends”. I’ve become aware that today is more well- known and special because of you all. I’ve been having thoughts of if I can be someone who can let everyone know of love and trivial truths, like always, and if my heart, which can’t be displayed through words, can be able to reach at least one person. 

I won’t dare say that I have witnessed all the love that was poured out today but I am thankfully receiving it through this short letter. I wish we could be happier even if it’s just for one more hour. I love you.


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190913 <BTS Weverse> Suga's comment on ARMYs post  








OP: That's right, Jimin oppa didn't even know until that point..the weapon that was hidden in Seokjin oppa's pocket..........☆
 ↪ (That was) the end of Jimni oppas happiness lolololol🤣

(+omg...Yoongi oppa thank you for your comment 😳💜 I feel great, just like I recieved a gift for Chuseok 😭😭😭😭 I'm happy. Enjoy your Chuseok and eat lots of yummy food〰️〰️〰️💜)

Suga: I know right. You have to be kind-hearted.

T/N:  마음을 곱게 써야지 ~ This means "You have to use your heart kindly/nicely". To be honest the English doesn't do the korean justice but I hope you understand the nuance 😅

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190914 <BTSWeverse> Hobi's comment on RMs post



**RMs letter translated on separate post above ^^**

hobi: Look at the comments. Namjoon-ah quickly witness this!!! 

hobi: How is it that he can he write this well 🥺🤭😪
*Hope is saying this in a cute way. The word is 쓰다 [sseu-da], but hobi says 쓰뉴 [sseu-nyu]* 

T/N: In his letter, Namjoon said he doesn't dare say he's witnessed all the love given to him, so now hobi is giving him proof that that he needs to witness the comment section

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190914 <BTS Weverse> Jin's post and J-hope's comment on Jin's post 



Jin: [Breaking news] Bang PD doesn't have an appetite so I'm ordering chicken alone 

hobi: Breaking news, breaking news!😆

T/N: Hobi is being cute and using his dialect when saying "breaking news". 속보다잉 [souk-bou-dta-ing] 

Language notes
* 입맛 없다 [eem-maht eob-da] ~ to not have an appetite 

Edited by Minyoung's_Satang

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