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    event Bangtan Royale

    @J-Hope @Jimin @Jin @Jungkook @RM @Suga @V Really sorry guys. I'm gonna have to postpone this. Some...personal things have come up and I can't focus on hosting everything I wanted to. I'm gonna put the member groups back in the shop for free so you can keep them for longer. I'll also give you some bombs too. I'll try to think of a couple other freebies I can throw into the shop for you all to try to make up for this mess. Sorry again!
  2. Find the following OBSCURE items in BTS' RUN music video! blue flowers an IV tilted lamp pyramid of red solo cups the numbers 9570 a white heart mouse acme studios tag water bottle string lights blue pillow screenshot the items with the timestamp and pm your them all to @jin as soon as you can! 1st place gets 5 points for their team 2nd place gets 3 points 3rd place gets 1 point *To make this a bit more fair, teams can only score once. So if a Jin team member places first and second and Suga is third, only the first place score will count and Suga will get bumped up second.
  3. It's time for some team spirit. F L A G D E S I G N Each team must design a "flag" in support for their fighter. You'll have complete creative freedom on this (but obviously nothing extremely inappropriate) so go wild! The flag can be funny, beautiful, artistic, cartoonish, etc. The sky's the limit. 1st place will earn 5 points 2nd place will earn 2 points 3rd place will earn 1 point These points will go towards your overall event total. A N T H E M C O N T E S T Teams must create an anthem cheering on their fighter. As with the flag design, there's no real restrictions on this so have as much fun with it as you want. Dissing of other teams is highly encouraged ; ). The only requirement is that it be at least 5 lines long. Here's a (bad) small anthem example: AJ is the one on top Even if she is a flop Her love for Jin will never stop Insult him and she'll hit you with a mop And then be arrested by a cop *mic drop* why is that playing to the beat of that song armies march to 1st place will earn 5 points 2nd place will earn 2 points 3rd place will earn 1 point DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS FRIDAY JUNE 14th (haha calendar says that's Flag Day) @ 1PM CST pm your submissions to @jin I M P O R T A N T: If you haven't already gathered up with your teammates, be sure to do so now so you can work together on these! If you don't know who's on your team go to Browse-->Member's List-->Search + More search options and filter by your specific team.
  4. 7 boys. 7 teams. Only 1 name will sit on top. It's time to battle to the death. Welcome to the first Bangtan Royale! You've all chosen your fighters and those are your teams for this event! You'll be competing in a set of games over the course of the next two weeks against the other teams and one team and their fighter will emerge victorious as the champions of Bangtan Royale! Those who receive the most points from the event will receive the prizes listed below. You can also find a list of scheduled events underneath here. (If you haven't picked a team yet, you still can! The items will be available in the shop throughout the entire event!) - Team Anthem Contest - Flag Design Contest - MV Item Hunt - Bingo ...more to come! - Solo Theme of Champion Fighter - 1 Month Stamp - 500k Bombs - Unique Item *Please note this is a sort of beta version of an event thought up a while ago. I've decided to go ahead and host it now to have some fun on the forum but since it's obviously not the full product initially envisioned there'll be some obvious flaws that pop up along the way. Please bear with us. Having said that, I hope you at least enjoy the ride however bumpy it may be!
  5. Don't worry it's still happening. There was just a delay since I had a last minute trip to London. I'll be posting information tonight or tomorrow.
  6. look at you all being so kind and generous to each other. just wait til this event starts and you're at each other's throats.
  7. done~ and don't worry. it was issues on our side. thanks for being patient while i fixed it!
  8. Strange...if you're still having trouble just let me know what fighter you want and I'll manually change you over.
  9. I'm assuming it's because you have the Suga item and it won't let you buy another one til that one is used up (which in that case it's just a weird feature of our shop plugin). So if you want to change teams you can just sell that one back and then purchase another one.
  10. I don’t know what you mean. It was never archived ahem.
  11. just let me know who you want and i'll switch you.
  12. if you want to join i can manually change you.
  13. Fixed! Lol my dumb self forgot to set the item to change to the right group jdfhdjsf. Anyway I refunded your bombs so you can go ahead and buy yours now.
  14. @A.R.M.Y. @ARMY @Members It's fixed now so when you click on your fighter it should work properly!
  15. Be sure to click on the image of the fighter you chose. And if you’re lacking funds, we do have a thread to request donations in the armory section of the forum. : )
  16. “Survivors aren't always the strongest; sometimes they're the smartest, but more often simply the luckiest.”
  17. You might try aesthentials.com. They have several clothing items that idols have worn. There's also wish and aliepxress. Just go on either site and search "Taehyung BTS Leather Jacket" and see what that gets you. Both sites super affordable. The downside os that the shipping can take a few weeks.
