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  1. WHAT IS THIS http://comingsoon.ibighit.com/
  2. welcome to the BTS memes thread please post all of your dankest BTS memes in here twitter memes, tumblr memes, memes u just made shitposts and copypastas are also more than welcome. ⚠ THIS IS A DAB LOVING ZONE. ANY ANTI-DAB COMMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ⚠ WE SUPPORT KOOK, JIN, AND TAE'S DABBING DREAMS HERE 160625 DabCon NY never forget ************* I'll start with some of my faves iconic copypastas: some other excellent memes to use:
  3. BTS Website | Japanese Website | YouTube (2) (3) Twitter (2) (3) | V Live | Fancafe | Instagram Weibo | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify | Blog
  4. hi I saw these 3 videos of BTS Roasting haters on youtube. What do you guys think about BTS roasting haters? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  5. Like all other kpop idols, BTS has had some terrible outfits. What are the things that horrified you the most? (Some examples LOL ) Jin Suga Jhope RM Jimin V Jungkook
  6. Fans are beginning to hypothesize about BTS's junior group. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSd3d0KDBlg
  7. Hi everyone, Inspired from trending hashtag #ReasonsToLoveHoseok and this twitter thread I post this thread in BB to celebrate Jhope upcoming birthday. Valentine Day is a day to show love right? You can say one word, post pictures, gif, wall of text, anything you want. Let us show our love to our sunshine Hobi?? Let me start first #1-Jhope face radiate happiness and sometimes it is blinding as sun..Thats why his nickname is sunshine Hobi
  8. ACTIVE [Individual] TAETAE LAND (태태랜드) twitter | youtube Velicitas (벨리치타스) website| twitter | instagram VMABOY twitter | youtube | weibo Meant to V twitter To My Darling (투마이달링) twitter | youtube SPARKLING ICE twitter | instagram be ma bebe website | twitter VECEMBER twitter Winter Glow twitter EHEH V (김또또) website | twitter LUV STRUCK website | twitter | youtube At The Moment , All The Moment website | twitter NEED U, BABY website | twitter King of The Heart twitter DelightV website | twitter | youtube HARUHARU (하루하루) twitter | instagram Visual Shock (비주얼 쇼크) twitter VTAC (브이택) twitter Winter StrawVerry website | twitter | instagram READYMADE (레디메이드) twitter EHEH LOVE U (태태러브유) twitter V GUARDIAN website | twitter AWESOME TAETAE twitter | youtube MY LITTLE VALENTINE twitter Limelight website | twitter | youtube BLOOMING V twitter | instagram THE V twitter Man Of the Match website | twitter Vivid Black (비비드블랙) twitter VOSS twitter RENDEZ V twitter BECAUSE OF V website | twitter | instagram 태태야 twitter TEMPERATURE V website | twitter 컨트롤뷔 twitter SUMMER MAGIC twitter | instagramCHERRY BLOSSOM twitterBRING ME PEACE website | twitter | ask.fm ForeverForV twitter 부비부비 twitter | instagram The Most_V twitter | ask.fm Bonnie Butterfly website| twitter | youtube Veatrice twitter | master V THE VEST (뷔 더 베스트) website | twitter STEEZ V website | twitter V BE BIG website | twitter TIME TO LOVE 타임투러브 twitter | youtube Sweet Ocean twitter EL AMANECER (엘 아마네쎌) website | twitter LIKE A BUTTERFLY (나비처럼) twitter PRINCEV (프린스뷔) twitter December Boy twitter VIBRANT CLEF twitter TAETAE DAISY twitter SERENDIVITY (세렌디뷔티) twitter LOVE IT! twitter THE SCISSORS twitter Honey Jar twitter Baby, V twitter MYDEARTAETAE twitter VASCINATING V twitter Alexander V twitter VAMPIRE TAETAE twitter Taehyung Bear (태형베어) twitter LOVABLE V (러버블뷔) twitter Vodka twitter Venediction (베네딕션) twitter | ask.fm Trick or Treat twitter Twinkle Taetae twitter OnlyForTAETAE twitter Baidu V Bar twitter | weibo | baidu V SECOND (브이세컨드) twitter 태느님 twitter milkymilky twitter FairyTae twitter MIRacle_V website | twitter | youtube [V & Jungkook] Hello VK twitter 뷔태태꾹 twitter| youtube | instagram ByMySide_KookV twitter Bunny Kitty website | twitter Divine Treasure website | twitter | youtube [V & Suga] BOW WOW website| twitter PEIS twitter CaramelxVS twitter [V & Jimin] VeMine95 twitter YOU AND I (유앤아) twitter 5959 twitter | youtube 김꼬모 twitter ITSMEFANN twitter dodamdodam (도담도담) twitter MySweetFlutters twitter LUMANMAN95 twitter [V, Jimin & Jungkook] PISTACHIO twitter [OT7] BTSBPHKFC website| twitter | youtube MINGGA92 twitter Bangtan Killa twitter CANDYBTS twitter SERENDIPITY twitter