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  1. Some people pointed on reddit out the difference between "copyright transfer," which is what the notice mentions (altho this could also just be a translation issue), and "copyright infringement," which I think is what most us think of when we hear talk about copyrights:
  2. jin's voice....the adlibs...the high notes...
  3. news

    i still wanna know why it took 84 years for this to come out lol
  4. recruiting

    Applicants are being reviewed and the announcement of the new members will be soon. If you applied, be sure to check your PMs regularly~!
  5. Today, June 9th 2017, marks the six month anniversary of Bangtan Base! There's been a lot of ups and downs, and there'll probably be lots more ups and downs, but hopefully we can keep chugging along for another six months. I wanna say thanks to all the users here at BBase who keep this place alive. The site still exists because of you guys. And I especially want to say thanks to all the staff members. You've all helped me immensely. I never could've handled this own my own. ♥ Happy Anniversary~!
  6. recruiting

    Deadline for applications is June 10th.
  7. recruiting

    (!!) BTS NEWS CHANNEL (!!) A new idea has arisen since we opened applications for the Projects team~! Some people on OH came up with the idea of setting up a BTS news channel on Youtube to help provide accurate information and resources to BTS fans to counter against the current trend of clickbait, misinformation, and exaggerated drama. And this new youtube channel will be hosted by us at Bangtan Base! (Subscribe now!) The logistics of the Youtube channel group are still being worked out, but if you're interested in contributing to the channel you can send in an application via the link below. The group will need people to do research and fact-checking as well as people who can edit videos. Since this project will involve members of both Bangtan Base and OneHallyu (and potentially r/bangtan) it won't exactly be a BBase "staff team" so to speak, but we will provide all the resources we can. >>APPLY<<
  8. They've been sent to you now. Sorry about the very long delay.
  9. THE GUARDIAN this pic choice tho nnnnnnn ELLE MAGAZINE E! Online Who Is BTS? Everything You Need to Know About the Billboard Music Awards' Breakout Korean-Pop Boy Band ROLLING STONE BBMA Winners BTS: 5 Things You Should Know About the K-Pop Sensations
  10. recruiting

    No need for that. We have the graphics team + Amajay for that stuff.