  18. hola mis amigos today i'm gonna tell you all about my concert experience at rose bowl. day 1: i met up with a discord chat friend and we waited in line for chicken tenders for over an hour and we ended up only getting lemonade. it was too close to showtime to wait in the OTHER long ass line to pick up the food. we were a mess. and ofc the next day there was no line at all for food. arghbargharb. *yeji voice* MAH LIFE. anyway, actual show time now. i was in section a1 which is waaaay at the corner. it was hard to see the performance of several song since it was either obstructed by the main stage or bts were at the extended stage which was way behind me. but i was really close to the front of the stage and the members would come over to my side during non-choreo songs and i got some nice glimpses of them. they are magical up close. all the songs were incredible. i got to hear wings live for the first time and i almost died. the new solo songs stages were amazing too. TAE IN BED,JIMIN IN A BUBBLE, SUGA IN SILK PJS, A FLYING KOOKIE BLESS. jimin's performance was really memorizing. and his tattoo is so hot. it doesn't seem like he's hiding it anymore since his outfit was a sheer white fabric on the tattoo-side of his body and it was on full display. it is really hot. he is really hot. like damn son. and then his fake love "shirt" nearly gave me a heart attack. thank you stylists, thank you. now if only i could get them to stop with the coconut head haircuts. i really wanted to see jin's forehead again but both days were coconuts. maybe i should bring a sign to metlife that reads "KIM SEOKJIN SHOW ME YOUR FOREHEAD." during intermission every started doing a wave over and over lol. my ass did not bother getting up to do it. i was already tired. the stadium was PACKED with fans. it was amazing to look behind me and see the venue filled with armys. "bots don't fill stadiums." anyone who was worried there would be a lot of empty seats since tickets were still available close to the show date had nothing to fear. i also got stranded after the show. the venue stopped letting cars come in to get people for like 45 minutes. and no one could connect to their ride share apps since service was terrible there. i didn't get back to my airbnb until like 2:30 in the morning. wild. oh and me and my friend got interviewed by MTV. also manager sejin walked right by me. day 2: there was no freaking line for chicken tenders. the universe hates me rip. but the show was magnificent which you expect from a bts concert. they really stepped up their game production-wise for this tour. jimin cried as the show was ending. i've now seen him cry twice in real life. so adorable. i got blasted by the water cannons twice. i was soaked. the show was mostly repeat of day 1 with different ments. Joon gave that amazing little speech and my eMOtioNs. whew. that man knows how to hit us hard in the feels. afterwards he had us turn our phone flashlights on and do a wave with that. jungkook wanted us to hide our army bombs during it and he did a cute little motion of tucking it away. and i saw the dkdktv guys on day 2 too. they were filming the crowd with their phone and as i passed them i stopped dead in my tracks to awkwardly point and stare at them and ask "aren't you on youtube?" let's hope my dumbass isn't in their next video. dkfjkdss DIONYSUS: yes this song that's utter perfection deserves it's own section. dionysus opens the show. fire works go off, two inflatable jaguars pop up, there's flames. whew. having this be the intro song works really well. you get so hyped up. i did notice they switched out the choreo a bit. instead of dropping to the floor in a push-up position they do something different. probably so they don't risk hurting themselves. i'll miss that badass choreo part but oh well. the performance still slays like nothing else. and now time for some major LQ pictures:
  19. Since there were 5 total, all entries were put in the RNG and a winner was chosen randomly. Congratulations to.... I'll contact you with details soon~
  20. they did almost 1.5 million on hanteo in a single day...wild i used to think #1 on hot100 was impossible (mainly because we could never get radio on our side) but with this comeback i think it could've happened if that yeehaw song wasn't released it's too strong for us to beat to the top spot but i think we can maybe crack the top 3 this time idk what changed to make radio play the song every hour (halsey's company got involved?) but thank god
  21. A general thread to discuss anything and everything about Map of the Soul: Persona! (NOTE: You can still make individual threads about album achievements, youtube records, sales, spotify streams etc.)
  22. SCREAMING FOREVER @ jin's notes in dionysus i'm so glad he got to show off his abilities on an actual korean song on their own album so more of the GP can hear it he really threw up a huge middle finger to all the antis and fake fans who say he can't sing or that he's a weak vocalist so he shouldn't decent line distributions smh jin is SO TALENTED and he didn't even have the training a lot of other idols had, but he practiced and worked hard as hell and now he's got one of the most unique and beautiful voices in kpop. not to mention how stable he is live. so many other idols wouldn't be able to handle their choreography and still sound so great. he's truly an amazing artist. he deserves all the recognition in the world for his work! thanks for coming to my ted talk