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How I became an Army


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BTS found me when me and my family where living with are grandfather around the time DOPE came out and I've been a fan every since that day. It's true what they say about BTS finding you when you need them the most. At the moment there helping me through a tough financial and life crisis that we are all facing we are living in a metal garden shed on my grandfather's land it's me my mother and my aunt with all of are dog's. My aunt recently had her leg aputated and is unable to work for the time being. I've sent in over 400 job applications and no luck yet we didn't have WiFi until this very weekend and we don't have a car. BTS has been a big help listening to there songs helps to give me hope we will get out of this situation we are in we need the generosity of a few good people to give us the $5,000 dollars we need the buy a car and move in to the house we want to rent. Yoongi music in particular is very cathartic for me. 

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