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1. Be Respectful

  • Do not harass, bully, or troll other forum members. If you don't like another user, ignore them! There's a nice button for that.
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.

2. No Bashing of BTS

  • Do NOT bash any BTS member in any way shape or form. If you don't particularly like certain members and still somehow have the urge to use this forum, keep negative comments to yourself. Any bashing or hate against a BTS member will result in an immediate IP ban.
  • Constructive criticism of the group, their music, and any other things that fall under the BTS umbrella is ok, but remember that there is a VERY clear line between constructive criticism and being a negative asshole. Don't jump over it.

3. No spamming or posting ad links

  • Spamming includes, but is not limited to, posting the same thing over and over (i.e., gifs, pictures, or text) in different threads and posts and posting hidden ad links around the forum.
  • Do not go around posting ad links that will make you money.

4. No hateful/bigoted language

  • Racist/Sexist/Homophobic and any type of -ism content will not be tolerated at all. It will be an immediate IP ban.

5. No antagonizing staff & No impersonating staff

  • Staff are humans just like you and are giving up their free time to help with this forum so treat them with respect!
  • Impersonating staff includes altering your username/avatar/sig/etc. to misled others into thinking you're a specific staff member. 

6. No pornography

  • No direct links to any kind of visual pornography whatsoever, including in 18+ sections (ex: p*rnhub). 
  • Explicit written works are allowed to be linked in the Fanfiction sections but must have a clear warning that there's smut.

7. No Duplicate Accounts

  • If you share an IP with another user, inform the mods otherwise you will be subject to warning points and the second account made will be banned. 
  • All users are allowed ONE second-chance account after their original account gets banned for rule violations, but they must inform mods of their new account.

9. No Death Threats or Doxxing

  • Anyone found to have committed either of these acts against another user, any idol, or any person in general will be immediately IP-banned.


1. Always include the SOURCE when you post articles, translations, or other information

2. No duplicate NEWS/UPDATES threads or posts

  • Duplicates will be deleted by mods. If you accidentally double post or someone makes a thread right before you, just leave a message in the Inquiry thread to let mods know so they can delete it for you.

3. Use spoilers if your post or thread contains a large amount of pictures

  • The image limit in a thread/post is 30 pictures, please use spoilers after the fifth or so image.

4. Sexual posts or threads belong in the 18+ section

  • The only exception is 18+ content in the Fanfiction section. It is allowed there as long as it is properly tagged and there's warning posted.

5. Threads deemed offensive (i.e., being racist/sexist/homophobic in nature) will not be tolerated and will be promptly deleted


Any rule breaking will garner you 1 warning point per each offense and, depending on the offense, a temporary posting suspension. 5 warning points will result in a ban. All users are allowed ONE second-chance account after their original account gets banned for rule violations, but they must inform mods of their new account. Once you garner 5 wps on your second chance account you will be IP banned. 

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