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Bangtan members as your...?

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Found this on instagram - sadly I don't remember who I took this from, sorry!


I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's thoughts were.

Explanations as to why they're your _______ would be nice (: 





Little Brother:


Best friend:



:ladybugtae: :jipuppy:  :ladybugtae: :jipuppy: :ladybugtae: :jipuppy:

(I needed a divider to separate my answers from this so I made one out of Chimchim and Tae LOL).


For me~

Husband: Taehyung (My ultimate bias - would encourage a better version of me with his optimism and family-oriented self. Plus I would love seeing his smiley face every day.)

Boyfriend: Hobi (If Tae wasn't my husband then it would be Hobi. He's sweet and silly but has a nice tinge of maturity.)

Brother: Chimchim (We're the same age so I feel like we can connect on a personal level. He's always seen caring for his hyungs and donsaengs so who wouldn't want that?)

Little Brother: Kookie (Seems like such a cute dongsaeng to mess around with. Heck, I would be one proud ass noona to see where he is today.)

Crush: Yoongi (Realistically and sadly, I think our personalities would clash - we're both quite stubborn people - which is one of the reasons why I couldn't place him as my boyfriend LOL. He would just be the cool senpai I'd look from afar. MIN YOONGI BE MY FIRST LOVE.)

Best friend: Namjoon + Seokjin (I'd love to have them as BFFs LOL. I can just imagine the dynamic - Namjoon being the deep-thinking genius friend while Seokjin is the sassy-uncle-friend. Chilling with them would be an adventure.)



Who would you guys put as your husband?

:rapmon9: :rapmon9: :rapmon9: 

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Husband:  Jimin. — He's my bias, that means I love him and his personality, which also means out of all bts members he's the one I would like to have as my husband the most)

Boyfriend: Yoongi. — Total tsundere; I love when guys have reversal charms; Yoongi looks cold af but in reality he's a marshmellow and a super sweet guy who would probably be the softest motherfucker with his girlfriend.

Brother: J-Hope. — He would be my hope and my angel; he's sweet, caring, protective and also has a personality similar to mine. We both love being loud and cheer others so yeah.

Little Brother: Jungkook. — He's younger than me and also really cute so I'd like to have him as that because I can see myself as his noona... that won't stop me from annoying the hell out of him calling him oppa, lmao.

Crush: Rap Monster.  — He's my bias wrecker in real life and also the perfect description of a crush for me: smart, funny, handsome and sweet.

Best friend: Taehyung. — We're both wild and loud. My personality matches with his and I he truly seems like he would be the best friend ever. I'm basing this on VMin, also.

Classmate:  Jin — 100% SENPAI LOOKS AND VIBES.


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Husband:  Yoongi (I don't know how to explain ok...I just love him too much)

Boyfriend:  Seokjin (That big brother aura of him, you know: caring and loyal - thats a perfect match for me)

Brother: Taehyung (I would love goofing around with him idk)

Little Brother: Jimin (cuz mochi)

Crush:  Hoseok ( because he is a sunshine and asdfghj)

Best friend: Jungkook (befriend a walking meme)

Classmate:  Namjoon (first you're asking him for help with a homework or something and then you're arguing with him for breaking all your pens)



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is it weird if i want to marry Jin even though Jimin is my ultimate bias?
i love his jokes, and he has a plus point, he can cook!
i dunno why but i can picture jin as a husband and playing with kids

he's my bias, after all~
he is so caring and cute
i think he's a good match for a sensitive person like me~
can't we go with harem route?? i want him as husband too >_<

it'll be fun to have a brother like him
we can be loud duo at home!

Little Brother:
i want that adorable child to be my lil bro!!
i would like to spoil him everyday~

i know i would have a crush on someone like him
i tend to fall for gentle and bright men
and hobi is all that, plus he's so cool when he's serious

Best friend:
i think we are similar in many aspects
we're mostly quiet but can go crazy sometimes
and i think he's the type that i could relied on if i have a hard time

i think it's important to have someone like him in a group project lol
and just imagine how he made your day everyday just by watching him breaking things
it's cute tbh~

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Husband: Taehyung, bc bias privilege.

