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  1. There's a few other lips threads for the other members so I thought one for Jin was needed. x
  2. more info on Burn The Stage confirmed as a yourubered original documentary series
  3. BTS Wins Best Boy Band + Army Wins Best Fan Army At The iHeartRadio Music Awards By DY_Kim | March 11, 2018 BTS has won big at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards! On March 11 at 5 p.m. PT, the awards ceremony was held at The Forum in Inglewood, California. BTS was unable to attend due to their busy schedules. However, it was revealed during the show that BTS won Best Boy Band. The group expressed their gratitude through a video message, with RM commenting, “This is the award our BTS Army literally made happen.” J-Hope also said in Korean, “We really thank you and love you.” Not only did BTS take Best Boy Band, but their fandom Army also won the Best Fan Army award. BTS congratulated their fans through a video message, with RM commenting, “You deserve every bit of this award.” He added, “We are always overwhelmed by your support around-the-clock and all around the world. This award signifies passion and devotion of BTS Army. You’re the best Army in the world!” Congratulations to BTS and Army!
  4. Will edit with translations once there is one.
  5. BTS' Wings Tour T-Shirts Headed for Hot Topic (source) 3/8/2018 by Tamar Herman The previously-sold out merchandise kicks off a new relationship between the K-pop boy band and the retailer. Stateside fans of BTS will be able to get there hands on some previously sold-out concert merchandise at Hot Topic soon, according to the retailer. The official souvenir T-shirt from the Korean septet’s 2017 Wings Tour will go on sale in the near future, and marks the launch of a relationship between Hot Topic and BTS to bring band-related merchandise to the store. The T-shirts cost $32 and feature imagery related to the Wings Tour and the Wings album. They will be available at nearly 700 Hot Topic stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as online. BTS Earns Highest-Charting & First Top 40 Hot 100 Hit for a K-Pop Group With 'MIC Drop' While immensely popular among American fans -- and the highest-charting K-pop group ever -- this is the first time BTS-oriented concert merchandise will be made easily accessible throughout the States, though their albums are available at some American retailers. The group's BT21 collaboration with Line Friends is also available stateside, though in far more limited quantities and only at a single store in New York City and in limited supplies online. Hot Topic currently hosts products featuring other Korean acts, including BIGBANG, Monsta X, GOT7, G-Dragon, Cosmic Girls, iKON, Epik High, SechsKies and BlackPink. See Hot Topic's social media posts teasing the new product launch below. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` I screamed when I saw this ya'll. Goodbye money.
  6. Okay, so I know that everyone is probably doing this, but I think that it's really important to embrace that it's Min Yoongi's birthday today! Though he is not my bias, I love him a lot and he'll always have a special place in my heart. I'm happy seeing him happy and I hope he's having a great day. I know that everyone is doing this and that I'm just another person sending him wishes, but the more the merrier, right? So, everyone enjoy this day! I love you all, each and every one of you! I'm here whenever you need me!
