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  1. recruiting

    No need for that. We have the graphics team + Amajay for that stuff.
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm pleased to announce the inaugural recruitment of the Bangtan Base Projects team! We had a lot of success with our first fan project and we're hoping to continue creating even more amazing projects. And that means bringing together a full team! Recruits will be joining @Amajay @52Hz and @Indirianna (the three who managed to bring the Manila banners to life) to form our Projects team. There's no set number of people we're planning on taking. It could be 1 person, it could be 3. It all depends on the applications we receive. Good luck! Project Team Duties: Create, plan out, and execute various fan projects for events throughout the year. These events include (but are not limited to): members' birthdays, anniversaries, concerts, holidays, and bbase events. Examples of fan projects: Manila Banners, Anniversary Digital Project Promoting BBase projects across various social media platforms. This includes contacting other fanbases for collabs/promo so you must be comfortable with approaching others. Requirements to Apply: Be available to speak with the Projects team on a regular basis. We won't require you to keep in touch daily but you'll need communicate with the others often, especially when a project is going on. All applicants are expected to have experience or, at minimum, deep interests in planning, coordinating, and executing digital and live fan projects lead by BBase. If chosen, the applicant must behave in an appropriate and professional manner when communicating with other publicly. Being a part of the Project Team means that you are the face of BBase and are expected to conduct accordingly. →APPLY HERE← As of posting, there is no definitive deadline for applications. When a deadline is made, it will be posted at least a week in advance.
  3. event

    thank you to everyone who donated. <3 we couldn't have done this without your help. thanks for having faith in our small little nugu project. and of course thanks to @Amajay @52Hz and @Indirianna for putting this all together! i hope the next bbase project is even bigger and better~
  4. twice! j-trinity are my favs i'm also trying to get into dreamcatcher now. i think the one i like most is jiu (?) i also stan hyosung's boobs. she's so hot like daaaamn.
  5. I assume you figured it out. ^^ If you have any other questions you can ask them in the Inquiries thread.
  6. PD-nim i want to steal your sexy yoonjin  being sexy badge

  7. 960k+ unique listeners daaaaamn
  8. I just looked on melon and the unique listeners is at 600k!
  9. photos

    everyone should praise blonde jin. this place would not exist without it.
  10. Rules Updated on 4/15 Any rule changes will be immediately enforced once an announcement (either a thread or in the announcement bar) is made.
  11. yay for that american promo, i guess.