Boyfriend: Hoseok. He is so cuddly and loving, so sign me up on those premises alone.

Brother: I don't wanna brother zone any of them lol, but Seokjin. He'd probably always buy me food and say dumb jokes to make me laugh. (My actual bro already does that)

Little Brother: I don't know, they're all older than me so it's odd to imagine + I have no younger siblings to empathize with this. Jungkook is too much of a bias wrecker be related to :suga9:

Crush: Yoongi + Jungkook. I could see myself admiring both of them from afar and being too intimidated to talk to them first lol

Best friend: Jimin. Being best friends with him would be fun as hell and I would love to spend time with him doing random stuff.

Classmate: Namjoon. He's smart so I'd probs copy off him if I need to. He can sit next to me and we can share earphones and listen to cool shit together.

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Husband: Yoongi & Seokjin

Ugh, Yoongi is my bias but both of them give off those vibes. Both funny, sweet, and seem like they would be super loyal. 

Boyfriend: Seokjin 

I dunno, Seokjin gives me typical boyfriend vibe all the time when I see him in videos. He seems so caring, funny and would always be there for me. 

Brother: Namjoon

I feel like Namjoon would be there for me and protect me as a sister.

Little Brother: Jimin

Even though Jimin is older than me, I always get little brother feels for him. Looks like someone I need to protect. 

Crush: J-Hope

My ideal type is already someone who is super funny and caring, so Hope always gives me the feeling of the typical crush I have.

Best friend: Taehyung

Haha, I feel like he'd be super fun as a best friend. Always making you laugh and being there for you whenever. 

Classmate: Jungkook

Kookie seems like one of those beautiful classmates you have in class and you really wanna be friends with him, but you can never get close enough.

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Op you didn't have to do ths to me.
Note that this is not 100% accurate. it changes aaaalllllll the time.

Husband:  Yoongi ( I feel like he'd be able to understand my annoying self. I also just want to wake him from sleep just to piss the fuck outta him. excuse my delulu self )

Boyfriend:  Hobi ( I love bright and cheerful people who can easily switch from being total dorks to being very serious. It'd be nice having someone like him around)

Brother:  Kookie ( He's adorable and I've always wanted to have a sibling who's not much older than me )

Little Brother: Jimin ( even though he's older than me lmao. Sometimes just looking at him makes want to protect him and make him cookies)

Crush:  Jin ( I'd be all over that elegant posture, that beautiful laugh and those dad-jokes that I proudly laugh at)

Best friend:  Taehyung and Namjoon ( I would like both of them to be my besties. Someone I can be weird and dorkish with and someone I can have with philosophical and existential conversations)

Classmate:  nope


Edited by Israa

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Husband: Hobi Hobi first because i love him second because he has such a nice personality i think we could work together. (If polyrelationship were an option i would take Jin as my second husband)

Boyfriend: Jimin, just a puppy love  cause Jimin is too cute.

Brother: Jin, because he is the perfect combination of reliable and childish. (and if he cant be my second husband i just want to have him in my family forever)

Lil Brother: Taehyung, he is the definition of a cute little brother.


Bestfriend: Namjoon and Suga , we have  similar interests and our non verbal language it's also alike.

Classmate: Kookie, our personalities are so shy we would probably never talk to  each other.


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Husband:  Jungkook. I love his everything. Nothing more to say here.

Boyfriend: Taehyung. He'd be the cutest, sweetest, most fun boyfriend. Plus I need my side guy.

Brother:  Namjoon. I feel like he'd make a great older brother to talk to about life issues and family and stuff.

Little Brother: Jimin. Sweet little Jimin, what else am I gonna do with you? I'll protect you from all the scary people out there.

Crush: Yoongi. He's cute, but aloof. Pretty much crush material right there.

Best friend: Hobi. Oh dear God the fun we would have! Dance parties all the time.

Classmate: Jin. I feel like I would be the least connected to Jin, but he would still be that guy that you'd wanna hang out with in school all the time so you and your BF can sit at lunch together and talk about your crush. lol


PS: What kinda hoe am I if I'm still in school, crushing on guys while I have a boyfriend AND a husband??? lmao


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Husband: Jimin, he's my bias, I can't not choose him that would be sacrilegious

Boyfriend: Hobi because he's super bright and sweet and would be that fun boyfriend that takes you on surprise dates all the time.