INACTIVE/RESTING 뷔스타 twitter Victory twitter 뷕터리! website | twitter Running Time website | twitter | youtube BLACK CHERRY twitter MYSWEETAETAE (달아요) website | twitter Vitamin (뷔타민) twitter BLUEcapsule website | twitter YouAreOne_V twitter | youtube Vehind The V website | twitter WannaV website | twitter CRAZY PLAY website | twitter | instagram V All Right twitter Love Some V twitter Air Bridge website | twitter CtrlV1230 twitter KimTaehyungATM website | youtube Lovesome V twitter Night Breeze website V Fanbases/Fan Pages 뷔팬베이스 twitter V Philippines twitter FOR TAEHYUNG (TH fanbase) twitter VANTASTIC_V twitter V Chile twitter V Brasil twitter Taehyung Myanmar twitter V BTS France twitter V Argentina twitter VallrightTHAILAND twitter Taehyung Spain twitter TAEJIN INTERNATIONAL (V & Jin) twitter TEAM태꾹 INDONESIA (V & Jungkook) twitter 뷔민국 말레이시아 (V, Jimin & Jungkook) twitter TAEGI WORLD (V & Suga) twitter SOURCES: fy! kim taehyung, bangtanlists, entireocean, uglybabybear, bangtanintl and btsdiary (i combined these lists and added new fansites) CREDITS: layout inspired by @dorkprincess senpai LAST UPDATED: 12/12/2016 ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please check FY! Kim Taehyung for editing rules for each fansite. Please tell me if there are any mistakes or if I left out a fansite!
  9. I’d like to hear about other people’s experiences. For instance, I get a lot of slack for liking them because I’m not Korean or can’t speak Korean. I also get weird looks whenever people see my BTS lock screen. People think it’s weird that I like a group that basically isn’t from America and it’s annoying
  10. I want to know who your fave BTS YouTubers as want to see if I've missed any gems Mine are: BornToSlay -->https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5MJlz1kOV0ZCYde11Dxc_g ChimChimTrash -->https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc_gbdns0ttzU-z1BFctwrw (You NEED to watch their #IDOLCHALLENGE video -->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7yrki0ffMU) Squishy Min Yoongi -->https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIK4Q-ewUdmMXiB7KHauBMA NOTE: Their vids may include swearing
  11. What? I made more moodboards? I know, shocking! Anyway, I saw these moodboards inspired by this fanfic and decided to make my own. However, when researching the types of witchcraft, I found that all of the boys fit more then one. So I made more then one. Let's go! Kim Namjoon | RM 1) Green Witch Also called Garden Witches or Forest Witches, Green Witches are highly connected to the earth and the energy that it possesses. They may have their own garden where they grow their own herbs, but they also study their area and practice with local plants and their own environment. Green Witches use plants/greenery in their spells and magick and sometimes, even their cooking and in their home. Green witches are often very natural and love to be in nature and near anything “green” - plants, trees, flowers, etc. They focus on holistic medicine and are learned healers. They are very familiar with their local region, having memorized all the species of plants, trees, insects, wildlife and flowers. They truly love the earth. Namjoonie has always loved nature and taking hikes so I thought this craft fit him perfectly. 2) Sea Witch A Sea Witch has strong ties to water and the ocean and uses that element often in their practice. Sea and ocean magick will often use sand, shells, driftwood, or other elements that come from that place. Sea Witches feel connected to water and ancient folklore involving sirens etc. Namjoonie loves taking long walks along rivers and on the beach - not to mention his deep love for crabs. He'd definitely have a hermit crab as a familiar. Kim Seokjin | Jin 1) Kitchen Witch Also known as a Hearth Witch or a Home Witch, Kitchen Witches create most of their magick in the home or in the kitchen. They are very home-based, often incredibly nurturing, and love to make their home a truly special and sacred space. Kitchen Witches love to cook and brew and use herbs, sometimes gathered from their own garden. When practicing they combine their own personal and individual magical energy with essential oils, herbs, food, and everyday objects to create their spells, rituals, and magick. This type of witch uses easily obtained items and weaves