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  1. SEPTEMBER OCTOBER Spreadsheet for the sales. *CURRENT TOTAL SALES: 969,017 *October, 22nd 2017 source: BAIDU If you notice any inaccuracies, please let me know!
  2. game Haunted House of Emojis

    thanks for playing everyone pumpkins will be given out later when i'm not being lazy af
  3. game Haunted House of Emojis

    that actually would've been a good one for move. sofa wave so far away there was originally an A in between the sofa and the wave but i took it out to make it harder
  4. game Haunted House of Emojis

    BONUS ROUND: i wanted this to be super hard and if someone gets it right away..... :')
  5. game Haunted House of Emojis

    SCORES: Cypher = 360 pumpkins Whalein = 350 Kookiemochi = 340 fuckparkjimin = 230 River = 70 iridescentwings = 50 1000 pumpkins are up for grabs next!!
  6. game Haunted House of Emojis

    regular rounds have finished! bonus round coming up. only one winner for the bonus. i'll tally up the current scores and post them in a sec
  7. game Haunted House of Emojis

    last round before the bonus! ROUND TWENTY:
  8. game Haunted House of Emojis

    whalien is a hobi anti confirmed ROUND SEVENTEEN:
  9. game Haunted House of Emojis

    at least whalien came in second. you could've gotten third and missed out. ROUND SIXTEEN: