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discussion I can't escape

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Hello everyone!

So.. I got a little problem
For the last 4 years I used to really dislike kpop and the fandom because I had some bad experiences with cringy fans.
Well, two months ago a friend of mine showed me a music video of BTS because she knew I didnt like it. And to be honest,
I still couldnt understand the hype. It just seemed a little bit weird. 
Later that day, when I've already arrived at home, I thought I would give it a second chance and watched some "best kpop 
songs" compilations... well and then I saw mic drop. 
And long story short, I'm watching BTS related content everyday since 2 months like a fricking addict and I start to cry everytime
I see videos of them because I think all of them are genuinely beautiful in every possible way.

Their music and personalities make me so happy that I drove 10 hours to Connect BTS: Berlin a few days ago. (I'm really into art)
And I think I cried 3 times.

Well, the negative conquence is, that my bank account is crying in a corner.
I honestly dont know if this is normal. I feel like an addict. 

Can somebody share their experiences?

(I'm sry for grammer/spelling mistakes. I don't really speak English)

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I definitely went through the "addict" phase from when I discovered them (late 2015) until late 2017. During those 2 years, I binged every scrap of content I could find, stopped watching the TV shows/movies I normally did, stopped playing the video games I was progressing through, etc. 99% of all my entertainment was BTS-related. My video game budget was entirely handed over to BTS albums, DVDs, and some merch.

Not sure if you can relate, but I suffer from clinical depression and a degenerative autoimmune disease. BTS was a much-needed escape, outlet, and coping method for me through some really dark periods. That can make it difficult to pull yourself away. I was finally able to find a better balance with my fan activity over time. Now I'm able to keep up without feeling like I have to be plugged into the fandom constantly. I have a nice spread of hobbies, much healthier.

This feeling will pass, so I wouldn't worry too much.


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Oof. My bank account is crying along with yours. I've spent way too much money on BTS. I'm trying to restrict myself this year because I'm in too much debt. For example, I skipped out on getting the Winter Package. I would recommend doing that to save money, skip out on the things you know you don't really need or will get use out of. 

As for binging their content all the time...well, it's BTS. There really is no escape. Haha. But really, I think you're just going through a phase like Maphisto said. Basically the honeymoon phase of discovering BTS. It'll wear down soon and you'll regain some more control. I obviously stan them hardcore (I built an entire website for them!) but I haven't watched a RUN episode in months and I don't watch every new video released on BangtanTV. I watch what I want, when I want to (with the exclusion of new MV releases of course lol). Hell, I slept through Black Swan's release because I had worked a ton when before I would've stayed up for it no matter what even if I had work in the morning. You'll get a handle on yourself soon, don't worry! 

Everyone here is extraordinary nice so don't be afraid to hang around here and talk things out with anyone that's available. Or if you just want to fangirl with us, this is a great place for that too. Hope to see you around. 💜

P.S. - Mic Drop really is THAT bitch. The music, the lyrics, the dance, the outfits...everyone looked so good all the time. Whew.

"I grew a flower that can't be bloomed in a dream that can't come true."

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This "addiction" phase is real.. and expensive. But it opens up the world to so many things - watching so many bts related videos on youtube, i also learnt more about the kpop industry, about korea, about difficulties of being a kpop trainee, depressions/suicides of idols, the business and money-making aspects, also politics - how the korean govt smartly push kpop as the soft power.  So, somehow bts was a channel or a way for some folks, like me, to expand another perspective of the world. haha

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