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RM’s Weverse Post
Trans by: @bangtan_base
What could ‘time’ really be?  
Even if things always seem to be coming and going like this and like that, in a calm serene way, it feels as if I’m looking at a rock on some beach that has changed one day. If it is short, then it’s short….(and) if it’s long then it’s really long. It has been exactly 10 years since I’ve moved to the dorm in nonhyeondong* in the summer of 2010 in Seoul. It really feels like I’ve become a citizen of Seoul now.  
Due to the nature of BTS’ situation, I had thought we witnessed the images of our past and present really really often but looking at our debut photos, one by one, that were uploaded today, it was strange and unfamiliar because it absolutely isn’t the person I knew of from before. Just like Gestalt..  
 As I debuted as foil-perm Rap Monster, I was so strong/fierce by nature, I never considered changing as much as I have today.  
I noticed, that for some reason, a person from a different time period was standing there, silently smiling at me. 
Hm..I smiled/laughed quite a lot today as well while practicing choreography with my friends. I even thought about the letter, which was full of passion, saying that I will definitely make others proud immediately after debuting.  
“Dates” are.. I think that anniversaries are becoming a special milestone in an otherwise boring life.  
It’s a really amazing thing that our spirits are raised just with a number. 

Can breathe a little for the first time  
It’s a relief that we were able to run to this point together in good health and smiling faces. I am able to pull myself together as I look next to me and see my friends who have become much cooler. Those few hot things that I can’t seem to grasp...the things that I’m not able to explain, still rise up in the same way even after 7 years have passed. I do miss those times, the times that won’t come back…but even so, I was happy because that was then, and again, I am happy because this is now. I’m a bit embarrassed because there are some photo’s (of me) that weren’t so refined and were pasted here and there, but even so, the me of yesterday is surely the me of today! I’ve come to the idea that I want to see my graduation album from long ago. (Although, in reality, I may regret it upon seeing it..)  
I was thinking while watching the many news reports that were flooding in today as well. What could be different compared to the world 7 or even 10 years ago? What have I been doing since then? The empty outcries, meaningless gestures..but the hot/warm love around the world that did not leave it as such. In my heart that has always been filled with helplessness, I am concerned about the things I can do the things I can’t do. I, once again, am living the 7th year like this. Thank you for letting me live and thank you so much for not letting me give up until the end. Just as I’ve been shouting out for 7 years, I will work just as hard. Immediately starting when we do BANGBANGCON tomorrow!
Still, as always, I’m hoping that my love is conveyed.  
I love you more than love. ARMY
-    Namjoon

🐿: 💜💜💜💜




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