  7. Hello! With my friend I'm doing a project about BTS and their links to philosophy and art. I need some information on this subject. I have already found a book with a lot of information that I have used but it is still not enough. Hence my question - maybe someone read something about it and could recommend something? I will also accept all kinds of sources with theories and other stuff. That's why I ask my ARMY family for help. Thank you in advance for any help <3
  8. Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003015945 Translation: @leece Invited as performers to the American Music Awards, the first in Korea to win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, the fastest MV to hit 200 million views… What is the secret to success for BTS, a group who is writing history? On the episode of KBS 1TV ‘Good Insight Season 2’ airing on the 23rd, it will be a time to listen to the head of BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, producer Bang Sihyuk speak on the secret to BTS’s success and the future of K-Pop. Last November, the 2017 American Music Awards (AMAs) were held in LA. At this award ceremony, considered to be one of 3 major music award ceremonies in the US, a Korean song sounded out. Here, boy group BTS, 5 years after debut, were shoulder to shoulder with top world musicians, like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, among others. It was a miracle no one could have imagined; that day, BTS ranked no. 1 in the Google search rankings in the US, going beyond America and leaving an imprint worldwide. What could be the reason that these 7 young Korean men have grabbed hold of the whole world? Starting with the passionate cheers of their American fans at LAX (LA airport) to the international media interviews and broadcasts scheduled back to back to their rehearsals for their American Music Award performance, without time to spare, coverage, not shown anywhere else, of BTS’s schedules during their historical visit to the US, will be exclusively revealed on ‘Good Insight.’ Echo Bar Studios in LA, visited by the ‘Good Insight’ news team; a place where Worldwide stars like Ne-Yo and Usher recorded albums and also where BTS’s 1st full album was born. What image of early BTS does studio head, Eric Reichers, who assisted during their album recording, remember? “If it wasn’t the best, they weren’t satisfied. They worked hard until they thought ‘it’s perfect.’ Believing that, with sincerity and patience, success will follow, they had invested time and effort,” said Eric Reichers. World stars BTS, that the whole world acknowledges however, only 5 years ago, they were just seven ordinary young boys. Overflowing with talent and dreams, they faced the frustrations of reality head on to come into their own and fans around the world strongly indentified with them. Called self-learning-type idols, BTS members confessed their personal dreams and goals in front of the ‘Good Insight’ cameras. Their honest interviews will be revealed. According to Suga, “I think the fact that we tell our own stories with our own voices is the first reason that our fans develop a sense of empathy with us.” Jungkook revealed, “Our ultimate goal is to, someday, complete an album full of songs self-written and self-produced [by all of us] with our own hands.” Charming visuals, shocking stage performances, music videos perfected to a high degree, music that reflects global trends; how can BTS’s music, that insists on Korean lyrics, transcend language and become popular worldwide? Charms revealed by the BTS team, composer/producer Pdogg, music video/art director Lumpens, knife-like choreography performance director Son Seungduk, will also be introduced. ‘Good Insight Season 2’ will air on the 23rd at 9:40pm.
  9. F A Q T U T O R I A L Credits: BTSonShazam
  10. Hello! I recently visited America and really loved it out there! My friends from America took me to a lot of place, but the first place they showed me was a small town called "Little Tokyo" It was really cute there, and had a lot of Japanese cultural things there, they showed me a store called "Maneki Neko" It had a lot of things in that store. I bought squishies, stuff animals, and much more. But near the back of the store they had BTS Posters! There only 2.99 each, and I ended up getting a bunch. The posters were high quality, and gorgeous! They had photo cards, key chains, backpacks, pillows, and a blanket of them! That corner of the store was flipping heaven!! Japanese Translation! こんにちは! 私は最近、アメリカを訪問し、本当にそこにそれを愛した! アメリカの友達は私をたくさんの場所に連れて行ってくれましたが、彼らが私に示した最初の場所は「リトル東京」という小さな町でした そこには本当に可愛かったし、そこに日本の文化的なものがたくさんあったので、彼らは私に「招き猫」という店を見せてくれました。 私は多くのものを買って、動物、軽食、および多くのもの。 しかし、彼らは BTS のポスターを持っていた店の背面付近! そこだけ ¥321.10 それぞれ、私は束を取得してしまった。 ポスターは、高品質であり、ゴージャス! 彼らはフォトカード、キーホルダー、バックパック、枕、それらの毛布を持っていました! 店のそのコーナーが天国になった!
  11. Without a doubt V is my bias wrecker. But I am 100% loyal. 間違いなく V は私のバイアスレッカーです。 しかし、私は 100% 忠実です。
  12. My fav bts funny moments is Jin's Dad joke abot Dipsy and La la...i dont know why but he make me laugh!!
  13. I personally like Koya and Tata. Because RM is my bias but I think Taehyung is my bias wrecker. (I'm loyal, I promise!) Koya is accurately relatable to the bone, first of all, all he does is sleep! Tell me that is not the most relatable character out of group. He's really cute, and koalas are interesting, I could literally watch koala videos non stop. Tata is such a cutie, when Taehyung was designing his, I immediately said "Aww." Something about Tata is just, to cute about him.
