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  1. BTS Website | Japanese Website | YouTube (2) (3) Twitter (2) (3) | V Live | Fancafe | Instagram Weibo | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify | Blog
  2. Peachmon

    game This or That

    Answer the question and then leave a new "This or That" question for the next person to answer. I'll start with just a question. [It can be about BTS or anything you're curious about from fellow ARMYs] Hip Hop or Ballads?
  3. Real legends respect legends ❤️ thank you bantan boys pic.twitter.com/973MaSZaTF — 88rising (@88rising) June 19, 2018
  4. welcome to the BTS memes thread please post all of your dankest BTS memes in here twitter memes, tumblr memes, memes u just made shitposts and copypastas are also more than welcome. ⚠ THIS IS A DAB LOVING ZONE. ANY ANTI-DAB COMMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ⚠ WE SUPPORT KOOK, JIN, AND TAE'S DABBING DREAMS HERE 160625 DabCon NY never forget ************* I'll start with some of my faves iconic copypastas: some other excellent memes to use:
  5. Like all other kpop idols, BTS has had some terrible outfits. What are the things that horrified you the most? (Some examples LOL ) Jin Suga Jhope RM Jimin V Jungkook
  6. BTS charted in "Billboard 200" #14 and "Billboard Hot 100" #48 for 3 weeks in a row [180613 Osen Reporter: Kim Eun Ae] According to the latest chart released by Billboard on the 12th (US local time), BTS's third album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ and the title track 'FAKE LOVE' successfully charted on "Billboard 200" #14 and "Billboard Hot 100" #48 respectively for 3 weeks in a row. Along with BTS's album LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her', both albums are charted both on the Billboard album chart and single chart for 3 consecutive weeks, which is a first for Korean singer. In addition, the title song 'FAKE LOVE' entered the 38th place on the 'Mainstream Top 40 Pop Song' chart. 'Mainstream Top 40 Pop Song' is based on the amount of broadcast in 40 radio stations in the US collected in a week. On top of that, the album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ also ranks #1 on "World Album", #3 on "Independent Album", #7 on "Canadian Album", #8 on "Top Album Sales", and #22 on "Taste Maker Album". The title song FAKE LOVE also ranks #24 on "LyricFind Global", #30 on "Digital Song Sales" and #42 on "Billboard Canadian Hot 100". With their global popularity, BTS also spends their 78th week as #1 on the "Social 50" as well as #4 on "Artist 100" chart. Furthermore, BTS will also meet their fans at 8PM tonight for their fifth year debut anniversary "2018 BTS PROM PARTY - RE;VIEW & PRE;VIEW" at the Blue Square Eye Market Hall. [article source]
  7. BTS achieved Triple Crown on 'Inkigayo', "3 weeks of happiness thanks to ARMY" [180610 MKSport Reporter: Shin YeonGyeong] Group BTS has achieved Triple Crown on 'Inkigayo' with Fake Love. On SBS 'Inkigayo' which was broadcasted in the afternoon of the 10th, BTS held a performance full of youthful atmosphere. On this day, BTS (RM, Suga, Jin, J-hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook) creating a warm atmosphere with their blue jeans jacket look. Not only that, the performance was also spectacular with their sharp performance. BTS 'Fake Love' Triple Crown pictures=captured on 'Inkigayo' broadcast Especially J-hope who made them smile by looking at his sense of drawing heart on stage. On the other hand, BTS also achieved the Triple Crown by beating AOA and BOL4 for the number 1 spot. The members expressing their gratefulness to the fanclub, ARMY "We did not expect to get number 1 on the last day of broadcast". In addition, they said "We've been happy in the past 3 weeks because of ARMY" affectionately.
