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  1. this scares me
  2. TapaTalk is an app for browsing forums on mobile. Since we're way too nugu for our own app, this is the next best thing. @Stepkdramafan226 will be making a tutorial on how to use Tapatalk soon so be on the lookout for that. P.S. - You can now add your social media accounts to your profiles. P.P.S. - I know awards and prefixes are messed up. Blame the IPB update. Let's just hope they come back soon with an "oops, sorry" update that fixes what they broke. P.P.P.S. - Jin will never wink at me. I am dead inside.
  3. My entire life is one big embarrassing moment.
  4. event

    Hello guys~ BBase collaborated with the Army Nation twitter for a radio project to try to get BTS some radio airplay over on the KissFM stations in Europe. Check out the poster for all the details!
  5. I finished Hitman: Absolution and Mirror's Edge Catalyst a few weeks ago and now I'm playing Batman: Arkham Knight and Assassin's Creed Syndicate. I suck at playing video games though so it'll probably take me 84 years to get through these games lol. I had to drive the Batmobile earlier and I kept running into the buildings.
  6. As much as I love BTS, the issues with line distributions are always gonna piss me off. It's not right and it's disheartening that so many other fans try to justify it. Even if the producers pick out what sounds "best" for a song, are they really gonna try to tell us that BS&T, Dope, Not Today, 21st century girls, Am I wrong, etc. would suddenly sound inferior if Jin had more lines? And if Jin's suits the ballad songs more then why isn't he getting the chance to shine in BTS' slower songs? I don't want to get too rant-y but basically: BigHit fix ur shit.
  7. I don't think they should either. A statement won't do any good seeing as how this isn't a rational complaint and anything they say won't be accepted (and could potentially get them even more up in arms over nothing). The people screaming "plagiarism!!" can't be reasoned with so there's no point in trying. BH just needs to treat it like the ridic nonsense it is and ignore it.
  8. Has the comment from BigHit been confirmed or are people still taking their info from that one random tweet? Regardless, fans shouldn't have to do all this. Even if BH or Gaon were in charge of deciding on the VCR, it's not plagiarism since 1) it's stock footage that no one owns and 2) that lost TV signal/flashing screen is nothing original, tons of artists have used it before (even BTS) and tons more will use it in the future. I feel like this constant need to say "Gaon did it!! Not BH/BTS!!" makes it seem like the claim of copying actually has some merit which it doesn't at all. This bullshit mess is just as ridiculous as saying they copied BigBang's hair colors or clothes.
  9. Ahhhh, I remember messaging her about it on line. @Rappy was the first person who knew about my idea for the forum.
  10. BTS Gayo 11

    9PM KST (7AM EST) on V-App
  11. It's time to finally announce the album giveaway winners! And those winners are.... First place: @MinSugaGenius Second place: @pikky Third place: @Israa Congratulations~~~ Please PM both me and @52Hz with your info by February 27th or else you forfeit your prize.