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  1. To post pictures on here just upload your photo to instagram and then paste the direct link into the text box here. The picture link will automatically embed. And the STD (lol) cards sound like such a cute idea!
  2. Ooooh I'd love on for Tomorrow too. I also would like to see one for Jin's solo Moon from the new album and perhaps a super sad, cry-inducing video for We are Bulletproof: Eternal.
  3. SEATING CHARTS Santa Clara, CA: Levi's Stadium Pasadena, TX: Rose Bowl Stadium Dallas, TX: Cotton Bowl Stadium Orlando, FL: Camping World Stadium Atlanta, GA: Bobby Dodd Stadium East Rutherford, NJ: MetLife Stadium
  4. TICKET PRICES Gold Soundcheck Package US Dates: $445 USD Toronto Dates: $545 CAD Benefits: - Gold Soundcheck Package - Access to Artist Soundcheck in premium viewing sections - One top priced seated ticket - Gold Soundcheck Package only merchandise lane - Gold Soundcheck Package Limited edition merchandise - Early Entry to the venue - Laminate and Lanyard - Designated check-in and on-site event staff Silver Soundcheck Package US Dates: $395 USD Toronto Dates: $495 CAD Benefits: - Silver Soundcheck Package - Access to Artist Soundcheck - One top priced seated ticket - Silver Soundcheck Package Limited edition merchandise - Early Entry to the venue - Laminate and Lanyard - Designated check-in and on-site event staff *Benefits may be subject to change based on venue regulations and conditions. Any change to the benefits will be announced in advance. Regular Tickets
  5. Oof. My bank account is crying along with yours. I've spent way too much money on BTS. I'm trying to restrict myself this year because I'm in too much debt. For example, I skipped out on getting the Winter Package. I would recommend doing that to save money, skip out on the things you know you don't really need or will get use out of. As for binging their content all the time...well, it's BTS. There really is no escape. Haha. But really, I think you're just going through a phase like Maphisto said. Basically the honeymoon phase of discovering BTS. It'll wear down soon and you'll regain some more control. I obviously stan them hardcore (I built an entire website for them!) but I haven't watched a RUN episode in months and I don't watch every new video released on BangtanTV. I watch what I want, when I want to (with the exclusion of new MV releases of course lol). Hell, I slept through Black Swan's release because I had worked a ton when before I would've stayed up for it no matter what even if I had work in the morning. You'll get a handle on yourself soon, don't worry! Everyone here is extraordinary nice so don't be afraid to hang around here and talk things out with anyone that's available. Or if you just want to fangirl with us, this is a great place for that too. Hope to see you around. 💜 P.S. - Mic Drop really is THAT bitch. The music, the lyrics, the dance, the outfits...everyone looked so good all the time. Whew.
  6. Same! I love dark concepts. They're always my favorites.
  7. Wouldn't it be hilarious if they trolled us and it's not even a Hobi track? Haaaaa.
  8. Just a tip for selling the merch, try looking for Facebook groups that Buy/Sell/Trade BTS merch. I've seen people have a lot more luck with selling items when it's on an FB group than on a site like eBay (though it probably wouldn't hurt to crosspost your listing to both places).
  9. jin

    MOTS: 7 Concept Photos

    Concept photos are released! One set per day.
  10. jin

    MOTS: 7 Tracklist

    The tracklist is revealed!
  11. jin

    Lead Single Music Video

    The music video for the lead single off of MOTS: 7 is released!
  12. jin

    Comeback Trailer: EGO

    MOTS: 7 Comeback trailer EGO will be released at 12 am KST!
  13. Sorry for the confusion! It was an old plugin that allowed us to set the ability to change member titles by user group, and thus set it as a donor perk, and that's outdated now. I didn't take notice of it since we didn't have active donors for a long while. >.> I'm gonna send you several member title shop items so you'll have them in your item inventory and can change your title as you please without having to wait around for one of the staff to do it. When those run out just @ me and I'll send you some more. If you're unsure how to use the shop items, let me know and I'll walk you through it.

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