  14. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I just want to see everyone's thoughts on their first time seeing a BTS MV Because oh boy, when I got into BTS during their DARK AND WILD album. My weave was officially snatched. Seeing them grow up over the years made me so proud of them, and love them even more. Any way, I would love to see all of your opinions in the comments ♥ 私はこの質問が以前に尋ねられていると確信していますが、私はみんなBTS MVを見て初めてのみんなの考えを見たいと思っています ああ男の子だから、私は BTS の暗いと野生のアルバムに入ったとき。私の織りは、正式に強奪された。 長年にわたり成長しているのを見て、私は彼らを非常に誇りに思い、もっと愛しました。 私はコメントであなたの意見のすべてを見るのが大好きだ♥
  15. My bias ranking: 1.Jimin 2.Jungkook 3.V 4.Jin 5.Rapmon 6.Sugar 7.Jhope
  16. Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=103&oid=025&aid=0002795148 Translation by me Video: http://tv.naver.com/v/2654377 [Translation of video in spoiler] "These boys, like their song, really did work hard while spilling their blood, sweat and tears~ I'm so happy that everything turned out well." There is a person that the BTS members (RM·Suga·Jin·J-hope·Jimin·V·Junkook) call "auntie." She is Ms. Kang Sun-ja, who operates 'Yoojung Sikdang,' which specializes in Grilled Black Pork Belly, in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu ward of Seoul. Ms. Kang, who has watched the members from their trainee days, has said that BTS's growth into worldwide stars felt exceptionally special. Reminiscing about BTS, whom she always believed would do well but could have never imagined their [current] level of success, Ms. Kang said "They really worked hard. I'm so happy that they are doing well" with a twinkle. In the past, Yoojung Sikdang was introduced as a restaurant frequented by the members on their real variety program [Rookie King]. In 2013, freshly debuted BTS would describe it as "a place to go when you're missing your mom's home cooked meal." To the boys, who had to leave their hometowns and live apart from their parents for a long time, Ms. Kang's food was, most likely, not just simply "restaurant food." 5 years later, it has become a place for ARMY (fans of BTS) to find a trace of BTS. Everyday, the restaurant is full of fans who come from all over the world to eat the "BTS Special." The interior is filled with BTS memorabilia, sincerely decorated by fans wishing BTS well. While BTS can't come often like they once did, they still come every once in awhile, despite their busy schedule. The members even have their own seats. Their practice room was in the basement of the same building and they always sat down in the same order, as if they were reserved. Ms. Kang can still remember clearly, the members of BTS sharing their hopes and dreams in this place. With a thankful heart, Ms. Kang relayed "I've received so much more from the members than I was able to give." The following is a Q & A with Ms. Kang. Q: How long have you known the members? A: It's been around 7 years since I've known them. Whether it's now or then, they always tried their best. The seven of them took care of each other well and their friendship was great. When they would come hang out after practice, they would eat really deliciously. Q: BTS's success must feel extra special to you? A: I can't even describe with words how happy I am. The boys have experienced many hardships. They really tried hard, spilling their blood-sweat (t/n: Korea's version of the phrase "Blood, Sweat, Tears"). Every time I cooked them a meal, I did so with my heart wishing, "Please let them eat this food and do well." Because they have proved that if you put in the effort, you will surely be repaid, it feels great. Q: As "BTS" becomes famous, fans from all over the world have come to visit. A: I am so thankful. Because they have come for BTS, I try to treat the fans well. Q: Do the members of BTS still visit? A: They came very often while they were trainees. Now days, they are so busy that it's hard to see their faces but their managers will sometimes come and bring them take-out. Q: Do you have any words for BTS? A: I am receiving exponentially more love than I was able to give [to you]. I don't know how to convey my gratefulness. I am sincerely thankful and happy. I wish for the members to always be healthy. I love you. Congratulations on your recent daesang!
