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  1. jin

    Album Giveaways!

    Deadline to enter is November 20th!
  2. omg youre a yoonjin shipper and i just noticed it

    holy my jhope 

    we need more yoonjin shippers

    1. jin



    2. Secrets Are Beautiful Lies

      Secrets Are Beautiful Lies

      they are everything but ppl dont aprreciate themmm

  3. i saw your tweet go viral on twitter looooooool i’m ready for the throat yodeling compilation

    1. Maphisto40


      It has been a bizarre day for me, and also same. xD

  4. They will be added to the medals list! And also all three will be added to the shop. We're just having an issue with the shop plugin not letting us scroll down the list of medals to select the new medals and add them as items in the shop. But a new shop update is apparently coming soon according to the developer so hopefully that fixes the issue!
  5. jin

    Album Giveaways!

    only if you're interested in only one. for example if you already have tear and thus only want to enter the answer giveaway you'd just make a note in your comment that you're only entering for answer.
  6. it may be 84 years later but it's coming tonight! be sure to thank @zarakaito when it's released. she came to the rescue when we were unable to contact our original editors and created an amazing video all while dealing with a hectic IRL schedule. we are eternally in debt to her!
  7. Tapatalk has been updated. You should be able to use it now.
  8. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy in New York~ but everyone should have their bombs now.
  9. I think it's probably outdated. I'll work on fixing it when I return from New York on Tuesday.
  10. halloween-ify your dps and/or sigs and earn bombs! comment below when you’ve changed them and i’ll give you the bombs. happy halloween month! the best holiday obvs.
  11. The member title is the title that appears above your display picture. ARMY is your user group title. That’s not changeable unless you buy a stamp and even if you do it’s only a temporary change.