Brother: Seokjin because I think he'd be a really caring brother and someone I could talk to about life problems seriously

Little Brother: they're all older than me so this question feels weird sgrdx9b.gif

Crush: Yoongi because he's someone I would fawn over but never have the courage to talk to 

Best friend: Tae/Jungkook because they're the people who I can do stupid shit with and laugh over it later

Classmate: Namjoon because he got that high IQ and I can get him to give me answers help me with school

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I don't even know how I'm going to do this yet and you can 100% bet that I'm going to change this in about a week, or maybe a month if I'm lucky.

Husband: Min Yoongi. I'm so torn between him and Hoseok and Jungkook but I stand by him being my little bro okay don't take this one firm decision away from me and if you made me choose again, that'll probably change- but I just really, really adore him, and it would be infinitely peaceful, and it would just be really nice. Fights would be inevitable, but I feel talking about things would be easier, quiet affairs that would get resolved in a way that doesn't lead to any sort of escalations, and quiet times wouldn't be too bad. He'd work a lot, but I'd 100% support that.

Boyfriend: Hoseok. Even if I don't end up marrying him, I would've absolutely adored having him as a boyfriend. He's such a sweet, gentle person, and basically a ball of sunshine that's still a ray of light when hidden behind the darkest of clouds. Having Taehyung as a boyfriend scares me because I'm afraid I'd put a damper on his shine, but I don't get that feeling with Hobi, honestly. Something about balance. (I've thought about this a lot, okay.)

Brother: I feel like Jin would make an amazing brother? If his interactions with Jungkook are any indication, it's basically mothering tendencies + all the savage comments and sass, and I've never had an older brother, and wouldn't he be a great one to have? This is me wishing I had any kind of older brother I could've relied on when I was younger. 

Little Brother: Jungkook is my beloved child and I will absolutely adore having him around. I did this one first. Now I'm facing a bit of a crisis.

Crush: Kim Taehyung would be one of those quiet crushes that pass by on a cool summer's day (what even am I saying help), like I'd most probably fall for all the positivity and charm, and you know he's going to be one of those really happy, genuinely friendly people you meet every once in a while, and if I hung around near him at school, for example, I would've 100% developed a crush on this guy and would've done absolutely nothing about it. That positivity terrifies me as much as it draws me in.

Best friend: Park Jimin would be the most supportive and caring BFF in the world (aside from a Kim Taehyung) and having someone like him as a best friend would be the best thing, okay. I'm thinking going out for food on whim and hanging out at each other's houses and just doing random things. I'd surround myself with people like him if I could, honestly.

Classmate: I would love having Namjoon as a classmate. It never said we just had to be acquaintance-type classmates, so I'd just imagine sitting with him during lunch as part of his probably large group of friends and basically listen to him on all his philosophical rants while eating pasta, and that's just an amazing image to behold.

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Since this thread was made, I want to post but I forgot. I feel like cheating but this is not the same time right?

This is so dramatic but I make a little storyline for BANGTAN IMAGINE: Me and 7 Bangtan in my life~*so i will not be a cheating hoe


My little brother is Jungkook whom I adore and my brother is Jin who love to cook with me. Tae is my Best friend since childhood. I study in the same literature class as Namjoon(class president)  and I have a crush on Namjoon best friend, Hoseok(popular boy in high school). Then I went to university, met Jimin in Uni Art Festival. We become a couple after few dates. Break up after 2 years of dating because Jimin want to pursue his dream as professional modern dancer. Due to break up, I went to gig where Yoongi perform FIRST LOVE. I got bewitched in an instant. Get to know him more, then dating-couple-break up-make up-marriage. He become a famous producer. We stay in a comfy apartment in outskirt area. 

I will explain why I chose them respectively~ 

Husband: [MIN YOONGI]

He is mysterious guy who is quiet but think a lot. Very hardworking and actively pursuing his dream. As a women, I want a man who know what he want to achieve in life eventhough he is poor, no prestigious background. Money and status can be earn but being good human and having a great principle in life need to be learn. I can feel reassured with man who know look into the future not a man who waste the time.  

