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Found 13 results

  1. Hi hai hai.. Guys... I'm new memberr....
  2. Hello there I'm new here and I wanted to join this place BECUASE I think it is fun and I like forums. BTS is actually one of my Ults. My pronouns are she/her (questioning) and I'm bi Reasons why you should like me/be my friend 1. I'm cool 2. Got nice bone structure 3. I'm a multi Stan 4. I like anime 5. I have seven other siblings 6. BECUASE I TO,D YOU TO 7. You can always pm me for some fun times 8. My name 😏😏😏😏😏 I just really want to make some friends on here and have a fun time I L
  3. Hello ARMY! I'm new here so I thought I'd introduce myself. πŸ’œ I'm 15. I became ARMY in December of 2017. I'm OT7 obviously. πŸ’œ My bias is Namjoon and my bias wreaker is Jimin πŸ’œ My favorite BTS songs are Hip Hop Phile, Mic Drop, and No More Dream. πŸ’œ I like doing dance covers and making edits. πŸ’œ Please be nice to me πŸ™‚
  4. Hello Bbase! Um...I forgot to intorduce myself when the website got back up but I'm Lil_Mochi! I'm from the USA. My bias is Jimin and the rapper line, my bias wreckers are the rest of the vocal line. Um....I'm a weeb and a band geek sooooo yeah! I hope everyone has an amazing day/night!
  5. Hello! I’m a new member of the ARMY. I discovered BTS about a month ago. I really hope this place is still active.... I dunno what else to say, I wrote myself a bio and everything. My bias is Jungkook, can’t really say I have a bias wrecker.
  6. Hello! Call me Ari! I've been a fan of BTS since 2013. My bias is Seokjin with Namjoon as the bias wrecker. My favorite eras are HYYH and WINGS. I decided to go back old school and check out if there are BTS forums and I remembered you guys. I never joined until now. (I see you guys are revamping, super fun for new upgrades!) I also do edits/graphics of BTS for fun. Been doing so since the beginning. Nice to meet you all! I hope to be active here and share some fun works when life allows me! πŸ’œ
  7. hey! im so glad to be here after a bunch of years. i remember using this site in the 6th grade. so much time has passed. did this site get shut down? i see that there are barely any members. this used to be a really popular site. anyways i should introduce myself. im juno! ive been a army since 2016. my bias is yoongi. wrecker is jin! any pronouns are fine. hmm i like bread my mbti type is INTP! i like animanga,multistan my favorite bts songs r attack on bangtan,rain, and tomorrow im really glad to be here. hope we have a fun time πŸ™‚ also if you go out
  8. Annyeong! I'm a new staff here and so glad that I become part of the team. I'm not that familiar of how this works but hoping that we can work together and know each other better. I've been an army since 2015 and I'm so glad that we're getting bigger now. Hope everyone have a good day and stay safe. Anyway my bias is V and my bisas wrecker? The remaining 6 members. Bangtan will always be my greatest euphoria. Let's all work together to support and love bts. They truly deserve everything. Love you all fam😘
  9. *Windshield wiper laugh* Hello My name is Liz, I am a new member here. But I guess we all are? Am I right in assuming this site is fairly new? However I am so excited to have found a forum because I am one of those older fans (in age) that used to hang around forums all the time and talk all day long back in the days. Hopefully we can all help each other make this forum active and a fun place to hang around. My bias is Jin but I love everyone in BTS. Still gotta give it to the world wide handsome that made me interested in them in the first place. It was when I came by the Blood
  10. hi everyone! my name's Lia, i'm a new member, i'm Italian and i'm an ARMY since 2016, but i used to listen to bts' music since 2013. nice to meet you ^^
  11. Hi! I'm spanish and I know about BTS since 2017 (my first MV was Blood Sweat and Tears), but I wasn't really into it until this very year. So we can say that quarantine made me a fan :'D In this hard times I found that BTS made me happy and helped me, and I had de need to share this with other people. But I couldn't find any spanish forum so here I am. I'm studying really hard to become a teacher, so I won't be as active here as I would like (This could be my longest post). Thanks for the space anyways ❀️ As for BTS, my bias even since 2017 is Jimin. But H-Jope could be my bias wrecker
  12. Hello!! I'm new here in this site πŸ˜… I want to be friends to armys around the globe. I am an ARMY since July 2014 πŸ’œ because of my friend who loves BTS. She introduced them to me first, then she wanted me to dance the "Wae nae mameul heundeuneun geonde" part of Boy in Luv πŸ˜… so, that's why I was hooked in this fandom hihi. Thank you.
  13. ...but very glad to be back. Call me Xander. I'm mostly a Filipino pop fan (my absolute favorite being SB19), but I like BTS too. My biases are Jimin, Taehyung, and, most recently, Namjoon. Things I like in general are Josh Dela Cruz, Blue's Clues & You, reading, writing fanfiction and poetry, drawing, and gaming.
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