  8. [180611 DongaDotCom Reporter: Song Chi Hun] Group BTS wrapped up the official promotions of the new album, earning the first and the best records for the Korean singers. BTS finished the official promotion of the third full album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear' after SBS's Inkigayo on the 10th. On the 18th last month, BTS released LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear' earning the Top Social Artist for 2 years in a row on Billboard Music Awards in May 20th (US local time) as well as the world premier stage of their new album's title track, marking the beginning of their official activity for the new album. Especially, entered the US "Billboard 200" on #1 and "Billboard Hot 100" on #10 on the first week of promotion. The album sold 1,003,524 copies on the first week of release and reached 1,640,041 copies within 14 days (Hanteo Chart) and recorded as the highest monthly album sale in the history of Gaon Chart. In the overseas chart, the album entered UK's "Official Album Chart" as #8, #1 Top Album on iTunes chart in 65 countries including the US and UK, as well as Spotify's "Global Top 200" chart, proving their dignity as a global superstar. The music video had broken the record of the shortest time to reach 10M views within only 4 hours and 55 minutes, 20M views in only 8 hours 54 minutes, and 100M in 9 days only. As for the domestic comeback, they earned number 1 on music shows KBS2 "Music Bank", MBC "Show! Music Core", SBS "Inkigayo", Mnet "M!Countdown" and MBC Music "Show! Champion", a total of 12 wins. BTS will meet the fans to celebrate their fifth year debut anniversary "2018 BTS PROM PARTY - RE;VIEW & PRE;VIEW" on the 13th of June at Blue Square Market Hall. Following the 'LOVE YOURSELF' global tour which will be held in 11 cities on the second half of the year starting from Seoul to North America and Europe. [article source]
  9. Hiya Armies~ And welcome to the Who would you/Would you rather game BTS edition ! I will put the questions in spoiler. I already made a game like that in a TWICE forums, but this time it'll be a BTS edition. (So it's the same questions but some of them are modified. Credit: Unique, perfect, killing, extra emoticons by our @Rivelta ♥ (click on her username and follow her, she's awesome) Tagging friends: @Whalien, @SeokSeok, @Mongmungi, @Pokeybun, @KookieMochi, @Israa, @movietvdrama, @nouneedkookiesandtae, @fuckparkjimin, @nb_army, @Seoks-j, @YeongKook, @monimoni, @AuriaRose, @leanna, @yoko, and more... Hope you'll enjoy my game lol BEFORE WE START, PLEASE READ AND RESPECT THESE RULES. RULES: 1. Here's an example of the game: « Would you rather get a kiss from Jin or Jungkook ? » You have to choose Jin or Jungkook. 2. Don't choose "All of them" "/InsertANameHere/ and /InsertANameHere/" or "Both" please. 3. There will be 30 questions. Yes, it's a lot but it's really worth it Don't hesitate to play with your friends or your sisters / brothers who are also ARMYs. (but if you don't have an ARMY friend or family... play by your own...... it's okay..) 4. Do not be ashamed of your answers, that's your opinion and it's just a game. 5. Tag your friends ! 6. Do not pass questions please ! 7. Enjoy the game and good luck ! Some of the questions are not easy... Maybe I'll do a second one if I get more than 15 reputation. (Yes, it's a lot, because this game is really hard-working.) Take your time! DON'T FORGET THAT I LOVE YOU ARMY AND I'M SORRY IF I HURT YOUR FEELINGS WHILE DOING THIS GAME. *cries* Thanks for playing ! Make sure you haven't pass ANY of the questions. See ya maybe in the part 2 !
  10. [180613 Tenasia Reporter: Lee Eun Jin] BTS/Picture Source= BIGHIT Entertainment On the 12th (US local time), BTS appeared on the popular US talk show "The Late Late Show with James Corden or known as "James Corden Show"). This is the second appearance after the first one in December last year. "James Corden Show" is one of the most popular late-night show on CBS in the US, hosted by a popular broadcaster and comedian "James Corden". James Corden's opening ment prior to the performance "Listed by Times as 'One of the 25 most influential people on the internet' and multiplatinum selling K-pop boyband is here" following up with BTS's greetings from the waiting room while getting ready for the performance. Further introduced BTS as "The hottest boyband in the world". BTS's performance started after James Corden's introduction of the performance of their 3rd Album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ and title track 'FAKE LOVE'. BTS performed the title track 'FAKE LOVE' live in front of a lot of audience and fans. The audience sang along to the song and cheered for BTS. James Corden wrapped up the show by hugging BTS who had just finished their performance. [article source]