Min Yoongi wil not openly show affection in public but his love is subtly. He will be focusing on music because he is producer, thats okay, I prefer being a wife who provide him my support, love and share our dreams together. There will inevitable fights and quarrel but more communication plus understanding will bind us together

Boyfriend:[PARK JIMIN]

When I met Jimin, both of us are newbie in couple relationship. We try new things. Did everything together, took couple photo, went dating at amusement park, watching movie together..all silly thing first timer but just one flaw; COMMITMENT.

Jimin want to pursue is dream as dancer overseas. He didn't want to burden you with long distance relationship so both of decide to break up


Jin is like my dad, doing silly jokes, funny, but good at cooking. We will always cook together for family meeting. He will always send me a new recipe and a pic of his food creation. 

Little Brother:[JEON JUNGKOOK]

If Jin is like my dad, Kookie is just like my mischievous little brother *he is just 11 years old. He is handsome, always confident in himself and like teasing me. Depend on me a lot for everyday life, from waking up, breakfast, cleaning his messy bedroom, lecturing him about school homework. I adore him so much, pamper him with lot of food, and pocket money. He is obedient and listen to all my nagging


During my school years, I once have a crush on most popular boy just like Hoseok. He is intelligent,bright personality, have many friends but not a womanizer. Hoseok is also famous as street dancer,JHOPE in my area and he enter a lot of competition. I always went to see his performance in public market area. Although he is cheerful and friendly person, I will keep him as my crush only because I fear of public attention if I try to date him.

Best friend:[KIM TAEHYUNG]

I know him since kindergarten,since first day, where he come crying wearing dinosaur onesie. To stop his cry, I give him my favourite chocolate bar, and since then we are friends.If cry, he will comfort me and joke around to make me smile again. 

He eventually get married and have a family, but, we always met  again with our partners on our side sharing stories about family and life.

Classmate:[KIM NAMJOON]

Namjoon is my classmate in literature class. He is chosen as class president by homeroom teacher because he is the most intelligent and well verse in literature, responsible and always give his teachers and classmate a helping hand when needed.

He tutor me in Literature and English and because of him I score high marks in both subjects. 


Sorry for long post* I feel like I am making a fanfic here..:jimin2:

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This game is fun!! Let's do this~

Husband:  Yoongi ♥ I think he resembles me the most. 

Boyfriend:  Jimin - tbh I don't really want to date him but I'd rather take care of him as a really close friend. 

Brother: Taehyung bc of reasons, he's so sweet and cares a lot about his family. 

Little Brother: Jungkook TT_TT He's so cute I wanna hug him tight 

Crush: Jin ~ way too handsome for me to handle ; ;

Best friend: Hoseok ! He's so much fun and always joyful I really want to be his friend haha.

Classmate:  Namjoon bc he's the last remaining, but I'd rather be his sister too, unfortunately I chose Taehyung instead ;;

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Hah I am trash for this kind of games *heart eyes*

Husband: Yoongi (what a shocker). I've actually wondered about this sometimes, his chill way-of-being may be off-putting to some people (everyone wants a bit of fun and excitement in their lives from time to time after all), but I think he's the kind of person that takes joy in the small stuff: spending cozy nights in front of the tv and dozing off, both of us being in the same room but not necessarily interacting w/each other (eg. him working on his stuff, me working on mine and just being there together), short walks to the corner shop and back late at night because I forgot to buy something and he just wouldn't let me go alone, playing rock paper scissors to decide who washes the dishes or cleans up a room and ending up doing it together, me calling him to see if he's eaten while he's away on tour, stuff like that idk. From time to time we'd go on trips together. We wouldn't say 'I love you' to each other, but we'd show it a lot through gestures like those.

Boyfriend: Tae. Can be serious when he has to and fun when he wants to. Loves pets, loves kids, would be really caring towards his gf. Buying random gifts for each other without a reason, holding hands 135% of the time, making silly jokes, having pillow fights, taking aesthetic selcas together, wearing couple clothes etc.

