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  1. event

    Update: Since the game got more responses than I thought it would, I went back to my original rule of allowing THREE people to guess the same date. So if you want to change your date don't waste any time since BH can drop the comeback date at any moment!!
  2. The game is simple: Try to guess the correct date for BTS' comeback in September. Rules: 1. Leave a comment down below with your comeback date predication. 2. Only THREE people can predict the same date. After the third person guesses a specific date, that date is now off-limits for other users and they'll have to guess a different date. 3. The game ends as soon as the comeback date is revealed. Watch Big Hit release the date 5 mins after this thread goes up. 4. Those who predict the correct date will receive a prize. If no one guesses the correct date then the closest answer will win. Prize: Winner's choice of one of the special awards (listed here). If a winner does not want a special award they can exchange their prize for 1,000 bombs.
  3. It's finally time! We announced recruitment for the Projects team all the way back in early May and closed out applications in June. In the time between then and now we've had our recruits help plan and organize Jungkook's and Rap Monster's birthday projects while they went through their probationary period. Probation's now over and we can finally reveal our newest team! Please welcome the following users to the BBase staff! @aureliaa @KookieMochi @kookieswithsuga @Nale They're joining up with existing members, @Amajay @52Hz @Indirianna Congratulations to our recruits for making the final team and we look forward to all the amazing upcoming projects that'll happen because of you guys!
  4. Hello, Hello~ I'm here to announce that we are opening up applications to join a potential new staff team: the Translations Team! We're mainly looking for users who are fluent in both Korean and English, but if you're a CHN-ENG or JPN-ENG translator you can apply as well. Just be sure to include a note about the language in the last question on the app and fill out the application questions as if they said your language instead of KR. Since finding available translators is a lot more difficult than finding applicants for other staff teams, this hiring process will be a bit different from the previous staff recruitments. There is no set deadline for applications. Applications will close whenever there is a sufficient number of team members who can comfortably handle the workload. Along with that, there won't be any estimated dates on when translations from BBase will start. We're not sure how many applicants we could feasibly get, if we get any at all, so this team may ultimately not pan out or take a really long time to get together. We're hoping for the best, though! If you're interested in applying the translator's duties and application form are listed below. Good luck! Translator's Main Duties: Translate various articles involving BTS on site such as Naver, Nate, Pann, etc. Translate tweets, weibo posts, blogs, and any other social media posts. Sub videos, both short and long (i.e., 2 minute Bangtan Bombs to 1hr+ variety shows) →APPLY HERE←
  5. Thanks for pointing it out! It's fixed now. And none of us know how the Amino app works either lol
  6. We already have an account there. We've posted a few things (like our projects) but it seems to be really difficult to get people's attention unless it's a featured post. I'm not even sure if the users "liking" our posts or following our account are noticing what we're actually posting lol. The other big issue is that self-promotion is against the rules so we can't really go around trying to promo the forum. Someone else could probably get away with making a post about our forum but even then we're both fan communities so users may not be interested in using another platform for fan discussions.
  7. If you remember the total you had I can give you back the bombs you earned. Judging from the list of backups they asked me to pick from, it seems like they did one every 3 days.
  8. Everything was lost after the 14th. New member registrations, comments, topics, various forum setting changes, etc. Honestly, no. I don't know what the actual problem was so I can't really work to prevent it from happening again. It's why I wasn't able to fix the issue and instead had to resort to using a backup. If it happens again (which I hope it doesn't) we'll probably have to restore from a backup again. We would've had a backup that was made yesterday by our hosts but problems popped in the restoration process and so we have this current version. At least we didn't lose everything and have to start all over from scratch. :') Your bombs are showing up for me (I'm on chrome), but I've asked the staff to check if it's showing up for them so we'll see if there's an issue.
  9. for all your off-topic needs~
  10. apparently whatever korean word that's being translated as "perv" doesn't actually mean perverted in that sense. more like sneaky/tricky/clever i think? i saw an explanation for this somewhere (could've sworn it was in the comments of this on peachis site since it was about this article trans) but i can't find it anymore so i can't tell you what the exact meanings but it's basically something like that. definitely not "perv" in the way english-speakers understand that word lol.
  11. i hope they don't replicate the tragic outfits
  12. that teaser image tho....(at least it has blonde!jin) i wonder how the cover song's going to turn out. the song in it's original form isn't to my taste, but i'm curious to see how a bts version will sound. will they do a straight cover or modify the song in some way?
  13. I loveeeee the Marvel movies. The Captain America movies are my favorites, although I really enjoy all of them (excluding the mess that was Avengers AOU, screw u Joss). I tried getting into the comics during the peak of my MCU obsession but it didn't stick. I think having so much content is just intimidating. All the different series, all the different universes, all the characters, everything intertwining and then not intertwining. It's too much for me lol.