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Minyoungs Satang

article BTS Wins 4 Daesangs and 4 awards saying "ARMY, I Purple You"

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[191130 The Hankook Ilbo, Reporter - Lee Hoyeon]



Group BTS proved their world star potential by winning 8 awards including 4 Daesangs. 

On the afternoon of November 30 at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu Seoul, BTS became the real protagonist at the 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMAs). 

On this day, BTS won 4 Daesangs and 4 other awards. They won a total of 8 categories including:

🏆  Record of the Year

     🏆 Best Song of the Year

🏆 Album of the year

🏆 Artist of the Year

along with.. 

🏆 Kakao Hotstar   

🏆 Top 10 Artist of the Year

 🏆 Netizen's Popularity Award

 🏆 Best Dance (Male)

and let's not forget..

🏆 Heize - We Don't Talk Together (Produced by Suga) 

BTS is the first group to conquer all the awards they were nominated in at the MMAs, which have marked their 11th year anniversary. BTS has been acknowledged once more for their worldly performance at the MMAs. 

During their speeches,  Jin said, "To the ARMYs that always give love to us, we love you too". While Jungkook confessed, " Thanks to ARMYs, I have the power to dance".  As for V, he expressed, " I had a dream of making good memories with ARMY. Getting this award and expressing myself is like a dream. I want to express that I'm thankful and I love you more but I still can't find  good words to express it. ARMY, I purple  you very much".

Jimin said "It seems that many fans of stars are making a lot of hot and trendy words. This must mean that our ARMY must be as hot and trendy as that. We always hear the words 'ARMYs standards are high' overseas. I will work harder so I don't fall behind and turn the tables so I can keep up with your hotness. I love you"

Particularly with expressing their feelings for the Daesang, the member's promised a much bigger influence. RM stated "It seems that all the fans and music consumers have received this award instead. Jungook said, "I think I am a very happy person because I can convey my feelings of strength, hope, and happiness through my songs to other people". From now on, I want to be constantly happy together with everyone. 

Suga said "This year has been a really happy one. From the bottom of my heart, I'm so thankful to the ARMYs who have given us so much love. Jimin said "Personally, I'm attached to my outcome because the love I get from everyone is so big that I don't know if I'll be able to repay you. So I want to spend time singing and dancing in even higher places compared to now. We will work even harder next year so we can receive another Daesang." 

The staff also enjoyed being awarded together. When winning the Dance Award, J-Hope mentioned his thanks for the choreographer Son Songdeuk. When receiving the Record of the Year, RM greeted both Bighit Entertainment staff and producer Bang Sihyuk. Producer P-Dogg also won 'Best Songwriter' earlier in the day for 'Poetry for Small Things' (Also known as 'Boy With Luv').  

We were also able to re-confirm BTS' potential through other singers and winners. Actors who came on stage as winners expressed their anticipation for BTS' performance. Heize won 'Best R&B Soul' with 'We Don't Talk Together', a song produced by Suga and said "I'm so genuinely thankful for min PDnim (Producer Min) for writing this good song" and received a much bigger response. 

Let's not forget the special performances. Besides the intro, BTS performed a total of 5 songs including 'Persona' ,' Boy in Luv',' Boy With Luv', ' Mikrokrosmos', and 'Dionysus' were performed to end their impressive performance. The 7 members even had their own specialty performances to draw in attention from the fans. 

Article Source

Watch here if you haven't already!


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Serious congratulations to our guys for their historic Daesang AllKill/sweep and our Min PD for another award winning production!! :cheer:

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