  11. Past Boy-group Sales Record TOP 10 (Period: 1992.03 ~ 2018.05) 1. Seo Taeji and the kids 2nd Album - 2.200.000 copies 2. Seo Taeji and the kids 4th Album - 2.000.000 copies 3. DJ DOC 3rd Album - 1.950.000 copies 4. god 3rd Album - 1.850.000 copies 5. god 4th Album - 1.730.000 copies 6. Seo Taeji and the kids 1st Album - 1.700.000 copies 7. BTS 5th Mini Album - 1.688.959 copies (as of 2018.05) 8. BTS 3rd Album - 1.664.041 copies (as of 2018.05) 8. Seo Taeji and the kids 3rd Album - 1.600.000 copies 9. H.O.T 2nd Album - 1.520.000 copies 10. Turbo 3rd Album - 1.400.000 copies +H.O.T 1st generation Sales Record (Period: 1996.09 ~ 2018.05) 1. god 3rd Album - 1.850.000 copies 2. god 4th Album - 1.730.000 copies 3. BTS 5th Mini Album - 1.688.959 copies (as of 2018.05) 4. BTS 3rd Album - 1.664.041 copies (as of 2018.05) 5. H.O.T 2nd Album - 1.520.000 copies 6. Turbo 3rd Album - 1.400.000 copies 7. H.O.T 4th Album - 1.380.000 copies 8. SechKies 3.5th Album - 1.260.000 copies 9. Turbo 2nd Album - 1.220.000 copies 10. H.O.T 3rd Album - 1.100.000 copies BTS music king & records *shivers* First group from small company / First group since the 2nd and 3rd generation / First for album released from 2010 ★ 5th Mini Album and 3rd Album sales volume record 0Gen-Idol (SeoTaeji and the kids~) - BTS records the 7th and 8th 1stGen-Idol (H.O.T~) - BTS records the 3rd and 4th 2ndGen-Idol (TVXQ~) - BTS records the 1st and 2nd 3rdGen-Idol (EXO~) - BTS records the 1st and 2nd *Following the 5th Mini Album, the 3rd Album exceeded 1.660.000 copies within the first month of release Single Album record by Jo SungMo's 3rd Album "Do You Know" & "Compassion" sold 1.705.127 copies exceeding 1.600.000 copies BTS broke the record of first month sales which was held by god 4th Album "Road" which sold 1.441.209 copies on the first month It's really great considering the "Digital Generation" now.. Post Response: [+173 ][-3] source ㅇㅇ 2018.06.08 12:03 [+23][-0] It's even more surprising that this records are made not yet a month after the album release *shivers* last year's album might overtake another one's sales.. 1.700.000 copies or might be 2.000.000 within the end of the year hahaha Bangtan is awesome! Everything they did become a record~ I don't even by the album and not even a fan but I listen to the song well. I'll support you in the future as well~ ㅇㅇ 2018.06.08 11:56 [+13][-0] So only group records and not solo singers? Kim Gunmo and Jo Sungmo should be there.
  12. If you could go on a date with a BTS member, who would you go with and where would you go/what would you do? I'd like to go bike riding and get ice cream with both Jungkook and or Taehyung! ;w; Let's all be delusional together guys~
  13. Intro: O!RUL8,2? - 100 N.O - 100 We On - 100 If I Ruled the World - 100 Coffee - 100 Cypher Pt.1 - 100 Attack On Bangtan - 100 Paldogangsan / Satoori Rap - 100 Outro: Luv in Skool - 100 ------- Intro: O!RUL8,2? - 100 N.O - 100 We On - 99 If I Ruled the World - 100 Coffee - 100 Cypher Pt.1 - 100 Attack On Bangtan - 100 Paldogangsan / Satoori Rap - 100 Outro: Luv in Skool - 100
  14. I ended up needing to reschedule this game for the party for now. It is okay if this ends up taking a little while to finish. I will give a few lines from all of the songs on the new album. These lyrics could be in English, Korean/Romanization, or a combination of both. If you think you know what it is, just make a guess. I will keep track of the points. Round 1: neol wihaeseoramyeon nan seulpeodo gippeun cheok hal suga isseosseo neol wihaeseoramyeon nan apado ganghan cheok hal suga isseosseo
  15. Spill the Tae! Reveal how to survive as an ARMY with unbelievbubbly sexy dance moves and Worldwide Handsomeness splattered in their genes, and yes, jams included when you join the Bangtan ARMY community! Spill your secrets, how you became a ARMY, experiences with BTS and any sneak peeks from concerts you went to and etc. Can't wait to hear your stories. I became a KPOP fan when my Vietnamese and Filipino friends streamed KPOP MVs on their phones and I got curious after they watched BTS's Blood, Sweat and Tears MV so I slowly became a BTS ARMY by watching guides and crack videos until I fell into the black hole with them and millions (billions soon~) of other ARMYS and KPOP fans. I'm never recovering from Fangirl Syndrome and KPOP disorder, but it's worth it! I also am going to my first BTS concert in September for their Oakland concert at the Oracle Arena with my cousins by myself. It's going to be scary, but IT WAS terrifiying when I tried getting tickets with a VISA gift card and failed, but my cousin got my back and got THREE P1 tickets for it, so I'll see you other ARMYS there as well if you're going~ tell me if you are going to the Oakland concert so we could hang out if we could before the concert~ <3 Imma be blasting FIRE and ANPANMAN dancing like the crazy lunatic I am so it'll be easy to find me, lol. <3
  16. satoori

    game Change a Letter

