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Gifs can be found in link above

1. Jungkook has so much respect for RM and fans all know just how amazing RM is too.

2. He just can’t seem to put into words on how much he appreciates Namjoon.

3. His heartfelt letter to RM makes him tear up while reading it.

4. He doesn’t hesitate to let RM know that he was his inspiration.

5. He admits that it was because of RM that he decided to join the company.

6. He was shocked at RM’s visuals and rap skills.

7. He has learned and grown so much because of RM.

8. He takes interest to reading after being inspired by RM.

9. RM makes Jungkook feel so proud to have him as a leader.

We all know just how amazing and talented our maknae Jungkook is and leader RM is always proud of how much he’s grown!

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