magick into every aspect of their life. They are particularly fond of cooking, arts and crafts, sewing, cleaning, gardening and baking. They are skilled in potions, herbology, and subtle magick. Jin is the main cook of the Bangtan home and loves doing it. I could easily imagine him using his magick to weave all sorts of positive vibes and love into every meal he made for the boys. 2) Energy Witch Witches that perform all of their magic internally. Their magic is one of pure energy, using circles cast in their heads and their imaginations to bring their will to life. They enjoy divination and astral projection. Also called Intrinsic Witches. This simply came from Jin's positive, cheerful, energetic nature. Min Yoongi | Suga 1) Spirit Worker/Diviner A Witch who communes with the dead spirits of humans, animals, and others entities. Some can even communicate with the spirits of trees, rocks, and man-made items. They use spirit boards and pendulums, among many other tools. Also called Mediums. Witches who primarily focus their practice on divination. Tarot, runes, pendulums, spirit boards, scrying, crystal gazing, aeromancy, stichomancy, sea gazing, ceromancy, astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, tea leaf reading, palm reading, etc. Usually clairvoyant and have a number of other psychic abilities. This was inspired by Yoongi's calm, quiet, reserved, deep-thinking nature. Seems like the perfect personality type for this kind of craft. Not to mention, he's predictions coming true: "next up Billboards" -> wins Billboard Award; "I'd like to perform at the Billboard Awards next year" -> performs at Billboard Awards the following year; "Maybe a Grammy..." lol 2) Witch of the Waste Desert Witches who work with sand and limited supplies. Hardy herbs are their best friends and they often use a lot of bone magic. They have an extensive fossil and skull collection and are constantly pouring over old field guilds for their local area. Like the herbs he would use, Yoongi is a very hardy person due to his past hardships. And because of those hardships, he'd know how to get to most out of his limited supplies. Jung Hoseok | J-Hope 1) Sun Witch A witch who draws their power from the sun. Adept at fire magic. They use candles often in their practice. They enjoy sunbathing. Their magick comes in giant bursts and they will often use a lot of energy at once. I mean, come on! Hobi is the literal sun - FACTS! Plus he's super energetic - Yoongi said Hobi was his battery; a solar powered one! lol 2) Cosmic Witch Cosmic Witches are contemporary witches who look to the cosmos, astrology, and astronomy and work those elements and celestial energy into their practice. Also called “Star Witches”, these witches often follow the planets and the alignment of the stars and base their spells and rituals on the different placements. Really this pairing just makes sense. If he's already a Sun Witch, well the sun is a star so it doesn't seem like a big leap for him to also work magick with all stars. Park Jimin 1) Fae Witch A Fae Witch tends to seek out communication with the fae folk and nature spirits. These witches are educated on all types of fae, but usually prefer to work with a certain species or one they are familiar with. They are usually very playful and mischievous individuals, mimicking the creatures they work with. They are very attracted to shiny things and are easily offended. The personality traits of a Fae Witch just fit Jimin for me - sensitive but also playful and mischievous. Jimin may not literally be a Fairy but I wouldn't be surprised if he worked with them. 2) Crystal Witch These witches primarily work with stones, gems, crystals, and rocks. They love geology, spend a lot of time hiking and collecting crystals. Usually very organized individuals that are in tune with the earth. Since Fae Witches are attracted to pretty shiny things, it made sense that Jimin would be attracted to working with pretty shiny gems and crystals. They could be useful in attracting the Fae Jimin likes to work with. Kim Taehyung | V 1) Artistic Witch A witch usually covered in paint from head to toe. They draw, paint, dance, sing, and sew their way through their practice. They enchant their tablet pens and paintbrushes, use storm water for their watercolors, and strike real emotion into their audience. Our very own little Van Gogh. Always practicing his craft and honing his skills. 