    I'll start with one word. The next person have to change one letter to make another word. Eliminating one letter or just adding one letter is fine too. However you're not allowed to rearrange the word. Example:Person 1: LatePerson 2: AtePerson 3: Mateand so on...__________ Base
  17. Music that conveys the messages of today’s generation: Worldwide communication thanks to ARMY [180604 SBS: Reporter Shim Wooseob] The seven young Korean boys that have captured America’s Billboard Charts have joined us here at the SBS News Centre. It’s BTS. (Hello, we are BTS.) Q. Welcome. Even a 40 year old uncle (like me) really enjoys the recent release of 'Fake Love. How do you feel about topping the albums chart? JK: When we first heard the news of coming in at #1, it didn’t feel like reality. Afterwards however, many people congratulated us and gave us positive feedback so it started to sink in. In future, we’ll continue to work hard to grow and mature befittingly to the title. Q. We heard that after your win at the Billboard Music Awards, you skipped the after-parties to spend time quietly between yourselves? JH: Actually, every time we have album promotions or come out triumphant at music awards shows, fans are the first ones we want to share the joy of winning with. Hence, through our live broadcasts, we enjoy our very own after-party with all of our fans. Q. How did you feel taking photos with so many global stars at the Billboard Music Awards? J: It’s our second year participating at the Billboards and it’s amazing, such an honour to have become close with some artists, as well as to have people we’ve only seen on TV or the internet come up to us first and ask to take pictures with us, or even to suggest to collaborate with us. Q. How does it feel to see videos (of people) overseas cheering for you and singing along, regardless of race or age? JM: When I see fans singing along, it feels like one of the happiest moments for me. I always feel that we must do our best and show everything we’ve got for the people who sing for us. Q. For foreign songs, you learned them by romanising into Hangeul while for your Korean lyrics, it seems that you’re making Hangeul more known by including their English meanings too? V: If you watch the videos, you’ll see that they’re all made by our ARMY. It really surprises me that through these videos, ARMY from all over the world can transcend language barriers and geographical boundaries to communicate effectively. This really makes us even happier. Q. When you look at BTS’ songs, isn’t there a lot of dialogue about socio-political issues? S: Not only are we interested in them, but while making music, we always wanted to share our stories and convey the many thoughts and messages of the current generation, the people living in this generation. We considered this our role and because many people showed an interest in us, they gave us much courage and strength. I often feel really happy, honoured and blessed to be able to do this sort of work. RM: No matter the topic, we always want to share it and talk about it through our music and performances. That’s why the series we’re currently working on is called ‘LOVE YOURSELF’. Because we wanted to share what it means to love oneself and what true love is, it would be a great honour if we’re able to express these points through our music and performances. Q. When you listen to 'Fake Love', Jimin’s singing part is quite high and the dance continues to take place at the same time so it (the song) must be quite difficult to perform. JM: Originally, it was difficult to learn the dance because the style was quite different from what we’d done previously. That’s why, even up until now, the performance is hard to digest (pull off) and if my throat isn’t in good condition, there would be many parts that would be quite difficult to successfully perform live. Q. Jin’s part also seems quite difficult. J: I’m in charge of the same parts as Jimin and it’s quite high so we’ve had occasions where we spoke to (Bang) PD-nim (about it). The main producer said that when we struggle most with the notes, our voices sound the best… so it feels like our voices and vocal ranges are getting higher and better as we progress. Q. I heard you guys holiday together once a year so is it still fun to do so now? What about when you hang out together? JK: No matter how you look at it, we’re always together so when we go on holidays, it seems like we play around all day but it’s not actually like that. We do lots of trivial things together too. We buy food to cook and eat together, we play games, we do lots of small things too, since we’re on vacation. Q. What if you weren’t singers? I often hear talk amongst members about what they would be if they weren’t celebrities or, in this case, BTS. What do you think? JM: When I was in 3rd year of middle school, I was conflicted about two potential pathways. I wanted to be both a policeman and a stage performer and in the end, I chose this path. However, if this wasn’t meant to be, then wouldn’t my desire to be a policeman have grown stronger….? V: My strongest desire was to become someone like my father. And because I dreamt of being a singer, I took up a musical instrument, the saxophone. I learnt it for 3 years and have since stopped for about 8 years, but wouldn’t I have become a saxophonist….? JH: In my case, I liked tennis during elementary school so if I hadn’t become an artist, I wonder if I would’ve become a tennis player. Tennis player Jeonghyun is really cool. Even his ceremony was cool. S: I originally entered the company as a producer so I would’ve been a producer or 8 o’clock news announcer/reporter. In that position, from that position, I would’ve watched over BTS…. Q. Please say a few words to your fans, ARMY. JK: I think so many things have happened, positive things, in order for us to have reached the position we are in now. V: It’s because of ARMY that we are the BTS we are today. If ARMY didn’t exist, the BTS of today also wouldn’t be in existence. J: I really want to say thank you for always being with us. RM: It would be good if you could trust that we’ll always protect the things that we consider of important value. JM: I’m always thinking that if it’s possible, I want to spend my whole lifetime making more memories together with everyone. S: It would be great if our existence can be a source of strength for one another for a very, very long time into the future. J: I definitely want to convey that I’m extremely thankful for you always being together with us. I love you. JH: Both when I lose or when I experience a beautiful moment like the blooming of a morning glory, I want it to be shared with you. Thank you. [article source] Despite how far they've come and how much they've achieved, they still remain the same humble, grateful and passionate individuals. At every single chance they get, they do their best to project a beautiful, loving and praise-worthy image of ARMY to the rest of the world, even when people insinuate or even express outright that they think ARMY are crazy or operate on some negative spectrum or other. Their passion for their craft and love for and dedication towards ARMY - and humanity in general - is truly inspiring so it's no wonder that they evoke the same sort of passion, love and dedication in legions of diverse people around the world. Like Tae's mentioned in a previous interview, I don't know how much farther up they can rise but if they can stay true to their core values and intentions (and I'm sure they will), I truly believe these boys can change society for the better. And not just society within Korea or America, but ultimately, the world. They're already changing the status quo within their homeland AND the mainstream Western music industry, who knows what's going to happen next? The only thing that we know for sure is that ARMY will be there with them every step of the way, through thick and thin, and hopefully in even larger masses in future, because these boys deserve to achieve every single one of their goals and dreams. And the world needs to hear, feel and experience everything they have to offer.
  18. '2018 BTS FESTA' Begins: Revealing the band version single of 'Spring Day' [180604 OSEN: Reporter Choi Nayoung] Group BTS will commemorate their 5th year since debut with fans through ‘FESTA’ activities. BTS kicked off their full-scale ‘2018 BTS FESTA’ festivities on June 4th (12am KST) by revealing their first surprise content via official SNS accounts. Through the reveal of the band version of their song Spring Day, from their Wings follow-up ‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone’ album released in February 2017, BTS showcase a different charm and feel to that of the original song. On the 1st of June, BTS revealed their ‘2018 BTS FESTA’ schedule of events, including an Opening Ceremony, BTS News, BTS Photo Collection, Choreography Video, Rehearsal Stage Cam and a Small Fortunes (?) List, amongst other various contents. At the outset of June every year, in the lead-up to their debut anniversary on the 13th, BTS hold their ‘FESTA’ – meaning festival – to release contents that the members have personally participated in creating. [article source]
  19. I recently came across a video on YouTube in which the creator overlaid the comedic parody song "Pop Song" on top of the Fake Love official MV. "Pop Song" is a joke song talking about the manipulation of young girls using attractive male performers in pop music that is so common in western pop music. The YouTuber who made the video is associating this sort of behavior with BTS and is using the MV footage without permission. The video can be found here: How Every Trending Pop Song Sounds Like To Me On Youtube
