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  1. I can't wait for Jintro to drop so I can play it at my store. All my customers will be exposed to the PERFECTION that is Jin's voice.
  2. Guess LY: Tear's First Week Hanteo Sales First person to correctly guess the first week HANTEO sales number of LY: Answer will win that same number in bombs. You can only guess once! Editing is allowed. Event will close on August 24th at 6:00 pm KST so be sure to submit your entry before then. Remember this is a "repackage" (or something similar) so sales could be higher or lower than Tear's. Good Luck!
  3. i come bearing good news! medals (the items underneath awards, see the three things below my two awards as an example) are now available to purchase in The Armory. so no more having to request medals and wait for them to be given to you! instead you can simply purchase the one you want, redeem the item, and you'll immediately have it. the list of current medals can be found under the armory tab up above or here. please note that you can't purchase the medals from that list. you'll have to find the corresponding medal in the armory itself. it currently does not have a picture displayed, only the name and item description, but hopefully the application developer adds that feature in the future. and also not all medals are in the shop yet so please be patient as i continue uploading them. it's a long and tedious process. :') along with medals, there's a new item in the shop. the option to upgrade your usergroup for 60 days to the A.R.M.Y group. this group comes with a purple (of course) username color and a signature extension. a usergroup banner may come in the future. that's all for now. thanks, aj
  4. Congrats~ You win! Please PM your address within the next 24 hrs or else you'll forfeit the prize.
  5. so we were having issues with our shop plugin and it was uninstalled and re-installed but in the process of that all bombs were lost. oops. so please comment down below the amount of bombs you had and i'll restore them for you. legit numbers only please. this isn't your pay day! forever a flop, aj
  6. I got scared from your location area

    1. mewni


      it's probably for back hug

  7. First song I heard was Run.
  8. Thank you :D 

  9. Please post any extra entries as screenshots in your entry comments below. Deadline is June 30th @ 11:59 PM CST!
  10. jin

    fan project #BT5

    should work now.
  11. jin

    fan project #BT5

    Festa is almost upon us so here are some DPs and sigs and twitter headers for you to use! There's three different options for you to choose from. Option 2 was created by the amazingly talented @YEOJU (@elegantaes on twitter) and option 3 had help from @Blue Midnight Moon so be sure to send them a thank you. For option 3 you can request colors if there's one you want that's not available already. Option 1: DPs Sigs (cut into two to fit sig restrictions) Twitter Headers: Option 2: DPs ALUBM LINK Sigs ALBUM LINK Twitter headers Option 3: DPs (gifs) DPs (static for twitter)
  12. Congrats! You came the closest so you win. I’ll send the bombs tonight.
  13. I'm going on Sunday too! But I'll be up in the nosebleeds. Maybe I'll see you there!
  14. the camerawork was t e r r i b l e and half the perf was audience shots wtf but kingtan still slayed and yassss @ kookie's abs