2) Hedge Witch Hedge Witches practice what’s known as “hedge jumping” which is venturing out of this world and into the Otherworld. Hedge Witches can communicate with the spiritual world and can send messages between both worlds. Hedge Witches practice astral projection as well as work with herbs and Earth based magick. But what makes them specifically a Hedge Witch is their ability to cross the “hedge” aka: the boundary between this world and the spirit world. They are also very adept at psychometry, spirit communication, energy work, and time travel. Also called Astral Witches. Our TaeTae has always been quirky and an out-of-the-box thinker. I bet we'd all be a bit quirky too if we were also astral plane hopping in our spare time. Jeon Jeong-guk | Jungkook 1) Elemental Witch Elemental Witches study and practice based on the four elements: earth, air, wind, and fire. An elemental magick is work based on and honoring each element. An elemental witch may have an altar for each specific element. Elemental Witches call on the elements when casting spells and performing rituals, and may even have an element that they personally identify with and work towards finding. Our little Kookie has always said that he's a combination of the other members and this would show in his magick. Calm and cool-headed like water, feisty and competitive like fire, light and playful like air, grounded and stubborn like earth. Plus, he's the Golden Maknae so of course he's gonna master all of the elements. 2) Tech Witch A branch of Urban witchcraft, they work with html and other computer codes, have virtual altars to their deities, use old circuit boards as wards, old keypads from cell phones and laptops as spirit boards, and old broken electronic screens for scrying. They typically keep their grimoires as blogs. Who else but the Golden Maknae would be innovative enough to find a way to use technology to work his magick. Okay, there's one more set. These are groupings based on 2 branches of the Artistic Witch that are perfect for BTS. But to keep this post from being too long, they're under a spoiler cut. Now obviously, all of our boys could fit into both categories but - look...listen...these 7 moodboards were the hardest to make especially the last 3 which took a month. So yeah lol. So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? What kind of witchcraft do you think the boys would practice? Here's a list for you read through: HERE. (There was another source that I used but I can't find it now. oops.)
  12. Hiya Armies~ And welcome to the Who would you/Would you rather game BTS edition ! I will put the questions in spoiler. I already made a game like that in a TWICE forums, but this time it'll be a BTS edition. (So it's the same questions but some of them are modified. Credit: Unique, perfect, killing, extra emoticons by our @Rivelta ♥ (click on her username and follow her, she's awesome) Tagging friends: @Whalien, @SeokSeok, @Mongmungi, @Pokeybun, @KookieMochi, @Israa, @movietvdrama, @nouneedkookiesandtae, @fuckparkjimin, @nb_army, @Seoks-j, @YeongKook, @monimoni, @AuriaRose, @leanna, @yoko, and more... Hope you'll enjoy my game lol BEFORE WE START, PLEASE READ AND RESPECT THESE RULES. RULES: 1. Here's an example of the game: « Would you rather get a kiss from Jin or Jungkook ? » You have to choose Jin or Jungkook. 2. Don't choose "All of them" "/InsertANameHere/ and /InsertANameHere/" or "Both" please. 3. There will be 30 questions. Yes, it's a lot but it's really worth it Don't hesitate to play with your friends or your sisters / brothers who are also ARMYs. (but if you don't have an ARMY friend or family... play by your own...... it's okay..) 4. Do not be ashamed of your answers, that's your opinion and it's just a game. 5. Tag your friends ! 6. Do not pass questions please ! 7. Enjoy the game and good luck ! Some of the questions are not easy... Maybe I'll do a second one if I get more than 15 reputation. (Yes, it's a lot, because this game is really hard-working.) Take your time! DON'T FORGET THAT I LOVE YOU ARMY AND I'M SORRY IF I HURT YOUR FEELINGS WHILE DOING THIS GAME. *cries* Thanks for playing ! Make sure you haven't pass ANY of the questions. See ya maybe in the part 2 !
  13. #GoDeluluOrGoHome - List (in wonderful alphabetical order) The list has been made to cross out all milestones that our boys & army could fulfill. We all know how BTS keeps exceeding our expectations We all know how often people called us being delulu and how we ended up proving them wrong - as well as BTS proving them wrong (A concert in your bedroom tho ... won't happen - u know, that's not even delulu anymore ehe.) I am pretty sure that you guys have much more wishes and I will add them, while at the same time cross the things out that have been achieved. I remember ... before MAMA, a person said she feels delulu but wants BTS to win an AORTY (Artist of the Year) one day. We all know what happened :wink: Let your inner delulu out! I anticipate (let's fill the list with wishes/dreams without any limit) Founder of that wonderful motto: "Go Delulu or Go Home" - Akpheart, 2016 Click me ♥
  14. 😃😃😃😊😊😊🎈🎆🎍💏💒💌;):):D:P:-OU_U;P:-P^0^^_^
  15. So these are sweater paws... And I think there needs to be a large collection of BTS sweater paws Jin: Suga: Jhope: Rapmon: Jimin : (king of sweater paws lbr <3) V: Jungkook: I thirst for more if people would be kind enough to share <3 <3 <3
  16. If you could go on a date with a BTS member, who would you go with and where would you go/what would you do? I'd like to go bike riding and get ice cream with both Jungkook and or Taehyung! ;w; Let's all be delusional together guys~
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sQw6VWEZUY The American music market is very strict but many Kpop boy groups still have impressive positions here. Leave a comment or Like for your favorite News, we want to know what you think about that! Please Subscribe, like and share Channel K-POP News and subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ii... Thanks For Watching
  18. Peachmon

    game This or That

    Answer the question and then leave a new "This or That" question for the next person to answer. I'll start with just a question. [It can be about BTS or anything you're curious about from fellow ARMYs] Hip Hop or Ballads?
  19. Do you have any BTS merch? Show it off! Here's mine: 2 Cool 4 Skool O!RUL8,2? + poster, Hobi PC, and group PC ? Skool Luv Affair + Jungkook/group PC Dark & Wild + Tae and group PC HYYH Pt 1 (Pink) + Tae PC HYYH Pt 1 (White) + Tae PC HYYH Pt 2 (Peach) + Tae PC HYYH Pt 2 (Blue) + Jungkook PC, extra PCs, and poster HYYH: Young Forever (Night) + Jimin PC, Yoongi Dope PC, extra PCs, and poster HYYH: Young Forever (Day) + Jungkook PC WINGS (All 4) + Hobi PC x2, Rapmon PC, Tae PC, extra PCs, and poster x4 You Never Walk Alone (Left) + Jin PC, extra PCs, standee, and poster You Never Walk Alone (Right) + Yoongi PC, extra PCs, standee, and poster Love Yourself: HER (L) + Jungkook PC and poster Love Yourself: HER (O) + Tae PC and poster Love Yourself: HER (V) + Yoongi PC and poster Love Yourself: HER (E) + Jungkook PC and poster WAKE UP (JP album) + Tae PC YOUTH (JP album) + Jimin PC and poster NOW 3 Photobook/DVD with Namjoon/Tae/Jin photocard and group standee Memories of 2015 DVD + Jimin SKT button Summer Package 2016 (Dubai) + Group PC and all extra goodies 2017 Season's Greetings + Jimin PC HYYH Epilogue DVD + Tae PC HYYH Epilogue Blu-Ray 3rd Muster DVD w/ Yoongi photocard and first press postcard 3rd Muster Blu-Ray with Jungkook standee and first press postcard BTS Light Stick This doesn't count, since it's a Chinese knock off...but Hobi shirt! WINGS Concept Book + Jungkook lenticular photocard Festa 2017 J-Hope keychain/strap Memories of 2016 DVD + Young Forever MV group photocard Summer Package 2017 + Jin selfie book The Wings Tour in Seoul DVD + Jimin photo card and poster