  20.  “Because of ARMY, We’ve Grown Wings”…BTS on Topping the Billboard 200 Chart [20180528 Sports Seoul: Reporter Shin Hyeyeon] Through their agency, group BTS expressed their thoughts in regards to news of becoming the first Korean artist to rank #1 on the American Billboard 200 Chart. On May 28th, BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment conveyed the group’s impressions on taking out the top spot on America’s Billboard 200 Chart. RM stated “There’s a lot that I meant to say but, ultimately, when I heard the news that we achieved #1 on the Billboard 200, it didn’t feel real. Today, the members plan to spend the day happily, and from tomorrow, we’ll resume focusing on work and our album promotions” and “I want to express huge thanks to every single ARMY from all over the world. I love you and we’ll become an even better BTS (in future).” Jin relayed “Thanks to everyone who’s been listening to our songs. Because of ARMY, we’re able to make music, and through your support, we were able to achieve #1 on the Billboard 200. Ranking #1 with a Korean album is a great honour and it would be great if more people gain an interest in Korean culture through BTS.” Suga said “I’ve expressed that we wanted to achieve #1 on the Billboard 200 but to have it actually happen is really such an honour. First and foremost, thanks must go to ARMY. We’ll repay you for this achievement by making even cooler music." “We’ve only dreamed of achieving #1 on the Billboard 200 main charts, so I’m very happy to be able to achieve it. It’s exciting to have our album rank higher than so many well-known global artists. For the fans who made the #1 position possible, I sincerely want to express my gratitude. To the members who’ve worked so hard, I want to celebrate this good news together,” J-Hope shared. Jimin added, “So many unbelievable events are happening one after the other. Having our comeback stage at the Billboard Music Awards is unimaginable, and I’m surprised and amazed that we manage to achieve #1 on the Billboard 200. More than anything, thank you to the fans who cheer us on and show us love, and to the members who’ve worked hard up until now, I also want to express my thanks.” V elaborated saying “Because of ARMY, it seems like we’ve grown wings and risen to achieve #1 on the Billboard 200. I really can’t predict how far we can rise up. Thank you very much and we’ll strive to become a BTS that ARMY can be proud of.” “It’s very meaningful for our full album to achieve #1 on the Billboard 200. From winning a Billboard Music Award to ranking on the charts, with each new achievement, we feel even more pressure but I’ll work even harder and move towards achieving even greater goals,” Jungkook closed out. Meanwhile, on the 27th (local US time), Billboard revealed through its column that BTS’ new album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ has topped the Billboard 200 chart in a first for any Korean artist. [article source] It's been so long since I last translated anything but I'm so proud of everything the boys have achieved so far with LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ and ARMY all know that this is just the beginning for our boys. Next stop: destination world domination! Hopefully I can get back into translating slightly more regularly from now on!
  21. Cypher•


    One more year with the greatest group
  22. Fake Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91hFxE9Yxmo Airplane pt2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Laq7-zUWv3E&amp;t=5s Anpanman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrZgY2xDZRA&amp;t=3s back stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W5VKPJ5X8c (BKS does not allow embed links i guess lol )
  23. The official thread for compiling and organizing translations of BTS Wings Concept Book. 1. THE BEGINNING 2. SHORT FILM 3. COMEBACK TRAILER 4. PHOTOGRAPHY 5. BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS 6. INTERVIEW Jin Suga J-Hope Rap Monster Jimin V/Taehyung Jungkook 7. THE WINGS TOUR IN SEOUL 8. ENDING PASSAGE extra: Handwritten lyrics: (Incomplete) Stigma by V/Taehyung
  24. My bias ranking: 1.Jimin 2.Jungkook 3.V 4.Jin 5.Rapmon 6.Sugar 7.Jhope
  25. Topic for discussion, links and news for the BBMAS Full list with performances and presenters: Performers: Kelly Clarkson (also hosting) Salt-N-Pepa featuring En Vogue Dua Lipa Jennifer Lopez John Legend Macklemore & Kesha Ariana Grande Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey Khalid & Normani Kordei Shawn Mendes & Khalid Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato BTS Camila Cabello & Pharrell Janet Jackson Presenters: Hailey Baldwin Tyra Banks Alison Brie The Chainsmokers Ciara Andy Cohen Simon Cowell Darren Criss Halsey T.I. Justin Hartley & Chrissy Metz Nick Jonas & Mustard Chloe Kim Mila Kunis Padma Lakshmi Des Linden Julia Michaels French Montana Ne-Yo, Derek Hough & Jenna Dewan Evan Ross & Ashlee Simpson Grace VanderWaal Rebel Wilson RED CARPET COUNTDOWN LINK FOR THE RED CARPET EVENT ON TWITTER AWARD COUNTDOWN Streaming links taken from r/bangtan AQStream (Mnet) NowWatchTVLive (NBC) TGO TV (NBC) K-Hallyu ArconaiTV (NBC) 123Stream (NBC) StreamLive (NBC) more links from twitter VLIVE x BTS @ BBMAs Music Awards