  17. Our dear RM gave us a hint for their next album which is that it is going to be explorations of darkness and loneliness I had enough of their bright concepts I need 'I Need U Pt.2' SOMBRE IS FINALLY MAKING A COMEBACK !!!
  18. BTS "TOPICS THAT WE ADDRESSED THROUGH MUSIC; HOPED WE COULD WORRY/THINK ABOUT TOGETHER"② source: http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/2018/01/27/0200000000AKR20180127003600005.HTML?input=1195m Intro translated by u/diminie from r/bangtan and Q&A portion translated by @leece ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If one had to choose one particular thing that makes ‘the BTS class’ something different, the answer would be music that they themselves create. They reveal what their contemporaries lack and worry and comfort them with sympathy. Their tone is sometimes mature like an older person’s and sometimes straightforward like a friend’s. To the youth hoping the tomorrow would be different from today, they say ‘we were idols from small company with nothing special that used to be cut from broadcast, and there is despair where there is hope (Sea)’. They cheer them up by saying ‘stop trying too hard, it’s okay to lose (Fire)’. And they shout out loud, full of spirit, ‘break the glass ceiling that traps you (Not Today)’. They also talk about the problem of educational system characterized by excessive competition for entrance exams, sampo generation that suffers from tough reality, passion pay, and spoon class theory, all of which are distanced from typical idol music. The words in their lyrics such as ‘YOLO’ and ‘tangjin jam’ also reflect social phenomena, making them easier to be absorbed by listeners. ‘Who made us a study machine? / We are labeled as a failure if we are not the best (N.O), ‘I like beef jerky*' so let me be the generation that gives up 6 things** / The media and adults say we don’t have will, condemning us like stocks***(Dope), ‘We get passion-paid at part-time jobs, …, this isn’t normal (Baepsae)’, and so on. *: (diminie note: beef jerky is 육포, pronounced as yook-po) **: (diminie note: 육포세대 is a variation of 삼포세대 (sampo generation above), and 육포 here is an abbreviation of giving up six things as 육 is six and 포 comes from 포기하다, which means give up). ***: (diminie note: it’s a wordplay as 매도하다has two meanings: (1) condemn and (2) sell (stocks)) Until they made that ‘difference’, they had constantly releasing unofficial tracks on soundcloud for the past 5 years, learning the joy of creating and deepening the meaning of lyrics. Sometimes they got inspirations from literature. Having that as a stepping stone, they have brought up ‘issues’ by releasing the school trilogy and youth series with a solid storytelling. And in the album they released last year, LOVE YOURSELF – HER, they suggested that we look for ways to love oneself together. BTS, who we interviewed recently in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, emphasized that they want to open up a discussion of how one can be happy and love himself or herself and that they wish many people can altogether reflect on this.. RM, the leader, talked about the message they want to carry in the next album. “We want to find our own conclusion from ‘Love Yourself’ and we want to get closer to the way of self-loving while being faithful to the sentiment.” -- Over the course of 5 years, you’ve released a large number of unofficial music via Soundcloud, your “consistency’ seems to differentiate you from some other idols. Suga: Consistency is fascinating. There wasn’t a specific plan, it’s that we like music and releasing it was fun. In that way, you can understand our unofficial releases. If a producer were to work on it commercially, it really wouldn’t make any sense. We heard ’Why is this being released?’ a lot but there’s only one reason, because it’s so fun. Making it, releasing it, then receiving feedback, while sometimes it’s difficult to express some messages and sincerity through [written text], we can express them through music. We’re a team that express ourselves often and they say we make good use of SNS but the unofficial releases are another method [of expression]. It’s not an easy choice to release [an album with] 10 tracks each of original music, we can only express it by saying, we do it because we want to. This type of process helps us when making our albums. I have a bit of a personal regret with unofficial tracks that were released awhile ago because they were from a time when I had many thoughts and angular corners (t/n: harsh, unsociable) but thanks to those tracks, it