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    everyone should praise blonde jin. this place would not exist without it.
  2. Rules Updated on 4/15 Any rule changes will be immediately enforced once an announcement (either a thread or in the announcement bar) is made.
  3. yay for that american promo, i guess.
  4. I wonder how the voting on Twitter will work. The rules say only votes from those in the US will count but how will Billboard know if someone's tweeting from the US or not? It's not like Twitter will hand out IP address information to Billboard.
  5. event

    I've got some exciting news. Over the past couple weeks we've been working with the amazingly talented @Amajay to create a design to use for a banner project at the Wings concerts in Manila next month. Check the below to see the current design (the final design may look slightly different depending on a few cost factors). Front: Back (dependent on a cost): We're still waiting to hear back about the total printing costs, but since we know it won't exactly be cheap we're asking for donations to help offset the costs. I'll update this thread once I know the actual price. To donate you can go to the following link (or use the donate button located on the homepage): ↓↓↓DONATION LINK↓↓↓ https://www.paypal.me/BangtanBase As you know we're a relatively new site that's still quite small compared to other fanbases out there so we don't expect to be able to pull off a large-scale banner project. But even if our project ends up quite small, it's ok. Everyone starts somewhere! ***If any of you are going to the shows in Manila and would like to help with the project, please PM @Indirianna. She's the one who'll be attending the shows and handing out the banners. UPDATE: The printing cost will be roughly $205 for 2000 banners (1k per show). This is just an estimate so it could end up running higher or lower.
  6. Stan R.O.P. Oppa the only relevant member. :nolines:

    1. jin



      Jeungri is the only relevant member. 

    2. Stepkdramafan226



      R.O.P. Oppa should be in the center. 

  7. correct answer: also relevant:
  8. Not a fan of Charlie Puth after his Dr. Luke comments, but yay for BTS getting recognition.
  9. event

    They have their DMs on twitter open for questions. You can try asking if they have another way of getting funds to them. And even if there isn't, just spreading the word to others about the project helps a ton!
  10. Yo. We're collaborating with the Army Nation fanbase once again. As an anniversary present from i-Armys we're going to try to have a bus wrapped in Seoul. Details are in Army Nation's poster below: The cost for bus wrapping is 6.5 million won (~6k USD *cringes* but if K-Armys can do it so can we). Send donations to their paypal account located HERE. They're working to try to get a contest going for those who donate so save your payment receipt. Here's a link to their project tweet. Please re-tweet and spread the info to your fellow Armys.
  11. So pretty.
  12. announcement

    Aloha, As you may have noticed we recently put up ads again so I am here to ask you to please disable adblock while browsing the site. Even if you just pause it once a day, it will help us a lot. One important note, though: Do not repeatedly click on the ads because you will get me suspended and I will cry. Adsense is super strict with their guidelines so invalid clicks with result in a suspension of my account and the likelihood of getting it reinstated after that is close to zero. So please don't do that. Turning off adblock is enough of a help so don't click on the ads unless they actually offer you something you are interested in. xoxo AJ
  13. this scares me