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Q: How do I edit my profile?

A: From the drop down menu in the top right corner, click on your Profile. Then click the Edit Profile button (located on your cover photo).




Here you have the options of entering your birthday and enabling status updates, filling your About Me section, and entering a location and your bias.
To upload a cover photo for your profile, click ‘Upload Photo’ from the Cover Photo drop down menu. 


(A horizontally wide photo, something around 1210 px, would be your best result.)


Q: How do I upload a display picture?

A: On your profile, click the Profile Photo button. Upload your picture, then click save. Resize the picture how you would like it to fit, then click save again.


0BehNTg.png  TKpEeEd.png  8s1LpMO.png

Q: How do I edit my signature?

A: From the drop down menu in the top right, go to Account Settings. From the Settings Menu, click Signature. You can edit your signature here and enable/disable viewing other signatures too.




Q: How do I follow something/someone?

A: You can follow topics, forums, events and calendars by clicking the Follow button located on the right. You can follow members by clicking the 'Follow Member' button located on their profile. 


Q: How do I receive notifications? 

A: When you follow topics or anything else, you can set the type of notification you would like to receive and set your following to be either public or anonymous

You can edit your Notification Settings by clicking the Notifications bell in the top right and clicking 'Notification Settings'. 




To edit notification settings for something specific you follow,  click 'Manage Followed Content' from the top right drop down menu.

Click on 'Change Preference' to edit how you would like to receive the notification. 



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Q: How do I post a thread?

A: There are two ways to create a topic/thread.

Option 1:



Select the forum section your thread/topic belongs in.




Option 2:


Go into the forum section your thread/topic would belong in.








Q: What section does my thread go in?

A: Most of the sections are pretty self-explanatory, but here are guidelines on what to post in the General BTS section and here are guidelines on what to post General Fan Talk section since these two might confuse you. If you're still unsure where to post your thread you can ask in the Inquiries thread what section it would best belong in.

Q: How do I post a comment?

A: Go into any thread (that isn't locked by a staff member) and there will be a small text box at the bottom of the thread that says "Reply to Topic." Click on that and the text editor box will appear. Put your comment in there and then click "submit reply."

Q: What do the buttons on the text editor do?

A: See the spoiler below.



Q: How do I embed content (i.e., twitter/instagram posts, images, videos)?

A: Majority of the content will automatically embed. Simply post the link to the social media post, video, or image and it will automatically show up. 


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Q: What are "awards"?

A: "Awards" are the images underneath your post counts. On this forum, awards are made from BTS' different comeback eras and they also include BTS OTPs. To learn a bit more about awards you can check out the Awards Guidelines.


Q: How do I earn awards?

A: You earn awards based on your post count. You can earn your first award after you make 50 posts.

Please keep in mind that posts in the Games section do not add to your post count.

Q: Where do I request awards?

A: The Awards Request Thread. Please be sure to read the main post before you make your request.  


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Q: What is The Armory?

A: The Armory is Bangtan Base's virtual shop where you can purchase items to enhance your experience on the forum.

Q: What are Bombs?

A: Bombs are the virtual currency on the forum.

Q: How do I earn bombs?

A: Through forum events and games.

Q: How do I buy items from the Armory?

A: You can purchase shop items with the bombs currency. 

Read more here: The Armory Thread & The Bomb Thread


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