feels as though my sharp corners have been smoothed down. It was one of the turning points in my life, I think I’ve developed more, musically. -- Before the album about the Youth series, “Hwayangyeonhwa” came out, I heard you had many worries about your musical direction. Whether there was trial and error, through what process did you find your direction? RM: Even without considering entering Billboard charts and ranking on Melon, there are always musical trials and errors. If the trial and error of our past was “How can we appeal to the general public and our fans while protecting our identity?,” presently it’s wrestling with what title track should follow ‘DNA,’ now that there are many people listening [to our music]. As there was great tangible outcome through big and small trials and errors, the next title track will also go through countless trials and errors. Four years ago, our song ‘Danger’ entered Melon at 54 and ‘charted out’ in one day and didn’t return; because we remember that time, we are deeply moved and we must continue to go through trials and errors, going forward. J-hope: While active as BTS, we are, also, studying. When I have a topic in mind, I worry a lot about how best to convey my own personal story. --If you take a look at all the albums you’ve released so far, the themes are all different but there is continuity in that they contain messages that your peers can relate to. In what way do the seven members collect their different thoughts? Suga: Our work process is for everyone to participate with one topic and beat. There needs to be some reference point in that situation so that the producers can ‘pick’ the best [ideas] to organize and refine it. We’ve always done things with clear reference points because we’ve talked a lot about ‘right and wrong.’ We’ve earned sympathy/relatability because we’ve started at a point where anyone could agree that ’No matter who see it, this is right or no matter who sees it, this is wrong.’ -- Are there any lyrics that you find satisfying every time you sing them? Suga: For me, ‘The dawn is the the darkest right before the sun rises’ from ‘Tomorrow’ is the line I like the most. I also wrote it effortlessly. Jungkook: From ‘Sea,’ there’s the line ‘Where there is hope, there is despair.' I don’t really know why but it really hit me. (‘Sea’ was a song written by RM, inspired by the sentence, “Where there’s hope, there’s a trial” from 1Q84.) RM: Of the lyrics I wrote most recently, I like ‘Best of Me.’ They are words written to our fans, ARMY; the line goes 'I wanted to be a kind/warm wave but why didn’t I realize you were the ocean?' I like it because it means that I thought, in my own way, I wanted to become a big help, like a kind wave, to our fans but in looking back, I realized that the fans were much larger [of a wave] than me and the ones that made me [who I am]. J-hope: I have exactly two. The first is from the song ‘2! 3!’: ‘… for being the flowers in our most beautiful moment in life (hwayangyeonhwa).’ [That line] is talking to our fans through lyrics but it’s pretty. With that meaning, whenever I sing [those lyrics] I really feel it. For us, our ‘hwayangyeonhwa’ was that through such a meaningful album, our fans became beautiful flowers. The second is the part that goes ‘I want to be young forever’ from ‘EPILOGUE: Young Forever;’ I think it’ll be a part I’m reminded of more as time goes by. Jimin: It’s all the lyrics of ‘EPILOGUE: Young Forever,’ in its entirety. It’s a song that caused us to cry a lot because it encapsulates all the thoughts we have as we’ve gone through our concerts. V: I like all of the lyrics that RM hyung has written. I like all of the lyrics in ‘EPILOGUE: Young Forever’ but if I had to pick just one line, it’s the part that goes ‘That I could make someone scream [with joy], 'I want to be young forever.’ Jin: From ‘2!3!’ it’s, ‘It’s ok, say one, two, three and forget it all.’ I’m an avoidant type of person[ality] so I forget all bad memories. I’m always striving to be happy in the present so those lyrics really hit me. To become happy now, I’ve lived thinking you have to forget all the bad memories. -- You’re in the middle of preparing your new album, what message are you thinking about conveying? Suga: Right now, it’s just a big picture so we’re not at a stage where we can talk about it. During the height of our tour last year [until now], what we talked about, amongst ourselves, was happiness. What is happiness and what should one do to attain it? I’m a person who doesn’t think one can become happier by just by trying to be happier but I think it’s necessary to make the effort to become happier. You have to study and research it. Since I was young, I’ve pondered a lot about what happiness is, what must one do to become happy. I don’t think anyone has ever taught it. I think if we address the topic, many people will [be able to] discuss it. RM: I, too, was fixated on the keyword: happiness, until the beginning of last year. However, while in Japan a little bit ago, I read a newspaper article that said human beings can never achieve the happiness that they want. That our DNA is wired that way so we can never attain that happiness. It said that while humans have achieved the Industrial Revolution, development of science and many other goals through ambition, when they achieve in one area, they feel deficient in another. I also felt like I’d be happy by becoming 1st place but I continue to have another goal. I was convinced by that article. So rather than happiness, let’s find our own conclusions from what we’re talking about currently with ‘Love Yourself.’ ‘Love Yourself’ means to find the process to loving yourself. My dream isn’t to be #1 on Billboard but to properly be able to love myself because even if I face my ugliness and shabbiness a few billion times, I don’t think I’ll [fully] reach it. Now that I’m fortunate enough to have met the concept of ‘Love Yourself,’ I want to stay true to the emotion and take, even if it’s just one, a step closer to loving myself more. There are many words that can be used in this topic, darkness, solitude, etc. -- Lyrics inspired by 1Q84 and Demian and even referencing the short story The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas in the ‘Spring Day’ M/V, what books are you reading right now? Suga: I’ve read many books recently. Like early adopters, I liked digital machines/technology however I’ve gone back to analog. I’ve gone back to writing and reading, like I did when I was young and I recently read Life Lessons by psychiatrist and author Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. I have several other of her books as well. I’m currently reading Banana Yoshimoto’s About Her (彼女について) RM: I saw it around the house so I’m reading Banana Yoshimoto’s Kitchen. J-Hope: I want to go back to the innocence of my childhood and reread the French novelist Jules Verne’s classic science fiction novels 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Around the World in 80 Days. These days, innocence of childhood brings peace of mind/relaxes me. V: The book I’ve been making an effort to read recently is Phillip Chesterfield’s Letters To His Son. -- As representatives at the forefront of K-pop, what do you think is the unique value of K-pop receiving love despite being in the Korean language? RM: K-pop is comprehensive art, like a ‘total art package.’ Music and music video, individual characteristics of the members, contents revealed through Youtube and SNS, fashion, etc; it’s a genre that has various elements of entertainment. It gives the public a friendly and varied things to enjoy. Fans identify with lyrics, meanwhile they look at daily videos and photos on Twitter and get to know our personalities and feel a sense of closeness. K-Pop has many ‘black holes’ into which you can fall through. Suga: It hasn’t been that long since the word K-Pop has existed so there is still too much for us to do in order to clearly say ‘K-Pop is like this.’ Like how the K-Pop category reappeared on Billboard, something seems to have started again but it’s to early to conclude anything yet.
  19. Expect ORIGINAL TRACK by STEVE AOKI & BTS in 2018 !!! I'm excited, are you?
  20. K-Hallyu: http://www.k-hallyu.info/2018/01/special-27th-seoul-music-awards-2018.html SKPBlive: 1️⃣ USTREAM: http://skpblive.com/2016/10/live-stream-ustream.html 2️⃣ Vaughnlive: http://skpblive.com/2016/10/live-stream-vaughnlive.html 3️⃣ OK.RU: http://skpblive.com/2016/10/live-stream-okru.html 4️⃣ WebTV: http://skpblive.com/2016/10/live-stream-webtv.html 5️⃣ OFFICIAL (Timeshift): http://skpblive.com/2016/10/live-stream-official.html 6️⃣ Facebook: http://skpblive.com/2016/10/live-stream-facebook.html
  21. I've been noticing that all of the members wear clothes from the Supreme clothing line. This brand is semi-popular at my school, and I actually like some of their options, but they're wayyyy overpriced. Anyways, I thought I'd create this just to compile all of the times I saw BTS wearing Supreme! Namjoon: Seokjin: Yoongi: Hoseok: Jimin: Taehyung: Jungkook: like this if u made it this far. Or just like it. Cuz it took me 2 hrs.
