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yes i still haven't given up. spread the word.


Some of our forum applications have finally updated to match the latest versions of IPS so I can finally update the Marketplace with new (and old) item additions. (Please remember these are just fun little enrichments for members using the site and not real items, don't accuse me of scamming you, thank you). BTS Signatures, Korean Albums, US Singles, and Solo/Mixtape/Other Releases have been posted in the shop. I'll be working on adding Japanese albums and some kind of BT21 inclusion over the next couple days. If you have any item suggestions or spotted something I forgot in the current categories, let me know! And you can see what the non-forum usage related items look like displayed on posts if you look to the left of the page under my avatar and info. 

Have a good holiday (if you're in the US) weekend!

-admin jin

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