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Everything posted by jin

  1. the holy forehead has blessed us
  3. RM https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0brZe9voOPUysDkWVCOATf Jin https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3wcvwNITmfb6sC6MKEJVX9 Suga https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2FzWRo9ImvPMa7iAL9jCKF J-Hope https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6KdDdkjD5I3ObRqrc4TKNt Jimin https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4RK2A6ql5PuWMLI76LapY9 V https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2nKFSE6yJw9Xh2uDKzwmZb JK https://open.spotify.com/playlist/59b6qZDNJI2ZfhqZFMaU6R
  4. A compilation of Jungkook's Golden Closet Film videos that include the song title used in the videos. November 8, 2017 BG Music: "There for You" by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan April 30, 2018 BG Muisc: "Your Side Of The Bed" by Loote July 16, 2018 BG Music: "When We Were Young" by Lost Kings featuring Norma Jean Martine July 25, 2018 BG Music: "Best of Me" by JOHN.k October 1, 2018 December 2, 2018 BG Music: "Under Pressure" by Alex Lustig
  5. awesome!!! i really like the remix. tbh i'm kinda craving a full version with just lauv. he fits that song so well and his voice sounds so nice with it.
  6. Let's show some love to our Korean counterparts! We know us international fans works tirelessly to support our boys in many ways but so do k-fans! So in a mirror project to the k-army too i-army letters event from a few years back we're hosting our own reverseal event. It's time for international lovelies to send some love back to our Korean diamonds. Now you can write your own letter of appreciation and love to the Korean ARMYs. These letters will be translated by our staff @ Minyoung's_Satang and @ BubbleSeraph and then posted onto pann (and potentially other online platforms) for K-ARMYS to read! Comment your letter down below. The only real restrictions are to keep it pleasant of course, this is to show love and appreciation after all, and to try to limit to a paragraph or two. Enjoy!
  7. Change your DP and/or sig to a Halloween-themed one and you'll earn 5,000 bombs! Just comment below when you've changed over and I'll send you your reward~. Happy Halloween month everyone!
  8. time for my own predicition~ i do think it'll be a mini album. intro-wise...probably suga. i'm guessing they'll do the same intro order as last time. joon -> yoongi -> hobi. i do think there'll be another unit song. I'm thinking that's gonna be one of the "things" about this album the same way solos were for Love Yourself. since jin, jk, and hobi were on one unit track together i think this new album will be either namjoon & jimin or yoongi & taehyung (tho my shipper heart prays the long-awaited sin unit). Concept-wise I see them going dark similar to Fake Love. Hell, I see them going even darker considering what they're basing this all off on. As for the title...I haven't given it too much thought but I assume it's Shadow like everyone else. Though I will cackle if it turns out not to be true. Everyone's talking about it like it's a done deal already. oh! hair color! almost forgot. not a prediction so much as a plea to the universe but please god make jin and tae blond again. the nice blond not the piss water blond. plz&thanku).
  9. the author apparently said a racial slur and got fired from another job and still thr decides to let him write the article. They must be smoking something if they thought it was a good idea to have a snarky racist/xenophobic asshole interview them. He didn't even bother to do proper research. I feel so bad for the boys. I've seen so many people say we should just ignore the article completely, not even responding to the author and THR's tweets about it. Personally, I think ARMYs are doing a good job (for the most part) showcasing their anger and disappointment towards those two accounts. The xenophobia and racism is so prevalent in society that one of the only ways to make a change is to speak up which is what the fans are doing. If we just leave this alone change will never happen. Anyway, this article is an affront to journalism i may have been stoned when writing this the first time oop
  10. Discuss your various predictions for the upcoming album! Will it be a full or mini album? Who'll do the intro? Is there going to be another unit song? If so, who'll be in the unit? What color will their hair be? What'll be the concept? Will the album actually be titled MOTS: Shadow or something else? etc.
  11. Ads have been re-enabled on the site to help us generate revenue to cover operating costs! Let me know if they come up in weird spots or get too intrusive. Right now it should only be in the footer and I think on top of the site on mobile.
  12. I have a capitol one card so I’m gonna try for their presale. Hopefully I can score tickets. *fingers crossed* I still have to visit the LA line store too. It was closed during the Rose Bowl concert when I was last in California rip.
  13. can you send me a screenshot of what're you seeing? or rather not seeing in this case? like is there an error page or is just blank, etc.
  14. Reviving the YouTube channel would be amazing. I know we didn't get many views but the videos were so well made. Everyone worked so hard on them. We'd just need to find video editors and writers and researchers if we really wanted to bring it back but those kinds of people can be hard to come by. I think it can be worth exploring though. Even if we scale down the videos. I actually messaged the YouTube team chat for the first time in like a year yesterday. I guess we were both thinking of this lol. Events would be a nice thing to do, especially ones that let people get to know others. I'm thinking of re-doing Bangtan Royale soon once my schedule settles in (I'm still adjusting to night shift and juggling 3 jobs now). That would be a fun team event. I'm just hoping for enough people on each team. And streaming parties is a good bonding idea too. I'm like 25 episodes behind on RUN so I wouldn't mind hosting one lol. Just have to figure out the logistics and if people beyond other staff would be interested. One of our big issues with events and streaming parties is lack of people. We may technically have enough to fill up spots but then everyone is separated by different time zones it's so hard to come together. Hopefully our (active) user base grows and we have more people available in every time zone. Thanks for your comments!
  15. Fall is upon us and soon it'll be winter which means our third anniversary will be here before you know it! We'd like to get some feedback from you all on what you'd like to see from BBase in the future. What features would you like to see on the forum? Do you have any suggestions for us to improve? Do you have promotional ideas? Are you looking for more events or more translations or more projects? Lets us know all your thoughts down below! Web hosting renewal time is here as well so if you would consider donating to us it would be greatly appreciated! Any amount helps no matter how small. Donation perks will also be updated soon. Thanks! -the admin team
  16. Can't watch now since I'm at work but *sighs* JK's hair…my heart can't handle it.
  17. Since it’s the last one I’m so tempted to buy but I literally have no money gahhhhhhh.
  18. got bit by a cat and caught an infection that started spreading throughout my body. i totally would end up dying via cat. not you rising from the dead