  22. t/n: For context, this article appears in a newspaper that is geared towards the GP in Korea, mostly skewing much older than the demographic that typically listens to idol music/ might not have any interest in pop culture at all. They're bringing attention to some BTS songs that might appeal to that demographic but may have been largely dismissed simply due to idol-bias. There’s a reason for BTS being a ‘Global Trend…’ You're saying these types of songs are considered idol music? Source: http://www.joongdo.co.kr/main/view.php?key=20180119010007828 Translation: @leece Five years after their debut, BTS, who couldn’t find a lot of love from the general public because of idol-bias, has experienced a miracle where outside of Korea, Asia, North America… the whole world has been colored by music only BTS can make. Challenging Korean pop music since pre debut with 100% real hip hop by putting out mixtape pre debut, they told stories from their own worlds [POV], stories that anyone regular person could relate to. In addition, with subjects such as dreams, happiness, self-love… continuously talking about problems in society, they’ve become artists that have captured students and youths (goes without saying) and even middle aged listeners, differentiating them from many other idols out there. The songs below will concretely spotlight how BTS, who has captured the current generation and has raised [Korean] national prestige abroad and become such global trends. 1. Pied Piper [LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’] A disco based synth funk song with the subject of “Pied Piper,” the song stands out for its lyrics that are honest/frank and full of individuality. With songwriter JINBO contributing to a global [sounding] melody, DJ SHAUN(of 'The Koxx') on guitar and Nahzam Sue (of Sultan of the Disco') on Talk Box, the beat and completeness of the song reaches a higher level. (MVs for musicians referenced above are in spoiler) 2. Save ME [HYYH: Young Forever] A song that stands out for the use of Tropical House (popular in the club scene worldwide) with a hint of Future Bass, combined with emotive vocals specific to BTS and a refreshing sound. With a lyrical melody as a base, the lyrics in the chorus section elicits an enormous amount of relatablity as it relays the feeling of restless youths stuck in a grim reality. 3. 21st Century Girl [WINGS] It is a powerful hip hop song that harks back to BTS’s early sound. It carries a positive message for all of us that live in the 21st century, that we are all people who are beautiful, precious and have the right to be loved. Due in part to each section carrying a different type of sound, the listener feels a sense of speed through the entire runtime.
  23. Hey guys! So today talking with some friends we realized that there are some songs that you dont know why, but it makes you think in someone And i was thinking it will be funny to try to make it with BTS members! It can be all tye of song and it can be really random too (Like mine lmao) just some song that the vibe its similar or a song you want them to sing or dance! I will put links since youtube videos will be too big and idk how to use spoilers propelly, someone help me ;-; JIN x The first time i heard this song i already know that i wanted a cover of this by Jin Im not even sure why, but i just find that this song will be really beautiful too with jins precious voice Ron Pope - A drop in the ocean SUGA x The old-school vibes just remainds me to suga's mixtape And i like the song and i like suga, its destiny (LOL) Nas - The World Is Yours RM X Whenever i see Namjoon, i just feel so calm and in peace, just like what this song makes me feel Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here J-HOPE x This song gives me a foolish funny vibe, as if you were having fun all day, and jhopes faces show up on my mind right away! DNCE - Good Day JIMIN x I just want a choreo of this song by him, REALLY HARD Sia - Elastic Heart V x Because the mythical cover he did, i cant heard this song without thinking of him Adele - Someone Like You JUNGKOOK Again, i just think it will be so beautiful if he covers this ;U; Ed Sheeran - Dive What songs make you think of them?