Brother: Jin. Would cook for me most of the time, would nag me every time I come home late, put a blanket on me if I happen to fall asleep somewhere else other than on my bed, buy me medicine when I'm sick aww. Also we'd both have fun trying to learn new choreographies and tease each other a lot. I'd laugh at each and every single dad joke of his and throw him a hand kiss every time I see him on the street w/his friends. Guess what, he wouldn't be embarrassed and he'd do it back.

Little Brother: JK. I'd probably be super protective over him. Give him advice about how dress up when going out (and doing my best to hide his white shirts in the weirdest places), how to bring up courage to confess to that cute neighbor, support him in everything he does, lose whenever we play video games together (even though I'd try my best), buy him hamburgers after his long hours of practice etc.

Crush: Namjoon. Sometimes I really wish I could get into his head and see what he's thinking. He's an intriguing person, I guess. You can usually tell if I have a crush bc I end up reading everything he reads, listening to the music he listens to, trying to indirectly figure out what kind of human being he is. 

Best friend: Hope. I don't even think I need to explain this lol.

Classmate: Jimin. Ah, the cutie pie. We'd do our projects together, skip class together just to go&watch a movie at the cinema and lie for each other when the teacher's got beef with one of us.

Edited by daegvboy
few spelling errors

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I'm trash for silly games like this too xD

Husband: Taehyung, if it isn't obvious enough already bwahah I know he hates being called 4D but I really can't find any better way to describe him as short as simple as that *sweats nervously* 

Boyfriend: Hold up, I have to cheat on my husband?!?! D: 

Brother: Jin, let's go on food adventures bro.

Little Brother: Jimin, because he's an adorable little puppy

Crush: Jungkookie, the perfect all-rounder you can never get :')

Best friend: Yoongi... Yoongi is just one person I do not want to mess a relationship with, and come on it's Yoongi man I need to keep him by my side forever 

Classmate:  Hoseok! Every class I've had always had a person like him and it made class so much fun lol and Namjoon because he's a total smartass and I will leech off him


edit: I just remembered I never put one in boyfriend and I will keep it that way pfftt

Edited by Taehyung

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Husband:  Jung Hoseok and let me tell you why fam. He would never fail to bring a smile to my face but he's also a serious man and he's hardworking. He's Jhope do I need explain further <3

Boyfriend:  Rap Monster. He dresses well.

Brother: Kim Taehyung. I also think he'd be such a great brother. He loves his family so much!

Little Brother: Jungkook! He's young but wise and funny. He'd be so much fun to get into mischief with.

Crush: Min Yoongi. Idk he's just got that mysterious charm. I'd stare at him all day but be too afraid to talk to him.

Best friend: Kim Seokjin. DO YOU KNOW HOW FUN IT WOULD BE TO EAT AND GO TO KARAOKE WITH HIM. We'd just sit and tell bad jokes all day. 

Classmate: Jimin. LISTEN. I love Jimin a lot. I wish I could put all the members for every category but wouldn't he be the best classmate? He's so kind and caring. He'd really look out for his classmates. 

This was more stressful than finals.

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Husband:  Jin

He seems like a good husband material. He's nice, kind/caring, funny, and knows how to cook (and since I don't like cooking that's a huge plus xD

Boyfriend: Jimin

Do I need to explain this? He's the first person I thought of.

Brother: Rap Monster

My first choice was V  but I changed my mind. I think Namjoon would be a really good older brother. He seems open-minded, wise and smart, and I think he would be a really good role model for his siblings.

Little Brother: V

He cares about his family, and is goofy and fun. Having him as a younger brother would be, hm, let's say - interesting.

Crush: Suga

At first he looks dark and mysterious, is quiet and withdrawn but also has a cute side to him. And he's very very attractive. My typical crush. 

Best friend: J-Hope

It would se so fun to have Hobi as a friend. I don't think I need to explain this choice.

Classmate:  Jungkook

¬¬ I had to put Kookie here because others spots are taken. BUT, I would rather have him as a brother/crush. He was my first bias after all. 


