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11 hours ago, Maphisto40 said:

Well....shit. :sipstea:

LOL when a correction actually sends them higher on the list. Such power.


7 hours ago, Maphisto40 said:


More dolls? Is it going to compete with BT21? Haha. Well, I won't buy them ever, but looking forward to the design.

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So cute. People caught Paul Kim's Instagram story showing that he's listening to many BTS songs lol playing like crazy at an award show really has its advantages!


Everyone is saying "comeback is near!!!" and here I am feeling a bit nervous about it lol.

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Yoongi hanging out with Epik High again.  :ppapv:

This was posted on the restaurant's Instagram


A moment of glory for Luka's manager

Epik High and BTS' Suga

You gave me a thumbs up to say it was delicious

Thank you


Edited by Maphisto40

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28 minutes ago, Flame said:

290 weeks :Koya: How is that even possible!

I mean, if you look at Gaon's year end top 100 sales chart, every single BTS album is on it. This has been happening pretty much the whole time. As new fans discover Bangtan, they end up buying their old albums because they have such a fantastic discography.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have not seen that happen with anyone else.

Rank               Album                 Total Sales in 2018

1   LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer   2,197,808

2   LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear        1,849,537

11  LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her       333,420

33  화양연화 Young Forever     129,819

34  WINGS                               129,787


57  화양연화 pt.2                     80,100

58  Skool Luv Affair                 77,291

59  화양연화 pt.1                    72,472

67  Dark & Wild                       65,537

82  O! RUL8 ,2?                       52,203

85  2 Cool 4 Skool                   51,296

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