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"I thought I was alone but I’ve learned that we're ARMY. No longer barefoot, wearing shoes called Bangtan"

BTS Trans Projects Twitter [Organizer]

With Wings tour right around the corner keep updated on any Fan Projects being put into motion.

The more support, the easier it will be to make them happen.

There's still time to donate, participate (enter in raffle), volunteer, or share your own fan project idea!

They have reached their donation goal but more money means more banners!

Currently, here is a list of all gathered info on Wings tour 2017 fan projects

Don't have any ARMY bomb? Get it here 

[There is also an official fan light stick that you can order for 5 dollars, when I find the link I'll update this post]

BTS_Projects twitter [Organizer]

Basic Info:


Are you ready for Wings tour? Let's give back to our boys and show them some love.

Secret Round 8: 589139ebcae9d_Screenshot(120).jpg.4c0c8087c33479a8a7727e29230d97ec.jpg Say "Destruction" for 2 bonus points

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