OMG, this was so hard! And I'm still not completely satisfied with my choices ¬¬

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Husband:  Seokjin. He is sweet, polite, can cook, cares a lot for others, and just plain husband material tbh (He's someone who wants to do a charity in the future when he's able too what a guy ;_;). Also I'd love to get married to someone who is also childish but knows boundaries, kinda like a best friend but you also get to do wedded couple stuff!! I'd write out my wedded life imagine but I can't words and I'd just keep saying that I love Seokjin lol

Boyfriend: Jimin. It took me a while to answer lol I was debating between him, Taehyung and Namjoon in this role. As an introvert, Jimin would be a great choice, since while he's not exactly an introvert either, he's not too out going for me too. He's also a sweetheart and is a great support

Brother: Yoongi. He's the kind of sibling who acts like they don't care about you but will stay strong with you when things get tough. Acts cool but is a soft dork u//u

Little Brother: Jungkook. He's just so cute and most of the time he looks like someone I want to protect (and fight over video games with)

Crush: Hoseok. Adorable sunshine Hoseok~ He's so kind and handsome and his dance skills definitely catch and hold my attention

Best friend: Taehyung. I just imagine having a best friend like Taehyung would be so fun ;0; He's such a fun, friendly guy, and maybe he'd help me get out of my shell more

Classmate: Namjoon. He'd be the one who will save my poor self from breaking down in the middle of the classroom. Also he is very reliable and responsible, and he'd inspire me to be a better student imo

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I can't believe i just found this thread omaisnwkahsw

i used to do this thing a year ago, i even had a special book for this game LOLOLOL

okay i will chill now

Husband:  KIM SEOKJIN A reliable and gentleman person whose personalities radiate 100% approved husband material. Lol. I had a lot to say on this man. Maybe bcs he's my UB but my UB always happened to have strong husband materials. (Idk what i'm blabbering abt) but yeah, we'd cook together and he'd make a really great and strong father :") and also loveable SIL to my parents HAHAHASJWJZJWI

Boyfriend:  KIM NAMJOON. This man is too great. Attractive fashion sense, sexy mind, smart brain, heart-fluttering figure, killing deep voice, deadly cute dimple, warm smile, loving eyes, +++++++ and i swear there are a lot of fun things to do with Namjoon. He's what every girl needs imo

Brother:   MIN YOONGI. Yoong might seems to be an ignorant person outside but he'd make a really sweet bother who protects his sister and lectures her on his point of view of life and current issues. I'd be great to hear him opening up on his problems and what he thinks of them. I'd love to get nagged by him on my lazy habits (when he's lazy himself) and recieve blunt criticisms on my fashion sense too lol and yes, i'd be buying him coffee and we'd go out on a shopping spree every weekend. 

Little Brother: KIM TAEHYUNG. I just really want to pat this grown up man on the head whenever he'd open up to me abt his bad experience in school. I'd love to see him struggling on things i ask him to do and make him give me massages while he'd be putting that puppy-like pout. He'd nag at me that i'm a bad sister and threaten me to tell mum that i failed his pc game. 

Crush:  JEON JUNGKOOK. Kook seems like someone who doesn't really care abt the girls around him lol. And this always happened to me and my crush(es) My crush always happened to be someone really cool abt his surrounding, someone really attractive and irresistible but at the same time he'd always seems and be untouchable. Kook'd be someone who i'd be head over heels on from afar but literally neglect each other when we're close .

Best friend:  PARK JIMIN. He's the one who showed me the most of ideal bestfriend material. He'd take care of me and would always be by my side to hear my stories. He'd seem to be a really quiet and shy person outside but it'd be 100% different when we're together. I'd love to playfully punch him in the stomach and arms as he'd reply me with ruffling my hair and tell me "Try again, it didn't hurt me a bit". He'd be throwing me his jokes and supposedly killing aegyo acts but since i'm close to him, i'd be mocking him on that instead.

Classmate:  JUNG HOSEOK. For some reasons i think we'd be a really good classmates pair. We'd work things together and help each other out with studies. And the highlight of our friendship : study group :"D . I'd love to see him as the dance club president too and he'd teach me some moves and give me special treatment since I'm his classmates OwO


Wow my imagination went wild someone help my soul

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32 minutes ago, Mongmungi said:

i used to do this thing a year ago, i even had a special book for this game LOLOLOL

* is super curious as to what you even wrote in that book, but won't ask any further*


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