  20. JAMJAM (잼잼) | twt | twt_jp MINingful moment | twt | twt_jp I LIKE IT (아이라이킷) | twt SOME (썸) | twt Honey Water (꿀물) | twt Scene Stealer (씬 스틸러) | twt Today's Park Jimin (오늘의 박지민) | twt creamsoda | twt Mighty Jimin (마이티제이) | twt poco a poco | twt LOVE ON TOP | twt 박미남 (btsjm_net) | twt SUPER DUPER | twt 10월십삼 | twt 지민이의 집 (Jimin House ) | twt JIMSOM WEED | twt The LuMINary | twt 지민잉(Jimining) | twt Mozzimin | twt 리틀블라썸 (Little Blossoms) | twt HEART THROB (짐쿵해) | twt Just a Miracle | twt OFF THE DEEP END | twt 라넌큘러스 (Ranunculus) | twt At 10:13 | twt Mint P (민트피) | twt STUCK IN LUV | twt THEBESTJIMIN_95 | twt 피재메라이연 (PJMerlion) | twt LOOK AT MIN! | twt COTTON CANDY | twt MAKE IT HAPPEN | twt SWEET PILL | twt Heart to Heart (하트투하트) | twt MOON.ORBIT | twt MyLover_JIM | twt Jimin's Umbrella (지민엄브렐라) | twt AphetaMINe (RereJimin) | twt adelio (아델리오) | twt STARLIGHTCHIM (스타라이트 침) | twt MINtoYOU | twt I Miss You (박지민 보고싶다) | twt JET STREAM | twt Yi FOREVER JIMIN | twt ArbRe_JM | twt 찜질방 (Jimin Home) | twt crush on JIMIN | twt Sniper Jimin (스나이퍼 지민) | twt BY ALL MEANS | twt 사랑하는그대여 (My Lover) | twt Appeal Box | twt 새로운계절 (new season) | twt Prince of Busan (부산의왕자) | twt 지민요정 (Fairy Jimin) | twt Manggae Boy | twt WILD YOUTH | twt 패뷸러스 보이 (Fabulous Boy) | twt prussian blue | twt SWEET TEMPTATION | twt AJEONG JM | twt TENSION UP | twt 아라베스크 Arabesque | twt Baby Sunshine (베이비선샤인) | twt MERRY WHITE | twt Opallios_JM | twt je ne sais quoi | twt BABY IT'S YOU | twt Love Beat (러브비트 ) | twt Warmtoward | twt HappyMoment1013 | twt 1013 | twt Lisianthus (리시안셔스) | twt 러브민스유 (LoveMINsU) | twt After Rain (비온뒤) | twt sunny day (써니데이) | twt 애끼는지민 (Pinky Jimin) | twt Piece & Peace (피스앤피스) | twt Love in October | twt Peach Jelly | twt FALL IN LOVE | twt FASCINATED | twt Pieces of Mind | twt TINY PEA (타이니피) | twt JMsourire | twt Hymn | twt PEISley | twt MyDear JM | twt MANGOSTAN | twt 침플로 | twt SONOROUS | twt 1llusion | twt WATCH OUT | twt SWEET FEVER | twt 너라서 좋은 날 (Good day) | twt 꿈을 꾸는 소년 (꿈꾸소) | twt Twinkle Baby | twt MINI VILLAGE | twt Amoureux | twt 복숭아 소쿠리(Peach Basket) | twt 널 비추는 빛 | twt FUWACHIM | twt 시월소년 (October Boy) | twt Berry MIN | twt MOVES LIKE JIMIN | twt Jimin and Suga MING (밍) | twt Jimin and Jungkook AUNT POTATO (감자처녀) | twt The Chemistry | twt MotionK | twt Very Juice (베리주스) | twt Coming of Age | twt FALL IN 9597 KM | twt chim kookie | twt Jimin and Taehyung YOU AND I (유앤아) | twt dodamdodam | twt 5959 | twt LUMANMAN95 | twt 95MINE | twt ITSMEFANN | twt MySweetFlutters | twt Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung STARFRUIT | twt Jimin, J-hope and Jungkook Dancing J's | twt Closed/Inactive/Rest LAST UPDATED: March 10, 2017 (CST) **click here for update note**
  21. Does anyone else find I supper suspicious first they are crying at the MAMA and then they all talk about how they went through his hard times and then Jin said they were going to split up and then Taehyung(V) broke down when here said that? In then V (Taehyung) said in the fancafe that no matter what happens they will always love us??????? What is about too happen??????? My theory is they are about -as much as I hate saying this- to "take a break" ??????????
  22. The cute and funny maknae of BTS, Jungkook has helped him captured a lot of fans' heart and made him so special and unique. Perhaps we can see only cool version of Jungkook while he's performing onstage, but in fact, there's another Jungkook that is so cute and boisterous like a kid in real life. He got excited when attending at the High School Entrance Ceremony in 2014. He was just a cute teenage boy at that time. The maknae has become the ideal type of many girls. He loves doing ugly face to tease fans.
  23. I don't know if there is a thread already?....... But this is for when they go live or post something on it!!!!!! Tae was live for a little!!!!!
  24. Hello! Sorry for a late post but I need a wish for Jin birthday. Because I think I want to make a video for his birthday. And give me your fav photo or video of him! Okay?? But if no one reply this thread, I'll will make without wish. Thanks!!