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  1. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    Cypher takes the win! Thanks for playing everyone! I hope you all had fun. I'm thinking of doing a game of pictionary around 6:00 pm CST after I let my laptop charge if anyone's interested in playing that.
  2. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    wrong infinite member
  3. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    djfhdsjkfsd it's a HINT
  4. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    ROUND 3 Favorite kdrama? Text me back jungkook
  5. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    I am DECEASED. Also correct~~
  6. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    ROUND 1 Favorite bts (group) song? Red and green rat
  7. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    We’ll have the redo of round 1 and round 3 next.
  8. jin

    game Get to Know AJ

    ROUND 10 What movie always makes me cry? No, they could not have both fit.